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THAT player.

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If you're a DM/GM, you've had THAT player before. The one who tries to play as if it's a versus arena, and makes their character edgier that Sasuke Uchiha in Tokyo Ghoul.

Today, I'll be telling the story of Ragna, the man who edged all his characters to death.
>Hosting on D&D site
>New player joins, Ragna
>Welcomings and all that
>Explain the situation to him, basically everyone is born with a specific power, X-Men style
>Decides he'll take the power of negation (Can negate your power as long as he's physically touching you)
>Other players OK with it, seems like an interesting idea
>Makes his character, Charles, who always wears a gas mask
>Ref pic from some anime
>Table starts rolling, returning friend/player (we'll call Alister) makes a really cool character
>Basically, Alister got inspired by Ragna's edgyness, and decided to make a character with an edgy power that wasn't actually edgy
>Darkness control in form of Ghostly Symbiotic girl, but his character is totally chill
>Ragna constantly tries to fight Alister for no reason, Alister plays smart by keeping his distance and using ranged attacks, beating him every time
>Ragna calls Alister OP, rages the whole time
>Makes his character go crazy just because he can't beat Alister
>Out of rage, Ragna dodges the next 2 sessions even though he likes the table.
>Eventually gets over his tantrum, comes back
>Alister is now 2 levels ahead of him
>Pissed as all hell, he Pm's me "Hey, can Charle's negation be a parasite like Alister?"
>Tell him no, that wouldn't make sense, cause it would negate itself
>He PMs me through the entire session begging my to change his power into a parasite
>He eventually accepts that he can't change his power
>Pm's me "Can I like, seek strength at a cost?"
>Basically, I let him sneak out at night and meet up with the main villains, going under their wing
>Tell him "Charle's isn't going to be around for a little while though."

>2 sessions go by, Alister and the gang are about to have big show down with main antagonists
>Charles is there
>Out of nowhere he says *Charles looks like this now: (link to The Guy from disturbed)*
>Big showdown, Charles is very clearly only after Alister
>I gave Charles a level boost because of "Training with the dark side" or some shit
>They're on equal levels now
>It doesn't matter though, Alister still plays smart, Ragna still blindly throws rolls around
>Alister beats Ragna, holds his hand out to help him up, forgiving him
>Ragna literally says "I'd rather die."
>Alister kills him
>Ragna flips his shit in OOC, demands a retcon
>Fuck it. Fine.
>Retcon it, have the police capture Charles and send him to prison
>As punishment, I make him lose 2 levels due to injuries, and he has his own quick little Prison story arc
>Have his cellmate be basically a numbed but nice guy
>Tries to watch out for Charles, and teach him he can't just attack everyone who wrongs him
>Charles doesn't listen, tries attacking guy who bumps into him
>Jumped by 6 prisoners, about to be killed
>Evil guys he worked with show up just in time, "He's with us" 'n shit
>Main evil guy "The Catfish" basically tells him they'll be watching his back
>Tells Catfish to fuck off
>Attacks him with 1 HP
>Knocked out, Catfish lets him live and basically lets the Prisoners have 'at him.
>After getting out of the infirmary, someone insults him
>Tries attacking them
>Are you fucking kidding me, this guy literally never learns
>Have his cellmate Mallo save his life by pretending to kill him
>Mallo tells Charles he has to hide in the cell so no one knows
>Charles leaves anyway
>Gets in a fight in the courtyard
>Mallo saves his ass again, saying he'll fight him instead, planning to just knock him out
>Prisoners want blood
>Mallo fights toughest prisoner while Charles fights some random dude, they barely win
>Right after fight, someone insults Charles again
>Charles tries to attack him with 1 HP
>Guy pulls out knife
>Charles literally expects Mallo to back him up
>That's fucking it.
>Have Mallo give a huge speech about how fucking stupid Charles is, then tell him to fuck off, and he's done helping
>Charles gets jumped
>Infirmary, -1 level for injuries
>Ragna is basically broken, all he knows how to do is blindly attack NPCs and other players, but he's now weaker than everyone in the prison
>Hides in his cell all day, only leaving to eat
>Before he is out of the prison, have him get jumped and lose 1 more level
>Charles gets out, buys leather jacket and motorcycle. I can't make this shit up.
>Shows up trying to rejoin the main group as if nothing happened
>They tell him to fuck off, he tried to kill them all and went to prison
>Keeps begging
>Eventually, they have a vote, Charles slides by with 3 votes for join and 2 for leave
>From now on, Charles is obsessed with XP
>He's obviously trying to get back to Alister's level...
>Never misses a session, always asks for XP after a fight, and criticizes the amount he gets
>Eventually, a new villain is introduced, Ryker
>On a totally different level, even Alister can't take him
>Ryker insults Charles
>He really has learned fucking nothing, goes after him like he has a chance
>Charles and Ryker end up alone, and Charles is down
>I'm done with this edgy character, have Ryker kill Charles
>Surprisingly, Ragna doesn't complain THAT much, and accepts it
>But when they find his body, he literally interrupts and says *You find Charle's body, broken and beaten, he obviously put up a good fight. He is smiling like a maniac, and in his chest is carved "SINNER"*
>Retcon it, tell Ragna to stfu
>Ragna makes a new character...
>I understand why he didn't care about Charles dying now...
>New character is a clone of Alister
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Ragna should've died somewhere in the second post.
Why make it hard for yourself? You're not there to provide for your players' egos.
>Tell him to change his character
>He changes his power to a copycat power, can copy your power temporarily by touching you
>Gee, I wonder where this is going
>Oh yeh it's also a parasite
>What a coincidence.
>New character created, "Eden"
>Oh btw, he's Charles twin
>Confirmed none of this with me, just says it out of nowhere
>Fuck it, whatever
>Characters end up in a fight-club esc place
>One on One fights with players and NPCs
>Ragna's XP boner is the size of a mountain
>Won't fight any player character because he's underleveled
>Wins a few fights, becomes level one
>Immediately wants to fight the only Level 1 Player
>Player accepts
>Once again, Eden gets beaten because he blindly rolls, while the other guy plays smart
>They're taken out of the cage, patched up a bit
>"Nice fight Eden, you're pretty tough!"
>Tries to kill Player Character
>Other players kick his ass
>Out of sympathy, they patch him up with 1 HP
>Literally keeps throwing himself into the ring for XP
>Keeps losing and getting healed to 1 HP
>Eventually, throw him in the corner, tell him he's too weak to fight anymore
>*Eden laughs a sickly, crazy laugh, getting louder and louder*
>Someone comes over and kills him.
>Ragna is triggered to all hell
>No retcon this time.
>Make new character, "Sin"
>Once again parasite.
>Ragna is getting smarter/cheaper
>He's evolving...
>Has "Wise Combatant" trait
>He uses it for Strength, Agility, Combat, Defense, Intelligence, Perception, pretty much everything
>His parasite gives him tendrils that he uses for ranged and melee attacks
>Tell him he can't have either of those things
>Somehow, he convinces the players that he doesn't deserve the nerf
>Fuck you then, enjoy this OP asshole constantly trying to attack you.
>At level 4 his rolls are basically the same strength as Alister's
>Alister has had enough of Ragna's shit
>Tell Sin they're gonna have a final showdown
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Keep going op this is great!
>after all his shenanigans, you let him have a third character
Part of a fisherman's job is knowing when to cut the line.
Also, you should type this up in Notepad or something beforehand.
It's like watching two drunk drivers drive at each other at high speeds
why did you even let this trainwreck continue for that long?
>Alister and Ragna agree OOC that whoever loses here will be dead, no retcons, no revivals.
>Hype the showdown like fucking crazy
>Have max players in here plus 5 spectators
>Playing FF7 final boss music
>Long ass showdown, Alister playing smart, Ragna has also seemed to learn to not just throw rolls
>Ragna is getting lucky rolls, Alister is almost dead
>Ragna didn't account for something though
>Very early on, Alister asked me about having a "Secret Trait" which I agreed too
>He had been putting most his points into it
>When he's about to die, he'll merge with his Symbiote, gets a huge buff
>Using this, he beats Sin
>It's finally fucking over
>No amount of GMing and story telling could've made a better antagonist than Ragna ended up being

He left the table for a while, but eventually came back, being just as edgy as before, but I feel that makes a great ending.

I can share the rest of Ragna's tales, but they'll be almost 100% cringe and edge
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For a That Guy hes fairly persistent on what he wants to do
>mfw he keeps attacking prisoners
Had to stop here. You gave this guy to many chances I would have just kicked him out. This is as much your problem for not being man enough to just kick him out.
Just DO IT!
It sounds like a campaign for 14 year olds by 14 year olds
It was too entertaining
Please, give us more of this magnificent IRL barbarian.
ITT: shit that never happened

Any sane DM would have ruled he died that first time and not retconned it. Any sane group would have excluded him OOC and certailny not voted him back into their PC team.
>Any sane DM
>Any sane group

There is the problem anon. The OP and his group might as well be gibbering insane.
>Miss 2 sessions
>Party gains 2 levels

Yeah, this story is not worth the time to read.
If the guy being an edgelord is entertaining you then I don't think he is "THAT GUY". Thats like bitching your job sucks because you work with a guy who makes you laugh a bunch.
One guy went full weeb with a character. Dual wielding katana samurai who only drank sake and had rice for every meal. Kept talking about obscure animes OOC while we were playing and kept using Japanese memes. Surprisingly he wasn't fat and was actually clean shaven and showered.
Welp, here it goes
Ragna: Edge Forever

>The old X-Men style table has been over for a short while
>Haven't hosted in a while cause I was busy with school
>Go on the site for a break, don't feel like GMing though
>Hop on one of my players tables
>It's pretty much a clone of my table, but with a super OP GM character
>Alister and Ragna are both there, as well as some others
>Eh, I'll try it out
>Join as a character who isn't very smart, fast, or strong, basically bump everything into defense
>Name him Rain
>Alister is a sharpshooting teleporter
>Surprise Surprise, Ragna is a tendril-esc Symbiote
>Name is Cain, he's literally just the kid from Tokyo Ghoul, but edgy
>Ragna literally admits it, no one seems to care
>Finish making character
>Immediately teleporting onto this mutant facility on mars
>Whatever, he's new to GMing and I'm bored.
>First thing that happens is I'm thrown up against a level 1 character in an arena style fight
>Whole time, Ragna is fucking foaming at the mouth, begging GM character to fight me
>Keeps telling him no
>Fights going pretty good, I'm doing alright.
>Ragna jumps down into the arena, running after me
>He's 4 levels ahead of me
>Alister teleports down to save me from the edge
>Alister and Ragna face off again
>Alister is kicking his ass again, but then Ragna enters "Cannibal Mode" (actually what it was fucking called"
>Absurd increase in dice, combined with his "Wise Combatant" bullshit, Alister is no match
>Beat Alister, literally tries to eat him
>OP GM character TP's us all away, knocks Ragna out
>"So, what the fuck was up with that "Cannibal" bullshit?
>"It's the same as Alister's secret trait!"
>"No it isn't, Alister had to put points into his trait, you just have a huge boost for no reason. That "Wise Combatant" thing is bull too. You can't boost everything with one trait."
>Newbie GM agrees, takes away Cannibal Mode and makes him change Wise Combatant

Never let truth come in the way of a good story. Hell, I'm not doing anything on a Wednesday night, and I don't mind a good "That Guy" read. True or not.
>"This is bullshit! I was allowed to have it before!"
>Everyone is against him
>Nothing he can do. deals with it
>Back to the session, Ragna immediately goes crazy and attacks everyone
>End up kills him
>Ragna doesn't even care
>Makes new character, for the first time it's not edgy
>Telepathic, everything dumped into wisdom...
>I realize what he's doing. Everyone in the part has a pretty low wisdom resist.
>He couldn't beat us physically, so he killed himself and came back with smarts
>One character makes a joke about Ragna's new character
>*Attacks Sigel's mind, making him think he's a squid*
>Pretty much impossible to resist
>Sigel goes along with it, thinks it's hilarious
>Ragna attacks GM Character's mind
>GM powergames, automatically makes Ragna retarded for a few turns
>No one cares about Ragna to even point out the powergaming, and Ragna doesn't say anything
>As soon as he's not retarded, starts attacking everyone's minds again
>GM character makes him tard again
>While Ragna's a tard, police show up and fire at him
>Keeps asking "Can I this" and "Can I that" to prevent being shot
>GM straight up just kills him, then BRB's
>"Hmm. I gotta think my characters out more carefully."
>"Or you could not just fucking attack everyone constantly"
>Huge argument over Ragna's bullshit, GM doesn't end up coming back
>Don't go back to that table again, stick to hosting
Please continue
dammit anon

I don't have a guy like that. The only character on my current campaign who is little out there is a guy obsessed with "saving" female NPC's. Its more funny than anything else because they are all mostly evil and he trusts them not to lie to him.
>party with members at different levels

nice one

if ragna wanted to kill that guy so badly why didn't he just take his hand when offered and strangle his adversary to death with the other
p-please come back OP, i need more
Eh, the only issue I've had so far is two of the players constantly clashing and causing drama. In the end we just agreed to ditch one of them since we all preferred and were closer to the remaining guy, plus the other guy had recently got himself banned from the uni gaming society for being creepy as fuck to one of the girls there.
>party with members at different levels
I don't know what OP was using, but AD&D will turn into this the moment the fighter levels up.
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