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OFFICIAL PONY /b/READ Baked fresh with genuine pony farm love

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Baked fresh with genuine pony farm love and good feels every day until the end of eternity. We captured only the finest queers, traps, and assorted hooligans bonded together by their perverted love of cartoons.

Every welcome every loved, yardah yaddah yaddah. Post shit and pones!
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Bootstrap Gillian fucked a bar stool on an owl gable bitten off a rattlesnake with a two ton cable. Dancing off the hours like a disco zombie dinner ring. How's a filet gonna travel with an old Jewish gangster counting corn in an alley with ODed college 1%ers off to hook up with their lollies in mollie dropped off by rats drowned in Mexicans.
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Haha, thanks for baking, Aku!
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How're you Rita?
Aku /b/read is rarest /b/read!
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Am ok
How's you?
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How shit has babs been acting? He's thinking about removing a wall in his place cause it bothers him.
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He's been stressed out and napping a bit much a few days but he's been acting fine otherwise.
Don't know anything about that.
>To an extent. The problem with them is that they decided they wanted to do everything in JavaScript, even desktop applications. Low and behold we have programs using up 50+ MiB of memory for trivial functionality. Because someone decided to embed an entire fucking web browser into a chat client or a text editor.
>t. assblasted C cuck reads a blog post written by an elitist C programmer

Go and make C/C++ version of discord without using electron or NWJS

>muh javascript
>muh trivial C++ implumentatitn

you never fucking will in your life
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God damn!
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Heading to bed, have a good one /b/read.

I'm going ok.
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it is 10am and i absolutely require it to be 12PM already

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solong farewell goodnight nigga
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nos vemos
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Nighty, Rap!
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hello friends!
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wooo an urshy!
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What's happening in Blew's world?
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wakin up and got me some corn bread to eat. Howabout you?
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skittyhole pummeling
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I am of wellness! Woke up a couple hours ago and am drinking a coffee I left in the fridge overnight. Snacking on store-bought taquitos too.
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oooh iced coffee and taquitos, nice!
Thread posts: 39
Thread images: 34

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