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Warhammer 40k Books

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Best Warhammer 40k book you ever read /tg/?

I've only read a few, but the best one was Titanicus. It gives so much incite to the relationship between the Machine Cult and the Imperial Cult, and how divided the Imperium really is.

Also Titan Warfare is fucking awesome, but that's beside the point.


Space Marine by Ian Watson.
>inb4 hurr durr poopy farty XD

I also thought the first three Horus Heresy books were very good, but the entire HH series has become a shitty mess now.

Eisenhorn was nice but for a book told in first person I really didn't get a feel for Eisenhorn himself. Wouldn't have minded if the author had made him a little more hard-line too.
I read the first Eisenhorn book, but then I side tracked reading other stuff and never really went back to it. I did buy the omnibus about his apprentice... I can't remember his name though, but I couldn't read it, because the text was to small for my shitty eyes.
I'm reading deathfire at the moment and it's pretty good would recommend.
grav coffin professor x, right? Ravenor, I believe. The two trilogies are pretty good, but they started to blur together.

The OG 40k trilogy, Inquisition War, is fucking bonkers in the best possible way, though. The first book was written way back in 1990, but the squat got rewritten as a techpriest in the latest revised version. Pretty shitty of the black library, desu
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My best reading was the Warhammer Monthly series and the Inferno! short stories. Among those I have too many fond memories to pick. Malus is up there.
Double Eagle is fucking awesome.

The Gaunt's Ghosts books start off fairly bland, but improve steadily until about book ten and then start rambling off.

Ciaphas Cain is fun, but repetitive as fuck.
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Eisenhorn, Ciaphas Cain, Gaunt's Ghosts, Storm of Iron, Emperor's Gift are the best non-HH. Also fuck /tg/ I like the "Path of" Eldar books if only because they're not more space marines

Pic related for HH series
How's Rising not at the top?

Anyway my overall favorites are the Gaunt's Ghosts series, Storm of Iron, Abnett's HH stuff, and the Ultramarines series

I like tactics 40k equivalent of Mount & Blade when?
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>Scars and Rising
>Not God-Emperor Tier.
Any good Dark Angel reads? Figure I should read the books if I'm painting the army.
Angels of Darkness - Gav Thorpe
Holy Terra, I thought this thread was gonna die, so I went and took a nap.

Glad to see its still going.
If you like a more flashman style read then the Cain novels are great.
The Wordbearer novels are an interesting read, too. The third novel is kind of crap through imo.
The Imperial Navy novel if you can find them are a good space battle story and have likeable characters.
I really enjoyed Storm of Iron, mostly because of style it was written in.

The book reads like a siege. The Iron Warriors have already done the math before they ever make planet fall and once the do its like watching the implacable advance of a meat grinder all the way to the end of the book. Really captured the spirit of the legion. Easily cemented the Iron Warriors as my favorite traitor legion.
Storm of Iron, Titanticus, Warriors of Ultramar, The first three Horus Heresy books, The First Traitor, and a few short stories I can't remember the names of off of the top of my head are the best ones I've read.

>Storm of Iron
It was my first read of any 40k books, and I loved how the Iron Warriors fought, the little side dramas, and I didn't expect the Iron Warriors to win at the end. Granted I was young, and the only real books I had read were the Warrior Cats/ Gregor the Overlander/ The Edge Chronicles before this, but that really stuck with me
Much the same reasons as above: the various conflicts and sub-plots were written well; they didn't detract from the overarching plot but moved at a nice place with it. The different scales of warfare were interesting to read about as well.
>Warriors of Ultramar
This was the first I read about the Tyranids, and they have been one of my favorite Xenos races ever since. Thinking back to my first impression of them, they were this faceless horde that took everything you had to stop. That and the little vignettes about the breeder-beasts giving their last bits of life to spew out more nids, the gangers fighting for their lives, the Deathwatch kill-team sent in to the living ships of the hive fleet itself were very intense to me. My friends and I actually recreated the scene where the marines had to retake the Laser defense silos on the tabletop, and I remember it because we weren't good at making balanced forces so it was basically a few tac squads in rhinos with a tech priest and heavy bolter servitors we borrowed from a friend against this apocalyptic horde of nids that all kept coming back. It eventually devolved to the Techmarine pimping around with his Servitors annihilating squads of Gaunts because he had so many servitors with heavy bolters, and my Marines died.
>The first three HH books
While not 40k, reading about the alien races that the Legiones Astartes destroy was great.
Not that anon, but I thought Horus Rising was incredibly boring until the Interex showed up. A large part of the reason being that most of the characters felt rather bland or same-y, especially the Luna Wolves.

I'm about 3/4 of the way through False Gods, which people seem to dislike compared to Horus Rising, but I find much more engaging. If nothing else, because the characters stand out more. In Rising, the Mournival characters had no noticeable distinctions from each other, Loken was boring as fuck to me, and the only remembrances that stood out even remotely were Keeler and Sindermann, and even they had very little personality to note. Also, I found Horus to be kind of an unlikeable douche.

In False Gods, I got a greater feel for the Mournival. Torgaddon was the funny one, Abaddon was the hot-headed one Aximand was the thinker. Loken also stood out more, and he really feels like to me as sorta growing as the hero the Imperium deserves; he's actually a large part of the reason I want to keep reading now, although I know he leaves focus.

The remembrancers also stand out more in False Gods, I think, such as Karkasy being shown as more of a good-natured hedonist (Oliton is still boring, though). And I think McNeil does a much better job of showing why Horus is so widely loved and respected.

I will say that the manipulation of Horus feels a bit weak, mainly him giving into powers he's been shown to be militantly opposed to so easily, but I think the character work makes up for the plot issues.
Barring the obligatory Abnett and whatnot;

The 3-part Night Lords books
Hammer of Daemons; the Grey Knights series pendulums vastly in quality but this and the first book are really solid
The Ragnar Space Wolf books are above-average at best but Wolfblade and Wolf's Honor are top shelf.
Czevak was a pleasant surprise, not the best, but interesting.
I had fun reading the space wolf books. Also the ultramarines series was good as was storm of iron.
Horus Heresy: Nemesis

It's not even a good book, but I was very entertained.
I'm about to start Legion atm, but I need a question answered.

How are the Raven Guard done? They're my favourites so I need them to be good. I know Corax is already in the Drop Site Massacre but he's only in it very briefly.
Anything Dan Abnnet
>fire caste
im a marrinefag and still this is my favorite book
'Angels of Darkness' one of the best SM book
also new DA trilogy is pretty good too
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>no ones posted the pic yet
Guess I'll do it
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