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Hey /trv/,
last time I posted here I got a lot of great advice and even met some cool people on my trip, so I'm trying again.
Tonight I've booked a flight to Gran Canaria.
I usually try to avoid very touristy places, for this trip I've mostly just looked for a few days in a nice and warm place without spending a lot on flights and accommodation.
I'm thinking of staying in a hostel that's close enough to the city to grab a bite there and maybe have a drink without being directly in the center of the English/German/Dutch/gay tourist population.

Now I'm not asking to be spoonfed general information, I want to know what your personal experiences and recommendations for the island are.
I'd love to hear about;

>your personal highlights
>sights that aren't obvious
>culinary specialties you enjoyed
>general info you find important enough to highlight
>wether visiting another island by ferry is a good idea

dudeweedlmao PS:
I'm generally familiar with the weed situation in Spain and I'm not keen on getting ripped off on the street.
Is there any way to get weed in a not too seedy fashion despite me not being able to get into one of these Spanish weed clubs?

General Spain/Canary Islands thread as well, I guess.
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Oh, and if anyone from here is around between the 15th and 22nd I'd be down to meet.
People from /trv/ tend to be interesting to be around
European primetime bump
Daily desperation bump

Does /trv/ use the point system from credit cards at all for travel?

>Just got pic related, and within 2 months I have 70,000 points

Although I am not really sure it will make much sense in the long run since most of those points came from the sign-up perks.
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my wife has a hilton rewards card. it's been bretty sweet. less benefit than miles, but they accrue faster.
I do IHG and Delta Skymiles since Atlanta is my closest hub. As I have a family, the skymiles come in handy for tickets for my kids, while me and my wife pay for our plane tickets and accumulate miles and MQDs. And I get an annual buddy pass as a platinum card member
Yes, Visa Avion is the only card worth using.

Hello fellow /trv/elers me and a friend going on the St. James pilgrimage in June for 34 days 800kms of walking. Can any Spaniardbro give any suggestions on our one day off? We are thinking off stopping in Pamplona is it worth it or should we opt for a smaller town eg Logroño. Also how fucked are we if we only speak frasebook spanish? What are the must eat delicacies of the area and the demeanour of the people. Thanks in advance.
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*Each area sorry I'm phoneposting
>34 days 800kms of walking
rent a bike fag
Trail biking for 20 days straight is going to destroy my behind. The Compostela for using a bike is shit also the walking pilgrims take precedence in getting a bed in the pilgrims hostels, and with about usually 10 thousands ppl doing the French way pilgrimage on June both the trails and the hostels are going to be overcrowded

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How is the hambient in a hostel?
How do you make friends there?
I stayed in one for a few hours to visit a friend,
And when I arrived it felt like there are a lot of different people from different places and they seems to know each others..
I think that I will go to a hostel in a mini trip but
How I have to behave in a hostel?
I just go and talk with any stranger there or it is too invassive?
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I made a thread about this topic a few pages down, take a look there, got some nice tips.
Give a gide
easy to have shallow conversations. everyone asks "hey, where are u from, what are you here for etc etc"

but then everyone leaves tomorrow, so usually no deep friendships

I think people in hostels feel pressured to socialize

also, sleep belly down so that you don't snore

good luck

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Sup /trv/

My wife and I are moving to North Scottsdale, Arizona and are wondering what it's like to live there.

Pros & Cons, hidden gems, etc. about the area are appreciated. Thanks!
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AZ fag here

Scottsdale is expensive shit but good for tech jobs. Stay away from old scottsdale unless you like older ladies. Mill ave is great but also a great way to regret your ideas of buying ASU chicks shots.

Stay away from apache juntction unless you really want to get laid
OP says he's married.

First response is 3/4 about getting laid.

I was thinking the same thing, dying rn. Any who OP...
I'm from San Diego but moved to Phoenix about two years ago or so and absolutely love it here. Food is great, outdoors are great, people are great, everything is great really besides the summers and the traffic. Also the Mexican food just fucking go to Mexico or San Diego it's super shitty here.

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Greetings /trv/,

my eurotrip comes near and it will be my first time solo travelling and staying in hostels, what precautions should I take and how to interact with fellow travellers in these places? I'm mostly staying in shared bed dormrooms with 4,6 people and the only thing I know so far is to bring my own lock. Thanks in advance
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don't be stupid
do be clever
>Leave your passport or ANY ID's in your hostel bag
>don't assume a storage locker is safe(even if you have your own lock)
>don't leave anything with personal info you would not want to lose out and about
>don't fucking assume it is party city because it is "le european backpack crew XD RAVES" (you're going to be dissapointed at how many people are just going to crash or pass out drunk at these places
>don't leave cash around
>don't book a hostel just because it looks like a party
>take a drug for the first time in a hostel
>take long showers
>check the surronding areas of the hostel, location to bars/restruants/police stations/transportation
>lock your shit up best you can
>carry your passport/ID/money with you at all times sleep with it even
>check the shit out of the hostel on google and other sites
>bring multiple chargers and such for phones and what not
>be friendly to people
>clean up after yourself

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As title says I'm heavily interested in possibly living in Hawaii. I would be looking for anything fancy maybe just a small place for myself that I could sustain on a small job.

Anyone have any experience with this? Is this even possible? Is it as great as it almost sounds? Beaches and the ocean and just a generally chill environment? Any advice is appreciated thanks.
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>correction, sorry phone posting
I wouldn't be looking for anything fancy
Hawaii is not a simple, primitive tropical paradise. It has one of the highest costs of living in the US.
This. Everybody would move to Hawaii if it was that simple.
Have you considered Florida?

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Want to spend 4 months in a french city. Got to chose between Lyon, Rennes, Paris, Lille and La Rochelle.
Which is the best and why should i pick Lyon?
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Lille or Lyon imo. Whatever you do don't fall for the Paris meme, if you must spend 2-3 days seeing the tourist attraction then gtfo, Paris is not " real France " anymore.
And what was ''real France'' ?
less niggers ?
honestly the only good parts of france are the basque coast around biarritz and the cote d'azur, the later one only if you bring cash

Has anyone ever been to Belize?
I'm looking to possibly buy some land in the country and would love to hear any experiences you've had (generl experiences).
Cities, rural areas, etc. How are the people? What is the culture like? Cartel activity?

Anything you've experienced that's worth sharing.
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I don't think anyone has ever been to Belize before, you'll probably be the first!
what kind of land and how much does it cost?
>Cities, rural areas, etc. How are the people? What is the culture like? Cartel activity?

Don't want to sound like a prick but everyone who is thinking about buying a house in a foreign country should have a thorough understanding of all of the above before even considering such a purchase.

Experiences, tips/tricks, the cheaper ones blablablablablabla
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>falling for the nautical jew
If you must, be careful with your cellphone usage. Cruise ships have their own small cell towers with uplinks to a satellite so you can call people as if you're on land. They are supposed to cut them off when they are at port but sometimes they 'accidentally' leave them on so when people get off the boat, they place a call thinking they are using local towers but are actually connected to the $hip's tower. So get some distance between you and the boat before you make any calls. Also, put your phone in airplane mode on the ship otherwise you'll be downloading data at ridiculous prices as well. Look into international calling plans your cellphone carrier may provide which will save you money when abroad.
I'd really recommend going to a 2 star resort than a low budget cruise, unless you already live in florida

if you want to cruise on a budget, check out the repositioning cruises, a lot of the alaska cruise boats during the summer are caribbean cruises during the winter every year there's seattle-miami 2 week trips for the cost of a normal 1 week
For a family of four a Carnival Cruise is lower than the proce of a resort. I was in fact planning on taking my family to a resort, All inclusive, with airfare. For the cost of the one person was more than two people on the cruise. Even with driving to Miami the night before and getting a hotel.

>completely sick of my job, burnt out and bored
>desperately want to go back to Asia, studied in China for a year, missing it ever since
>been applying for jobs in HK and Singapore for months, no luck because I'm in Europe, not there
>roommate going abroad so will need to move out of my apartment anyway, this is convenient timing
>quitting my job in the next two weeks
>gonna apply for a working holiday visa to HK, look for work there
>have about €10k saved so can survive for a few months anyway
>want to move away from tech, into finance

I figure I'll get like 3-6 months before money becomes a serious issue. Particularly if I base myself in Shanghai for a little while first to save some cash.

Any advice? Kind of shitting it leaving a secure job for Asia, but I just need something different in my life.
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A lot depends on what kind of job you want and what kind you're prepared to do while you're looking for one.

I can think of two options, a safe but slow/tiring one and and a risky all-in one.

Email hostels and ask if they'd take you on as a cleaner/translator/whatever. A lot will be happy to sponsor a backpacker a working visa in exchange for a cleaner/tourguide/etc to do shit work and then run a few activities for tourists. Stuff like taking people out partying at clubs, shit like that. Some clubs like to get a crowd of backpackers in early to kind of create an atmosphere, free drinks/snacks are involved, you just have to know a promoter though you could probably just ask the clubs directly I guess.

I've know several people that did this in HK.

When you're working at hostels, you generally have the morning off and then from about midday, you have to run around cleaning floors&toilets and stripping beds, maybe drop off laundry and pick up new laundry, stuff like that. In the evening, you've got more stuff to do like taking groups out to eat local foods, see night markets, go to night clubs.

You're probably working six days a week and it doesn't leave much time for job hunting for a real job but there's at least a little bit of time and you've got free accommodation and a (really small) wage while you're doing it.

The other way is to hit up craigs list and find an apartment to share with other foreigners, there are usually people looking for a room mate. That gives you accommodation which is basically as cheap as you can get in HK and then you look for jobs full time, the normal way.
are you white? if so, you will get a job teaching english. guaranteed. minimum pay for a gwailo is 180hkd an hour, if you have a degree of any sort you can swing 350/hr.
I was mainly considering the latter option. Though I was a concierge in a hotel for a while when I was younger, I could probably swing it if needs be.

What about staying in Shenzhen while looking for work/accomodation in HK, think it's doable?

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how hard/easy is it to get a hold of psychedelics in sri lanka? especially lsd and mushrooms? i remember it being easy as fuck in south east asia so i hope sri lanka is similiar? and do they get the nice hash from nepal for example?
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is it generally easy to get hash and weed in SE Asia?
weed yes basically everywhere, i didn't see a lot of hash though
cool i prefer weed anyway, although it would be nice to try some strong as fuck, relatively fresh hash somewhere. won't you get really harsh penalties if you're caught with weed in countries like thailand, laos, malaysia, etc?

what about China? especially thinking about southern parts

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Eurofag and wife will be driving a rental car between these three states, spending a lot of time on I-95, I-75 and I-20 driving from Orlando to Atlanta then Charlston then back to Orlando via Daytona Beach.

Whats the tolls like? Can I pay with cash? Anything amazing I should see on these roads? Anything I should avoid or be aware off?

Thanks in advance!
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Interstates are free, brabrah, so aslong as you stay on the interstate.

I can only speak for the orlando area, but depending on what road you take to get from orlando to 75, it will run you about $5 maximum to leave the Orlando area. Google maps will tell you whether or not a route has tolls and likely where they are.

>Anything amazing I should see on these roads?
FL is pretty goddamn boring desu man.

Can't speak as much for GA and SC
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Forgot, the Georgian State Police are stern, stern but fair.

(Don't speed or be dumb in Georgia. Always see FAR more people pulled over here than anywhere else in the southeast.)
I have no idea what I-95 on the Florida end looks like, but If it is anything like it is in Massachusetts then the tolls will be max $1.50. Bring $5 in quarters just in case because often in Mass the tolls are less than a dollar. As for things to be aware of, generally take things slow on the roads, especially if you aren't well practiced on the rules of the road here, and people in the US drive like everyone else is an expert, and can be reckless sometimes, at least up north.

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Is it OK to have an "fling" while traveling?

I'm going on a trip in a few months to France. Well, I made a penpal there (a girl). We've become quite close over the past 2 months as we talk everyday. She's been lately dropping some big hints that she likes me. I think she's cute, and she's a very nice and helpful person (she's been really helpful with my travel plans and setting my transportation methods). I just don't know what to do. I don't think I could do a LDR. Not because of the physical distance, but because I have too much to focus on in my life. So, I don't know. Should I friendzoned her? She IS very cute. But, I really worry if we fool around or have sex on my trip, that we are going to get attached. Which is something I can't deal with. She's a nice girl, so I actually care about her feelings.

I just don't know if it would be "ok" if we just have a great time together while I'm there, and bang out. And that's just it? It doesn't seem right to me..
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>Is it OK to have an "fling" while traveling?

I had to ask, because "flings" are something I've never been comfortable with.
If she wants a fling too, then what's the problem?

You say she's a nice girl and you care about her. Fair enough, so don't try to fuck her if you think she's too attached.
But she might well WANT a "fling" instead of a relationship, and if that's the case then it's all good.

Though be real with yourself; Are you worried about her falling in love with you, or are YOU worried about falling in love with her?

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Hey /trv/

I'm a US citizen with a Type D student visa for a long stay in Spain. It expires on May 31 but before going home, I'd like to travel for two weeks around Europe. I've gotten a lot of conflicting information on whether this is legal. Must I leave the Schengen territory and re-enter for my 90 day tourist visa-waver to activate (assuming it's still waved for US citizens come June) or does it start automatically once my visa expires? Or, are my tourist days already used up and I'd have to wait 90 or 180 days or whatever it is to re-enter?

Sorry if this is a foolish question. I just haven't found coherent answers/good sources.
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Leave, then re-enter (don't need to wait).

Confirm this with the consulate of your country in Spain, they are actually nice people mostly, and will put your mind at ease.
There's indeed conflicting information. But since I have read stories of people who have got into trouble for doing just that, I would say it's safer if you leave the country with your valid visa and then re-enter visa-free. That is, of course, provided that you will still be able to have visa free access to EU as a US citizen (see recent news). If you were on an actual visa, then that shouldn't count against the 90/180 days.
perhaps even more foolish follow-up:

What is the best/cheapest way to leave the schengen territory for a quick turnaround to re-enter? London? Will passport check give me the funny business if they see what I'm doing?

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