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Jacket is actually onsale now

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I guess these were the extra ones, but they're on some new shop the hotline miami guys just set up.

>170 dollars after shipping for just the basic one

That's kinda shit.
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Still disappointed that Biker never even made it close to the stretch goals, genuinely wanted that octopus mask. At least they seemed to realize the head size issues from Jacket were actually an issue and made sure that the helmet and unhelmeted head were in scale to some degree. Fucking Tony and Rasmus just look like bad artwork as opposed to a real mask.

Here's your reply, bucko.
Yeah, backed biker too, I at least wanted the puff vest and the future head, those didn't even come close.

Went ahead and bought Jacket just now, 170 is steep as fuck but I did have 120 set aside for him anyway, an extra 50 isn't gonna kill me.
It's a shame that he himself is a solid figure, clothes are great if not the shirt being a tad oversized, but his weapons are atrocious. Not an issue at all for someone who backed early and paid like 120 for him, since I can just buy new 1/6 guns and shit, but 170 seems steep. That's what I paid for the base figure and two mask packs.
They should have at least included one of the mask packs for the 170 price
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>kept kicking myself for missing out on the thing the first time around
>swore that the second it went on sale proper, I wouldn't miss it again
>170 buckaroonies

I think everyone who expected 120ish is mad
Call me when there's one for Manny Pardo, the true hero of the series.
I feel sorry for all the people that ordered multiples of this.
>found the miami strangler
yeah, but there's a chance we might just get a add one kickstarter, we might get the stuff then. You know, unless it's hopelessly overpriced. Still want a puffy vest to go with my regular and splattered biker. Wish I could've gotten the mmm Jacket though, was a sweet figure.
If they do show up with an addon kickstarter I'll probably go for it, but not if the shit is gonna be more than 33 dollars like jackets stuff because their production amount is different.
Thank you.

Uuuugh I have to fucking get him

It's not a good as Mezco's Batman though.
Shut up.

I'm trying my best to not order at all, much less ordering multiples.

It's hard, I really want him.
Just get one, regular or something. If you got Biker, you might as well.

If not you're gonna regret it, and post here about it later.
You think he's gonna sell out fast?

I gotta draw some funds first, sell some figs.
Nah, but fast enough that you'll haave put it off too long. I'm thinking about grabbing mmm myself. need to do the same as you.
MM is bad ass, but I'm happy with a regular.
If they sold only Richard's head I'd customize one myself, it'd be cheaper.
This is basically why I got him, wanted him, didn't get, got Biker, knew he wouldn't be a thing after this and grabbed him.

If you like the character and this size of figure, this is probably the time to get him. The only other time I think we'll see him is if they do that 4 inch line they brought up a few times, but that'll probably never happen because there'll be no hype.
> $250

Maybe if the extra funds were to go to the extra shit for Biker but thats just absurd when it cost much less than that before.

What do the extra heads look like on it?
Tony and Richard look alright (Richard being the best) but like in the OP pic, Aubrey looks weird sitting on top of the neck

Carl apparently looks fine as it goes all the way down the neck like Richard does, Rasmus looks like absolute shit, and Don Juan has the same problem as Aubrey
Doesn't seem like they're running out or turning sales off, so they must not be selling well, if they really only had a "limited amount". Pretty sure the price is ruining it for everyone.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 3

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