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dbx baggage rules.jpg
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Heads up for travelers, new rules impacting luggage to, from or transiting Dubai.

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So in which category do backpacks fall in? Are they too "irregular"? The bottom is not flat enough?
But hey, good to know the kikes will rob you blind for stuffing it in a cardboad box.
>So in which category do backpacks fall in?

The fact that a backpack has, almost definitionally, long straps, makes me think they are going to be an issue until the airport inevitably issuesa"except Backpacks are OK" revision.

Duffle bags seem to be problematic as well. Compression bags are right out.
An e-mail just received from Emirates Airline in response to a question about this implies they are contesting the restrictions put in place by authorities at DXB -- which may or may not be true, and, if true, may or may not result in the rule being changed.

Any /trv/lers transiting DXB in the next weeks, with something other than a standard rectangular suitcase, a report back on what you experienced would be appreciated.

Is it lonely traveling alone?

How does it feel? Does it bother you? Do you enjoy it? Or do you just have nobody to travel with?

Is there a stigma with traveling alone? I'm a very self conscious person
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>Is it lonely traveling alone?
>How does it feel?
>Does it bother you?
i want to kill myself every day and travelling alone doesn't help contrary to what online depression clinicians try and make you believe with their retard armchair webmd education
>Or do you just have nobody to travel with?
even that isnt reliable, you get people who prioritize stupid shit over you so if you rely on them hanging out with you you're just going to feel even worse when they end up doing their own thing

>Is there a stigma with traveling alone? I'm a very self conscious person
do whatever you want, nobody notices or cares
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You're like the billionth person this question; Im surprised you didnt find another thread in the catalog.

To answer your question: traveling alone gives you a ton of benefits as apposed to travelling with somebody or a group. You get to do whatever you want; whenever you want. You're never inconvenienced by another person, nor have to put up with them if they become annoying. For that reason I enjoy it.

Sure it would be nice to travel and share some experiences with people, but after a while the positives of travelling alone outweighs the negatives.

In this day and age there is no longer a stigma for travelling alone - as many individuals travel alone for business, spiritual enlightenment or simply wanting to get away from it all. Dont care so much about what other people think as they wont care at all.
the enlightened one has arrived to blow smoke up everyones ass. oh yeah bro its real liberating having nobody around to do anything with. you want to go to bars and meet people? uh oh cant do that according to you, because then youd have to start hanging out with them. damn now you cant do your own thing like walk around aimlessly in the city with nothing to do all day

Last year i rode my motorcycle from the UK to Magadan, in the far east of russia.
I went through turkey, georgia, azerbaijan across the caspian sea, up through the stans via the pamir highway, through the altai mountains and into mongolia, across mongolia and up into russia where i took the road of bones through eastern siberia to magadan. Then i rode home across the length of russia.

also any other overlanders here?
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Very cool. I'd love to take that trip.

I'm also a Brit, been thinking of getting a motorcycle, realised I'd be able to these kind of road trips

How difficult is adjusting to driving on the right in all these different countries? Do you need a lot of riding experience?
Also, how long did it take? How much did you plan?
How did you made it through the sea? What the cost was?

What's the difference between traveling and vacations/holidays? Is there a difference?
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>Is there a difference?
Only to "real travelers"/travel elitists
Duration maybe?

It's mostly semantics, don't get a headache over it.
To me, travelling brings to mind sightseeing and delving into local culture. I think of exploration and experiences. Vacationing brings to mind sitting on a beach or at a bar on the ocean for 12 hours a day for a week or two. Vacations are very laid back and relaxed. Something you do when you've worked an exhausting amount and just want to kick back during your time off, while travelling comes across as ambitiously going out to experience as much of the world as you can for weeks or even months at a time. Both are great in their own way, although I live an active and experience based life, so I find the idea of motorcycling through Central America much more exciting than the prospect of drinking and swimming in the Caribbean Sea, though I fully intend to spend my golden years laying around in a beautiful part of the world drinking rum and smoking the biggest cigars I can find once I'm too old to culminate experiences.

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I've lived in New Zealand all my life can answer any questions you degenerates may have
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I live in London at the moment and work in clinical negligence insurance underwriting. But I'm thinking of moving to Auckland

1. What's the job market like out there?
2. What's the air quality like in the city?
3. Will not having a drivers license severely impact my quality of life? Enjoy cycling and don't mind bussing or training around
4. What's the food scene like?
5. I'm half-black, are there problems with racism out there or is it quite multicultural?
Job market: eh pretty alright
Air quality: top tier God quality m8
No drivers license: Aukland has good busses, trains etc
Food: good food. Not that amazing, but still pretty damn diverse.
Racism: none. Apart from your usual bastards that have been drinking too much, etc we're all pretty accepting
what would be the cost of survival-mode eating? Like, really the cheapest nutritious option possible.

Are there many private yachts going between australia and NZ?

New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1218210
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Given the choice of going to Japan right now or a month from now what would you do? Are the OMG CHEERY BLOSSOMS worth the hype, the massive amount of tourists, and the challenge of finding a place to stay? or am I better off avoiding all of this and going now?
i met someone recently that lived in japan for 5 months. she took a week long trip to south korea and loved it way more, saying japan was "conservative" and way more into "rules." she felt like she was doing everything wrong and being judged/stared at in public. she felt she had way more freedom in korea. in addition, the korean people were louder and chattier. any anons have thoughts on this?
Month from now, you can't even tell if it's busy or not Tokyo always has fucktons of people.

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Is anyone interested in travelling to Mongolia aka middle of nowhere?
If yes I can provide information,accommodation n shit
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Are you a local? I've already been there, but might have some questions if you are
I would be interested when I finish my army service
interested, how possible is hiking along one of the northern rivers, getting food from locals. What are the best places to hike, maybe long distance

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I've been waiting to book a solo trip to Cambodia and Vietnam for a few weeks. Tomorrow I'll finally be able to do it (some money I was waiting on) and now all of a sudden I'm having doubts and anxieties. This is my first solo trip and I'm worried about feeling isolated and just not enjoying it.

So convince me, why should I book this trip?

Is it common to have these regrets/concerns?
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Having anxiety about solo travel is completely normal. But usually unfounded.

You should book it because you'll regret it if you don't. You'll love it once you get there, don't listen to your pussy-ass brain.

Pic Related- I went to India a couple of years ago by myself. I was shitting myself and trying desperately to get out of it, but I ended up going and it was incredible.
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cambodia 2015.jpg
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>Is it common to have these regrets/concerns?

Yeah -- I have to book a family trip to Costa Rica this week. Stressing out over it comes with the territory with me. At least you don't have to worry about "What if I get Aunt Gert's ticket wrong and she goes to Costa Diego in the wrong month???"

Man up and do it. Cambodia is great.
Yes its common, there will be times on the trip where you'll feel isolated. I found it was mainly travelling between places. If you stick to Hostels and Guest houses the entire time you'll meet plenty of people. More people than you expect will be in the exact same situation as yourself and so will be out to make friends the same as you. As far as not enjoying it solo travelling isn't for everyone but you won't know until you try. If you're really worried book a flexible return ticket so you can change your flight home if you aren't felling great

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Austin TX

What went wrong?
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Good question. It definitely sucks here.
Way too much growth way too fast.

It had a pretty distinct culture in Texas ("Hippies and cowboys, together in harmony!") and then the tech boom of the '90s hit and all of a sudden everyone wanted to move there.

The Hill Country blocks it off from expanding west, so it's sprawled out in all the other directions. Plus, building on top of the plateau fucks up the aquifers.

No one thought to expand the highways to deal with the projected population growth and now it's too late.

And because of its long-time reputation as the bluest county in a very red state, the Texas Legislature isn't particularly inclined to do anything to improve the infrastructure there.
All of this and also it became popular with the internet. The internet spread the word faster than anything before. When people start getting on forums looking for the hottest up and coming city, Austin was the #1 hit for probably 15 years from the late 90s. See also: Denver, Seattle, Portland

The next cities I see this effect coming to are places like Pittsburgh, Raleigh or Charlotte which are all growing very fast due to state investment in job creation.

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Have 1 week to visit Seoul or Shanghai.
What you would choose pepes?
Vantages and disadvantages.
Around October, solo travel.
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shanghai is a visa hassle, worse air quality
the parts of shanghai you want to go to are more centralized
there's more of a foreigner cache in shanghai
seoul has a better drinking culture
Thx, Kampai!
I'd flip a coin because you're gonna have a great time in either place.

Planning a month long holiday to Vietnam to trek around and scope out some areas to possibly return to and do a longer stay (remote work). Is it reasonably safe to travel solo around the country. What areas would you recommend to go / avoid. Places with good diving/nearby hikes/treks a bonus.
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Can't offer much advice but I'll be going there in May for the first time. Plan on renting a motorbike to go up the country. I've been told the whole country is paradise
Very safe, especially in rural areas so long as you don't go out of your way to make trouble or accidentally kill a chicken or something. So far as hikes go, north of Hanoi is by far the best scenery wise and pretty empty of western tourists who all fall for the Hanoi to Saigon meme. The falls in your OP are a great example, though they're a bit overrun by Chinese tourists these days since it's promoted heavily there now from what I've heard. The only thing I'd say is that if you want genuinely good walks you're going to have to drive, aside from Sapa the north doesn't have the same tourist infrastructure so the busses are pretty impossible to work out, slow and generally annoying.

Conversely, all the best diving is in the south really. Though to be honest diving in Vietnam in general is a bit shit so I wouldn't really recommend it if you have to choose, if your heart is really set on it just go to Thailand for a week of your 4 instead. I lived there for years and travelled basically all over so feel free to ask any specifics.
>What areas would I recommend
Hoi An

Everywhere else

hi /trv/,

going to minneapolis on thursday because UMN is flying me up to tour as a potential PhD student

never been to the city so im wondering what it is there to do. im staying for four days (thurs-sunday) in some cheap airbnb in the warehouse district.

pic unrelated but i hope you like my dog
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fuck the image was ok when I uploaded it sry
Bump, leaving tm morning
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Hey, man. Mpls dude, here. The Warehouse District is a cool place. I used to live there. Not sure what you’re into as you didn’t provide much information. Age? Are you alone? Do you want to hit up the best bars? If so, what kind are you into?

Warehouse District/North Loop
-Smack Shack has awesome food. Might be a little awkward alone.
-Cuzzy’s has awesome food too. A dive bar’s dive bar. Used to be a whorehouse. Haunted. Less awkward to be in alone.
-The Loop gets filled with people dancing to mostly top 40/pop/hip-hop and attracts mostly Chad and Stacy types.
-Fulton is a great brew pub but not as good as Dangerous Man in Northeast Minneapolis.
-Bar La Grassa is my favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities

OK, the Golden Stuff one didn't take off like some of the earlier ones, but still got some good pics. Trying something maybe a little broader. Old ruins, abandoned places, leftover bits of flotsam and jetsam of the past you've encountered on your travels. Interpret that as broadly as you need to.

As always, posting a couple to get started -- and please do mention where the pic was taken unless it is Bleeding Obvious.

Greek Temple, one of three in Paestum, south of Naples, from before the Romans swept across the peninsula and took over.
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Iraqi anti-aircraft emplacement, bunker for crews and munitions in Kuwait.
File: kuwait barbed wire.jpg (93KB, 747x605px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
kuwait barbed wire.jpg
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Barbed wire from around the previous pic, with hopey-life affirming desert blossoms.
File: tree ate my buddha.jpg (137KB, 777x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tree ate my buddha.jpg
137KB, 777x599px
Strangler figs strangling Buddha at Ta Prohm temple, near Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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Hey /trv/, anyone have unique suggestions for a weekend trip to Havana? I've seen all the stuff on tripadvisor, and will happily hear your opinion on the major stuff. But I'm really hoping to get suggestions about some off-beat things to do and places to see.
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Most of the good "off the path" stuff is outside of Havana, but I can tell you that if you actually make an effort to avoid all the official tourism sites you are bound to stumble onto interesting stuff and have a pretty good time

If you stay at a casa particular (and you should, don't support the dictatorship if you can avoid it) your host will point you in the right direction

Some realtraveller(tm) stuff you could see:
>Lenin park
Some old dilapidated soviet amusement rides among some modernized ones and acres of beautiful forest, only real amusement park in havana
Kind of a "museum to the achievements of communism" last I visited was pretty much falling apart, but it's a sight to see
Overpriced shitty tasting ice cream but every cuban child in my generation lived for a saturday morning trip there
>botanical garden
Beautiful, especially the japanese garden
How are the beaches there?
Thanks!! Exactly the sort of things I was hoping for.

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hqdefault (1).jpg
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What resources do you use for finding cheap international flights?

I have about ten days off from university at the end of the month and I want to travel (I'm in NW US) but I'm having trouble finding anything since I don't really care about the destination. Is there anywhere I can just enter a block of time and a place of origin and see where I can go for as cheap as possible?
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Google "cheapest flights from CITY NAME"

For example, this is the result if you look for flights from Dallas. No idea if they are the absolute cheapest flights, but it is more or less what you are looking for.

i'm also subscribed to newsletters of airlines that have bases near me

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