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Tulpa sex is the best sex ever. Your dick can only be rubbed so many times before getting raw. And then theres that darn refractory where no matter how much you beat it you can't cum for a while. Getting off just gets harder and harder each time. And you're scaring your dick if you do it too hard.

But with tulpas you can cum buckets. You can trick your brain into getting you that sex high with your dick not even shooting a load, again and again. I just have to concentrate and mild orgasm after mild orgasm no tulpa even needed through what I learned through tulpamancy and controlling my mind.

But when my tulpa is involved, its amazing. And group tulpa sex can be so intense its over whelming, feeling every last hole pounded by horse cocks and my hands rubbing more dicks between them.

Having my own tulpa harem and watching my tulpas fuck each other and share with me their orgasms. my tulpas can take any form I want from giant horses to the youngest of loli, to the wildest sex monstrosities imaginable.

Nothing compares to constant orgasms, even as a male you can get from tulpas.

Fall in love with someone or somepony but can't be with them? Make a tulpa that looks like them, make 5. And fuck your heart out,
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See those 3? They could all be yours every night.
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tactical kek.jpg
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Nice Dubs ponkie

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/sug/ - Steven Universe General

Salty Cheetos Edition

>HQ DL Links for Season 1 and 2:

>Guide to the Crystal Gems Download

>Crewniverse tumblr

>Listen to Soundtrack Here:


>Extended Intro:

>The Classroom Gems

>Hot Dog Duffel Bag
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I want to kick Lapis' teeth in!
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before i am leaving

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This is a Jasper thread.

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avatar circlejerk general
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first for ashleyfags everywhere
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i heard his voice
it is really faggy

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Potfest 184
First 24
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Dio Brando
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Bro Strider
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Captain Luna

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Potfest v186
Enter a Tribute (Picture, Name, Gender if ambiguous)
Roleplay to events
Or Dont
>No Dupes
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Join us Souda.png
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Shia La Dangan
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0Lord Beerus 1.jpg
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Lord Beerus

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Look at this. In this new game Fallout 4 this baby is always black regardless of the parents! Now even video games aren't safe,
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plus the gay romance options
>live in radiation king appliance filled home
>thinks the newborn won't get a tan
The Kuckholds on /v/ keep deleting this topic. I wan't there be to an outrage over this its fucking bullshit.

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Potfest v185
Enter a Tribute (Picture, Name, Gender if ambiguous)
Roleplay to events
Or Dont
>No Dupes
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Notably Dangerous Texan Erection
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Game of Fate

5 tributes left!
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Hella Jeff

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t b h = desu
f a m = senpai
Write without spaces of course. But HOLY SHIT
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desu desu desu desu
no way senpai
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hip and young.jpg
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I hope you're joking

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Onii-chan, come play some videogames with me!
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>wired controller

Hey grandma.
>Implying she will not smashing random buttons
thats a wireless with the USB charger plugged in, duder.

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