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A thread for useful information regarding p.t.t.

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Has anyone had success running a pokemon table top? if so, care to share what obstacles you had, tables and charts, you developed?

this may lead to some questions, but let's keep questions to a minimum
The main obstacle I faced was looking for a system that isn't PTA/U.
Here's one.
And here's another one.
>The main obstacle I faced was looking for a system that isn't PTA/U.
You look at Pokerole yet?
I believe it's all about the setting you want.

I've been running a campaign using Pokerole. My players were visiting island during a Tanabata festival (about wish granting). I asked them to write a wish in a paper and give it to me, one about Money one of Love, Health, and a selfish Wish. Based on that I made Jirachi the main antagonist of the story by making their wishes come true but in a twisted way (Doom Desire and everything...) sort of a monkey hand.

At the time they are trapped in the island and have been looking for a way to escape and survive the consequences of the twisted wishes.

The main obstacle I have had till the moment is to control the damage my enemies deal with area attacks, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. The second has been creating new challenges such as a running scene where they were trying to reach the safety of the pokemon center but there was random earthquakes, fissures and water spouts coming out of every direction.

I made it using a chart to randomize the out coming, trying to emulate a passage full of traps on D&D were the was no other option but to activate the trap to go though as they only had a few rounds to get to safety. It was fun.
Our main obstacle was getting used to so many rules, it was like playing a more complex version of D&D3.5 and had little to do with Pokémon. The game ran for 3 sessions, but everyone got bored and DM burned out (that seems to be the most common issue with Pokemon Tabletop).

Personally, my problem was the balance. The power between our characters was all over the place.
Me and my friends found the rules in PTA too vague or contradicting, even for a table top. So we moved to PTU and are starting a new campaign.
So far so good. Only beef is the nerfed all spiritual classes (but then again most of them needed it. It is as >>43056793 said as well).
Honestly, it all depends on what game you guys are going to play. If you want s simple pick up and go game, play something like >>43056189. If not, try PTU. Either way it's fun if you're into tabletops, and may be a good transition into them for beginners if they like pokemon.
I kinda want something like a tabletop general to tell our stories, might be cool.
For anyone interested, the newest build for PTU has come out with a sweet character sheet that is very easy to use. Will link after this.
Basic core books and sets
Combat in PTA takes for fucking ever to get through
seriously, if the battle has level 20 or higher mons on both sides, expect to be having only one or two battles that session.
Have yet to try PTU, does it manage this any better?
OP here

so, this far we have a PokeRoll user seeming top have the best luck with least about of headache

I am in the same boat with others, hours of time spent making sense of confusing/complex/contradicting source ''books''

PokeRoll Anon, any more secrets for success our nuggets of wisdom? mainly for frustrated gm's who may be dealing with cheeto eating, mountain dew drinking, resulting in ad/hd PokeFan players (grr, I digress)
Perhaps your problem is more of a group problem? Something I have noticed in my time as an RPG player is that you cannot GM or make a story without the players.

You will have to engage them, make the problems of the story something their characters are personally involved with, in my case the wishes I asked from them were a way to make them feel a tad bit responsible for the problems caused to civilians and innocent Pokemon by Jirachi, so now they wanna chase after it at their own free will without me trying to push them or force them to.

Also, music and sound effects, not something super epic just something to put everyone in the mood and put them in the right mind set.
For example, in my story one night in the island's prehistoric Pokemon began to resurface and attack so I used all the dinosaur sound effects from Jurassic park instead of their regular video game cries, this creates excitement on the players and allows for easier engagement.

I also tried to get into PTU a year back as a player but the game didn't took off as the group spent the entire first and second sessions with character creation and joking around and there was never a third session.
I chose pokerole this time to avoid that from happening to me, Trainer character creation is super simple, the Pokemon are ready to use and we decided to start with the suggested experience for "Average" Trainers with 3 Pokemon each, it resulted in most of them with level 15-ish pokemon which have all been solid enough to battle.
Thread posts: 11
Thread images: 3

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