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Yo I'm going to Niagara Falls on October 31st (hopefully with my friend) because I wanted to play some arcade and I am only seven hours away
So what do I do here
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jump over the railing into the water
You ride a barrel over the edge. Best of luck.
Thanks I'll do it

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Hey, I want to live in a french city next year (probably from January to March/May or thereabouts), so I'm looking for suggestions. I'll have a passive income of about €1000, and from what I've seen on AirBnB you can rent a room for about €400 in a lot of places, leaving me €600 to eat/travel around.

I speak french, though not great, so my idea is to practice while there. Can't afford Paris, but I wouldn't mind being an hour or two from it so I can make occasional day or weekend trips.

Things I'm interested in:
>culture and history. I've read tons about french history, from middle ages to WWII, so a place with historical importance and interesting sites would be nice.
>nature. Somewhere I can bike or hike, not really a fan of the beach.
>social side: I'm not really into clubbing, more into mellow pubs and nice cafes. I'm 28 so college crowd is not my thing, but expat crowds are always fun.
>sailing: if it's a place with sailing going on, I'd love to get back on a boat.

Some of my ideas so far:
At the foot of the Alps, extremely comfy for the winter, close to great cities like Annecy and Chambery.
The heart of Alsace-Lorraine, lots of history, historic battles, great nature (Vosges?), close to Germany/Belgium for cool short trips.
Normandy is awesome, all the WWII stuff, great area full of picturesque towns.
From what I've read, it's one of the best-preserved cities, with buildings thousands of years old. All the cool castles are in that area.
The cathedral, where all the french kings were crowned, awesome stuff. Champagne area is a plus. Downside is I've read it was bombed to hell and back in WWII, so the city's been reconstructed in art-deco style, might be a bit of an eyesore, don't know.
>Somewhere in Provence, not sure where, maybe Aix-en-Provence?

Hoping to get some suggestions from you guys! Also, I'm looking on Airbnb and leboncoin for short-term rentals (one to three months), any other place I could look in?
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Bordeaux is a really nice place too, close to beaches, the ocean, and the mountains.
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Marseilles :
>lot of history but idk more bc i'm not interested
>bike and hike everywhere, "les calanques", "les collines"
idk about pubs and cafés bc i'm associal
>sailing everywhere
Either Reims or Bretagne/Normandie.

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'm going to Japan on an academic year-long exchange come September 2017. I don't know a whole lot about contemporary Japan, but I need to pick 3 universities as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. Does anybody here know anything about the universities included in this table or the prefectures/cities they reside in?

I'm probably going to check out some JP exchange forums after this but I thought I'd ask some of you first just in case. I have to arrange everything myself from the initial application to passport renewal, TB chest X-Ray, vaccinations i.e. Japanese encephalitis, Hep B, my visa, my Japanese accommodation, my modules, currency exchange, travel arrangements, financial support etc., and I'm kind of bricking it.
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Waseda is objectively the best university on the list. I think they are ranked #2 in the country
If you're choosing based solely on academic merit, then go with this guy >>1176178

If not, I'd suggest at least looking up each prefecture's climate if that is a factor for you. Then, look at each university on Google maps and see what's in the immediate neighborhood - is it in the middle of nowhere? Is there a bus stop or train station relatively nearby? Hiw about amenities - is there anywhere to buy groceries? Etc. It also couldn't hurt to take a look at their campuses and available clubs on their websites.

You might also try asking in the Japanese thread on /int/ since it seems like a lot of posters there are college-aged.

If you need help with anything regarding the Japanese language, post here and I'll try to give you a hand.
Generally in Japan the state schools are more prestigious than private schools as they're harder to get into. If you're looking for academic rigor, or future career prospects in Japan, choose a state school. The best of these from your list is definitely Kyoto University (Kyodai), which most Japanese consider the #2 university in the country. Waseda, as the other anons have pointed out, is well regarded but not nearly to the same extent as Todai (#1) and Kyodai (#2).

Do you want to be in Tokyo? Then choose Waseda. Do you want academic prestige/career prospects? Then choose Kyoto University. Do you want a lower cost of living, plus access to winter sports and a more laidback lifestyle? Then choose Hokkaido University (an excellent choice, especially if you're studying one of the sciences or engineering).

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Aerophobia thread and how to overcome it.
i'll be travelling soon to Belgium and i am terribly afraid of planes, does /trv/ have any tips for overcome the fear?
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xanax and alcohol
get in the fucking plane
you are far more likely to die in a car crash than an airplane crash.

airports/airplanes are extremely secure

just drink up and sleep it out

I'm having trouble finding cheap airline tickets.

Any suggestions on where to find/book cheap tickets to Europe?
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Start by reading the sticky.

Also, to where in Europe, from where?

From LA to Stockholm, or London.
(or SF, might go to the bay before I leave)

Tried flight comparisons but they all seem to add fees - when I found a trip on a comparison site (like kayak) and then searched the same flight elsewhere (same date and airline) the price wasn't the same.

Also tried searching the flights from sites with a different language/currency - sometimes they were cheaper, sometimes almost the same. Like the Norwegian site in Danish and Finnish, in comparison to US dollar prices with the same airline.
Icelandair and Norwegian would probably be your best bet if they fly to the west coast; they're the cheapest Nordic airlines and Icelandair were doing really cheap flights from theUS via Reykjavik to different parts of Europe a year or two back.

Ljubljana, Slovenia to Köln, Germany drive. So on the 29th I will be doing an 8 hour drive to visit my Aunt in Germany. I think the best time to do it would be as soon as I wake up, so around 6 - 7 in the morning.

This will be my first long drive (I am 19 years old), so could you reccomend me any interesting places to stop at on the way and is diesel cheaper at the gas stations in smaller cities/towns off the highway?
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Also, when I reach München should I go past Nürnberg to Frankfurt am Main or past Stuttgart and Mannheim to get to Frankfurt.
wow i literally just looked up Ljubljana, Slovenia for the first time 10mins before seeing this post. A company i own shares in has a growing facility there. Looks like a nice place.

As for the road trip..i have relatives in Frankfurt am Main. Nice place..that would be my reasoning for going that way...
if you are into motorsport/drivign a nice car it might be worth going to Nurnberg and having a blast around the Nürburgring.

Sorry mate not an area of the world i am too familiar with. Enjoy your trip, drive safe

Interesting. May I ask which company?

Hey /trv/

I normally travel out of the country during the Spring/Summer semester but this (school)year I feel it'll be more fiscally responsible and probably better career wise to begin exploring work opportunities abroad.

The problem is I have no clue where to look for these kind of things, most websites I've been to seem to be more about education abroad rather than work and often have $1000+ application and program fees, so that I can work somewhere? Which makes no sense to me.

So does anyone have any resources they'd like to suggest? I'll probably talk to the my school sometime this week to see if they have anything but I figured I'd be proactive and start researching now.
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Should probably mention I'm Canadian and an Architecture student.

My shortlist right now country wise though I'm open to most places.

Hong Kong
Coastal US
elsewhere in Canada

even if your info doesn't relate to my education or desired locations I'm sure other people would like to hear you advice/experience

I know that Hawaii has a couple of communes you might check out

I guess /trv/ is mostly neet too ;__;

Is pic related really that bad? I need a one way trip on a 4 hour flight. There prices are half what the other airlines are offering and I'm a poorfag that just needs a flight back to city after helping a family member make a 24 drive to another city they're relocating to.
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Eh, I've flown them before, but only like a 2hr flight, so I didn't really notice or care. Though one of the planes kind of smelled like shit back by the bathroom. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING costs extra though, even carry-on luggage (you're allowed a personal item for under your seat).
You get what you pay for.

Aside from the extras, nearly all airlines are 99% identical regarding in flight experience. Sure, you may not get free drinks or peanuts with cheaper airlines but other than that it's sit down, shut up, and wait until you arrive at your destination.

Airlines differ when it comes to free bags, free seat checking, etc but then again you pay for it in the ticket price.
Haven't flown with them but I don't see how it'd matter unless they had an awful safety record. Unless you're a regular business flier, economy is economy. RyanAir and EasyJet might bombard you with advertisements and paid lottery games, but you're still traveling a fairly long distance in a short period of time for a low fare.

Man up and shut up, IMO.

I wanna go away for 10 nights over the christmas period 23rd Dec - 2nd January.

>Has to be in England
>Must be private (no room's in other people's houses)
>As cheap as possible

Any ideas?
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Why England?
Xmas period will be expensive. What's your definition of cheap?

Very cheap would be hostels. They are pretty shitty, sharing a room with potentially 7 strangers but if you are going to be out and about most of them time it's do-able.

Other than that try air bnb. Can probably find studios relatively cheap if you are willing to stay out of any city centres.
Depends where abouts in England you wanna go, nothing is cheap in London, especially at Xmas.

A few years ago I visited Soulard, a suburb of St Louis (its their french quarter )and had a total blast and never really felt unsafe.
Just watched this video and felt a bit sick to my stomach.
Have things really changed that much?
Is St Louis safe to visit?
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Damn it I forgot the damn video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19Uzs7R28Hg
Soulard is not a suburb it's a mile south of down town.
It is safe to visit.
St. Louis does have crime but like a lot of cities you are not going to visit the neighborhoods with high crime. I live in the neighborhood which boarders soulard. I have not been a victim of crime.
Anything else or any questions let me know.
Do you feel like things have changed since Ferguson?
Does it feel like people are leaving?
She compares it to Detroit which I visited this summer and I do not it.

>decide to travel the world as a frugal vagabond since I have the camping gear necessary
>need money though
>take every shift available at work
>end up working pretty much every day

I had my last day off October 5th. My next day off is December 7th.

I'll be leaving with $10000 at least, which is saved up in 4 months of work.

Do you think that working yourself half to death for a short while is worth it for years of travel?

Because I'm kinda starting to doubt myself here.
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10k will last you 3mths.
Of hookers and blow, yes.

I plan on spending max $200 a month on food and other amenities, since I can just camp and cook over a fire.
I kinda do the same but not to that extreme. I make sure I have a day off every 14 days of working so I can do some housekeeping like laundry and grocery shopping. Other then that, it's 12-14 hour days.

Or you can just move to work. Eg Australian jobs usually pay $20 a hour

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Travelling to Brazil soon (Sao Paulo). I know the usual safety tips to keep in mind and I'm fully aware the city is significantly more violent than most large western cities. I will be renting a car while I'm there so my question is how safe is it to use my phone as satnav on the car dashboard while driving? Keep in mind this isn't a tourist trip so I will be sticking to the city's commercial centre between Brooklyn and Aclimacao for the most part and one small trip to the countryside in Salto de Pirapora. Will having a smartphone on the windshield make me a magnet for robberies, or is it something criminals aren't interested in anymore? All driving will be done during the busier hours between 7am and 10pm.
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well mr. centre since you outted yourself as some fruity spelling pussy britnadian type mark you gonna get robbed and carjacked regardless.
I'm going to Brazil not America, friend.
phones are always a target since importing them is still so expensive and Sao Paulo has lots of street sellers and pan handlers who will probably run into traffic and shit so idk maybe not in your dash mate

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So I have a Libyan friend that has been telling me that Morocco is an awesome country. It's beautiful, the food is good, the people are nice, it's safe, people don't really give a fuck about religion. The women are hot, they like Westerners and a lot of them are DTF. I am an ESL teacher so I could probably get an ok job there and live there for a bit. Anyone have any experience?
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What gives people?
I recently moved to Morocco and I can confirm the capital is clean, "westernized", full of okay girls and a decent amount of hot ones and it's relatively easy to find a job (that's what I got told)
I'm sure you'd be able to find a job as an ESL in Casablanca in a couple weeks.
You can check out this site, they have good info about the country, how to find a job and all this stuff.
bewilderedinmorocco (dot) com
Thanks. Much appreciated.

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>British and on the verge of turning 21
>Takes alcohol to America with me
>British can drink?

Please confirm or is America that cucked

My logic is that if I can and have been allowed take it with me on the flight (which I am) TO America then that must clearly mean I can fucking have it, but not be able to purchase any myself once my exquisite British alcoholic beverages have been consumed in the finest fashion.
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>live in congo
>take machete with me
>congan can cut off hands
>Please confirm or is America that cucked

you obey the laws of the country you're in, dipshit

anyway, you'll be fine even though it's illegal, i would say don't declare it at customs, up to you tho
Make America great for once

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I'm not good at talking to people, and I don't enjoy it that much.

I travel to see places of beauty or historical significance. But most of the time there will, obviously, be people there. Either people trying to make a living off tourists, locals, or just fellow travellers.

How do I get better at interacting with these people? My friends tell me of times they've made friends with some local and been invited to crazy parties, or how they blagged their way into X or Y with a silver tongue, etc etc and it makes me envious.

I'm just too shy to be a good traveller, plus the language barrier is often a problem too.
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Read on PUA and practice
>Implying PUA is a good idea

Anon, you've gotta remember the golden rule of social anxiety - fake it till you make it. Just pretend to be confident and outgoing and you'll probably end up actually being it.

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