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Is it just me, or is the easiest and fastest way for an evil

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Is it just me, or is the easiest and fastest way for an evil god to create more evil thus: Produce a kind, friendly, and genuinely good race that, when murdered, give boons to the crops and people of the one murdering them.

Just by existing they're asking goodie-two-shoes everywhere whether or not it's worth it to murder someone in exchange for feeding the starving presents. And they're self reproducing for until such time as the world becomes evil enough to kill them all.

Long story short, best way for evil gods to make guys do evil shit is by producing magnificent species that bleed prosperity. Am I right?
That seems like it would backfire spectacularly.
backfiring spectacularly is like, the primary job of gods.
Right after progressing the plot.
This makes no sense. If you're capable of producing a race of your own evil god power, why would you go through all these hoops of making them kind and good and then give boons to people that murder them so they become your evil servants?

Just... make an evil race. This way you don't owe any niggas boons at all.
>just make an evil race
What, do you want to encourage teams of 1-5 teenagers to band together after their village burns down and become realm saving paragons of justice and heroism all over the continent ?

Because that's what happens when you make an evil race.
Shit, just make two evil races that fucking hate each other and reap the benefits from their constant fighting.
For some reason it doesn't count if the bad stuff isn't happening to good guys.

It sounds weird, sure, but those somehow became the rules ever since looting dungeons became commonplace.
Is there any other gods? If yes, then use your god magic to negate the effects of killing the good people. Maybe by making the land rich and fertile? After all, the evil god isn't investing in endless war or corrupting the world, he is working on making these guys.

Step 2 is converting the good people to stop worshiping an evil god. I wonder how hard that will be. Whats the cost of creating a race compared to showering that race with worthless bobbles and promises of not being murdered?

Also, your whole plan is for good people to kill a good race.

What if evil people kill them? What about nature? Would people notice the boon to the land after a plague? Or would the boon follow the sickness around?
Why produce a good race at all? You're just creating a middleman. Instead you should enchant all the good people to bleed prosperity, and for good feelings to exude doom. While simultaneously enchanting evil people to bleed doom, and for bad feelings to exude prosperity.

Doing evil makes things better, so you're rewarding murder, torture, oppression, etc.

Doing good makes things worse, so you're punishing kindness and charity, or stopping the evil.
I like the way you think.
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Oh man, that whole setting is so fucking stupid, it actually kinda works
I think that a chaotic god would do such a thing but not a evil one. The evil god could make a village believe something like unicorn blood will help the crops or some other cute and cuddle creature.
>One of the sacrificial race suicides
>Sacrificial race's crops and people gets bonus
>Trade/sell excess crops to the needy and poor
>Sacrifice excess sacrificial people for more crops and people, or ship them to other races so they can ritualistically kill them and get bonuses themselves
>World enters golden age of agriculture, anything can grow, civilization soars
Evil god flips alignment to good, news at 11
I feel like there is a better way to phrase the question. I'm paraphrasing a bit here, but there was a moral question I remember that goes something like this:

runaway train in front of you, on the way to a children's playground. fa/tg/uy standing in front of the tracks. would it be right to push him to stop the train and save the kids?

Alright, then how about if you were standing at the track's switch, with side A leading to death of fa/tg/uy and side B leading to death of everyone on the playground. is it right to pull the switch to save the kids?

now how is question one any morally different from question two?

replace kids with the well being of society and fatty with the race, I guess.
Well in either situation you're condemning someone to death. But in situation A you're taking care of the needs of the many through action. While in situation B you're doing the same thing through inaction. I think most people would find it easier to rationalize inaction, and also because its pretty damn hard to push down a large person alone.

What does that even mean? What is "evil"?
If you can create and grant boons like this, why do you even need to jump through hoops? Just threaten great calamities if they don't appease you.
>evil gods make shit like this because they have an excess of good just lying around
>good gods do similar shit with all the evil they have lying around

I have decided this is how it is going to be, and I like this decision.
True, but three points:
>You're a god, what could these teens do?
>The Teens couldn't wipe out your entire race of evil without committing genocide, a very evil act.
>You're a god.
Now I know that I repeated myself there and that it is really only to points, but I felt that the first point was important enough that it had to be repeated for emphasis.
So what, the Goddess of peace and prosperity creates Orcs to burn and ravage the countryside in an unending orgy of war and destruction because that would encourage heroes to bring peace?

That's fucking retarded.
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