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Civ Part 10 Dark Elves

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Reporting in
File: Capture2.jpg (230KB, 1365x767px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230KB, 1365x767px

1x Skaven Prisoner

3x Lizard Knight Prisoner

6x com Plate +15hp
35/35 hp
(Scutum) B-axe (1d8) 35 hp

4x Com Chain +10 hp
20/20 hp
Crossbow (1d8)

4x Skaven corpse (can be eaten)
12x Lizard corpse
9 Food (28 turns)
15x Pitfalled homes (fit 6 units each)
1x Fire elemental remains
1x Iron mine

10x Clay targes +1 hp (EQ)
17x plate +15
10x chain +10
13x light armor +5 hp
23x scutum +10 hp
2x Full Plate armor +20
1x Enchanted Full plate +25 (EQ)
1x Magic cloak +5mp

10x Great weapons (1d10)
5x dagger (1d6)
5x Staff (1d4) +1 Mp Recover
5x Longsword (1d8)
1x Holy sword (1d8) (3d8 Vs undead)
2x Enchanted Weapon (2d8)
2x Enchanted GA (2d10)
5x Farming tools (1d3)
9x steel axes 1d6 1x hit 1x dam (EQ)\
18x Bearded axe 1d8 1.5x .75x 6(EQ)
1x Bow (range) 1d5 1x 1x
10x crossbow 1d6 4 (EQ)
4x sword (peirce) 1d6 1x 1x (EQ)
1x Warhammer 1d10 1.5x 1x (EQ)
5x pick 1d3
Large hammerpick 0.75x(HR) 1.5x

43 gold
8 gems (worth 5 gold)
130x wood
3x food barrel
5x bob sled
14 ore 21 bar
5 stone 10 ash

Farming 1/4 food cost
5 commoners working.
Mining 1 ore per unit per day
5 stone and 10 ash a day per unit.
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Welcome to the funhouse.
File: 1363940937208.jpg (755KB, 1300x813px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nice too see you.
At the ready.
We have 4 people do we begin?

Welcome back
I fine with waiting till we have 5. Granted this should be fine for building up the town.
Let's do this
File: 557376eb9a1d18a7.jpg (107KB, 622x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107KB, 622x800px
And we have contestant number 5, now I will begin.
Welcome back.
I'll head over to the unseen and focus on increasing spell limit.
Did I ever get my upgrade from the Unseen? If not, I would like too. I also want to chat with him. See what I can learn, what we will be doing together, things like that.
Also I'd like to ask if he has a book or two on neromacy. He has laying around.
File: 7FTCCnh.png (42KB, 932x764px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bluetwo has five commoners mining limestone and volcanic ash. He is researching cement. If the party decides to vanquish the volcano demon, the entrances to the volcano might be sealed to entrap the demon.
I'll explore the Lizardmen Storehouse after my chat with the Unseen
The week has been fruitful.
Delim and Nero have returned with 8 people who wish to join the town.
Along the journey they have trained in combat and are now able soldiers.

Sargeras has returned to the unseen and trained in the art of dark attack magic.
He has learned the spell Chaos Bolt and forgotten color cone. Chaos bolt does 1d12 and cost 5 mp.

A palisade has been erected along the perimeter of the town and 10 new houses have been built.

Miekix wishes to gain a shadow form.
He wills the shadows into solid form around him as a cocoon, they are cold and make him weak. He begins to feel more frail and then suddenly is wracked with pain.
His limbs begin to deteriorate into black dust, he hears strange low whispers and feels soft touches and then there is a flash of light and he feels whole again.
His arms flicker between shadow and flesh, he finds he can will it between one form and another.
It may not be true form but it is a start.

Bluetwo has learned how to make cement, but what will he build with it?

Do you
>Explore tower/mountains
>Train more

You learned Choas Bolt and He did raise your necro limit.
So what does my Shadow Form do?

And I head to the Storehouse
Are we going to settle in the lizard camp?
Hmmm...I'm going to take two scutem and b axe commoner's with em and check out the lizardmen forge
>>Explore tower/mountains
I want to see what's inside the Lizard forge and storage.
That was me forgot name
You check Forge I go Storage?

Hope so
Bluetwo goes to the forge also, because it will be needed to manufacture cement. If we are decided on settling in the lizard camp, Bluetwo will organize construction of a wall.
Well I want to increase my spell limit.
I'm sure I can do it alone. But having the unseen train with me on that will increase it higher.
Also ask about aNY and all necromancer books he has laying around.
doesn't seem he's very studied with neromacy.
Until we talk to the demon I'm thinking we stay at our place. Granted both have strong evil people.
Your shadow form literally give you the substance of solid shadow in this form you cannot be dismembered or burned or cut but can be killed.
When you are able to make full form you will be immune to pretty much all status effects and quieter than death.

Nero takes two soilders and heads into the Lizardmens forge, inside the heat is near unbearable.
Off to one wall is a row of forges fed by lava, on the other wall is a large stack of metal bars(75 bars) and a row of small cabinets, the cabinets appear to be locked.

Miekix Explores the storage hoping to find something good, In the storage he find a large amount of dried meat(20 food ) and a large stockpile of wood.(800 wood)
There also appear to be barrels of water and a small amount of gold (22 gold)
I'll head to the small unexplored area, whilst in Shadow Form.
Well then...I bust the locks with my shield
Good. We should avoid revealing our presence to the demon. While your searching, see if it would be possible to seal all the exits to the demon's lair. We may be able to defeat the demon without a fight or at least hinder it.

He's on OUR side.

I wanna make friend.
But what if he's not? What if the Unseen is not on our side?
It is noon.
You ask the unseen if he has any books on Necromancy, it grunts and points to a bookshelf stuffed with black and rotting books.
"Which one?" you ask.
"All of them" it says.

"Can you help me raise my spell limit?" you ask after glancing over the mass of tomes.
It replies that all you need do is study and it will come.

At the moment you can only change your arms.
With training more will come, one cannot expect lichhood in a week.

Miekix heads past where he fought the Minor Elemental and comes to a corner in the cave.
It is bright inside and there is a crackling noise.

Nero tries to bash open the cabinets with shield
Roll d20 for success rate.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

So long as we stay loyal, were on the same team.

Keep lookin :)
Speak with the prisoners.

That skaven has been locked up a long time.
You smash open biggest cabinet and look inside.
You see a large gem that glows faintly, it has a projection of a rune around it.

Delim decides to visit the prisoners, they are locked up in crude wooden cages kept in the abandoned buildings.
They glare at him as they enter.
What do you wish to speak of
>Attempt Recruitment
>Give Freedom
>Death Sentence
>Try to Torture for info

Miekix enters the rooms and sees a group of 5 elementals sitting around a stone table playing a game of Poker with slate for cards.
there is a small pile of gems in the center of the table.

Brb smoking
Bluetwo proceeds to build the wall. It is made with stone and mortar.
To be clear this is around the lizards camp or the town?
Around the lizard camp.

I enter with a smile.

"Hello. I am Lord Miekix of the Dark Elves. I would like to start off by apologizing for the... Incident, that occurred with one of your own. I will return with his remains later. I am looking for the "Fire Demon", as the Lizardmen called him. Where can I find him?"
Welp i'm definitely taking the gem and the ingots and i'll take them back to town
"Hey how's it going?" [Give them some food and water]

"I can get that you are not happy and I'm sorry for that. If you can help me understand this holy power or info to help my people. I will do what I can to make your stay better."
It is apparent that the fire elementals prize gems and that we have a gem.
Bluetwo decides that you can never be too well defended.
Him and a group of villagers begin building a cement wall around the lizard encampment.
It will be complete in 3 days.

Nero tells the soilders to bring the ingots back to the town and reaches for the gem.
As his hand draws near he feels a tingling sensation, his fingers close around the gem and there is a flash of static and the air in the forge cools.

The Elementals turn to you giving you a stony look.
"You speak of the boss, he is in the antechamber ahead" one says in a crackling voice.
"We did not know it was you who killed one of our own, we assumed it was the Lizards."
It glows a bit brighter and then dims down.
"But I assume you are not here to try and kill us, perhaps it is our turn to lash out.

The Knights look at you with malice but are too hungry to decline food and water.
"The holy weapon was traded to us by the Dwarves who live in the mountains." one says eating a chunk of meat.
"If you truly wish to make my stay better do not patronize me" it hisses
"You killed my clan and for that I hate you and would kill you and your kin without mercy" it spits on the ground.
"I hope the Dwarves are not as foolish as we were to trust elves" it says
"The Chief was right to call you untrustworthy, I hope the Demon eats your clan."
Studying the books to see what I can learn from them.
It was not my wish to hurt your people and in truth I hoped to be friends. I will not lie nor will I show kindness that is a sham. I do feel sorry and I know I may never be forgiven. I wouldn't expect mercy for what has happened as well. [Whisper] The demon and their master is why I speak to you now. I believe my friends have been drawn to the tainted power offered and I wish to end this curse. Thank you for the info and your time.

If the Skaven isn't death I speak to them now.
I quickly make it back to the town and wait for the others to get back
(Sorry, had a blackout. I'm back.)

"That was me I hate to admit. We were... Misinformed, by the Lizardmen. Nevertheless, we have slaughtered their tribe. I wish to speak to the Boss. Is there anything I should know beforehand?"
Here's a picture of how the wall should look when it's completed.
If it's any more specific, I want to just skim through the pages and see what each one would help me with.
But I guess train on increasing spell limit with the unseen's teaching. to master it faster I guess.
...That's a fence.......
It is Dusk
Sargeras goes to the Unseens lab and begins studying the Black Books.
There is much knowledge to be had in them if you train consistently you can summon 1 more zombie a day for a cap of 50.
Or you can gain one pell slot every 3 days for a cap of 12.
The unseen will not share all of his secrets, after all he knows how easy it is to turn on someone.

The lizardmans look softens for a moment and then he says.
"I do not believe you, but I will not say it is impossible that you are being honest." it looks at the dirt refusing to say more.

Nero returns to the town and rests while waiting for the others to return.

The Elemental rolls its eyes "misinformed" it
"The boss don't like fleshies that's all I'll say that'll help you" I turns away from you back to the game.
"Oh, and don't stand too close to the bossmans pool or you'll fry." it says with a dismissive gesture.

Wall complete in 2.5 days
I'll train on Increasing Undead limit for now.
Also in the books anything about increasing undead intelligence?
"Fine. I'll cut the Bullshit. I killed it. It spotted me, so I killed it. I am TRYING to apologize. While I appreciate the tip, quit the attitude."

As I turn away to go to the Boss, I add a final note. "If it helps, I won't be a "fleshy" for much longer."
Guess i'll work on leveling my hp up
You begin training with the unseen in raising your thrall limit.
The undead will gain intelligence the more you have now, like a hivemind.

"Leave meatbag, you killed Joe and can't expect that to be nothing."
"You even now admit you didn't even talk to him, we are supposed to see if you swear fealty to Boss before we attack"
"Maybe you couldda not stabbed him in the back you sneaky fleshstick."
At your last comment he narrows his eyes
"Everything burns Terran, Everything Burns."

Nero is training hp will +1 hp per day
9x steel axes 1d6 1x hit 1x dam (EQ)
Shouldn't we have 10 axes? Also they've been chopping down wood this whole time correct?
Also can some one make a couple more picks.
seems like I have 10 undead just as sentries.
I'd rather they be doing work in the mines or something.

Could we have the villagers passively working on building the town so long as we have supplies?
Even if we just have to give them plans?
Improve town defences(any way they want) Improve homes( for comfort I guess and building the town larger)
Build Barracks
Build Archery range
Expand farms
Create roads to mine
Create a lab for scholars to passively think of creations or ways to increase efficiency.

While I have my undead working round the clock, gathering materials for them to use.
So I learn there is Dwarves in some mountains near us. I'm thinking of checking it out tomorrow. Any one want to join?

>Ready for the trip tomorrow.
One axe was melted into nails for barrels.
I did not have them chopping wood but if that was your intention I can make it so.
Also sure specify what you are building and They can be auto piloted to do labor, like mining and building.
But not things like medicine or smithing.

Next turn is last turn today.
I'll have my apprentice forge 10 pickaxes
I swear fealty to him, not you Gasbag. I will not be insulted by a mere candle. As Lord of my people, I am your superior. You would speak with caution in my presence. I am going to see your Master. Do not follow me."

Without another word, I enter the Antechamber.
Thats good. With all of our money and stuff. We should be able to get a lot of improvements from dwarfs.

Sounds good.
Guess I Have them focus on
Expanding farm.
Build barracks-to give our units a place to properly train.
Build Archery- Practice marksmen ship.
Build watch towers in the area.
Build a warehouse to hold a much larger capacity of goods.

guess that should keep them busy for a while.
Once I have all the undead working on mines/lumbermill/ and sentries.
10 picks are forged and Nero gets Sargeras to send 10 undead off to mine.
+10 ore per day

As you enter the antechamber you are blasted with heat.
It is like an oven inside of the antechamber and bright as day.
The Demon languishes in a pool of lava lazily eating gems the size of your fist.
As it notices you it stands, A hulking mass of flame 15 feet high.
"What do you want creature, I did not hear a fight so you must be here to parley" it says in a voice like smooth brass.
"But do not think you can trick me, I do not trust you fleshmen"

I will have that planned out by next game, but be aware you will have no undead unless otherwise specified.
"I have no interest in a quarrel with you, we both serve the Unseen. Therefore, I cannot see why we should not be... Friends. I am Lord Miekix of the Dark Elves. And you are?..."
Ragnaros the Firelord from WoW? :)
The Demon looms over you.
"You work for the Unseen" it rumbles
"Well I suppose I will have to play nice" It clears its throat with a sound like scraping cement and looks at you.
"I am Ro'Ber'tuh'unka'mirat, but you may call me Rob I suppose"
"If you wish to be "Friends" as you say we must be mutually beneficial to each other, yes?" it grins with a mouth full of jagged teeth.
"I am fond of gems, bring me gems and I will teach you fire magic in exchange"

That's it for tonight guys
Next thread is Tuesday at 6pm my time
It is 9:14pm Sunday my time now.

Well fire is useless to me. I like this guy though.

Thanks DM!
He will teach the others magic as well.
After all not everyone is a shodowmage.
See ya.

Well it will be helpful for the others. Those little Elemental's are gonna be fun to fuck with. I dunno if y'all noticed, but I'm trying to make myself feared/respected among the legions of the Unseen. I hope to become his right hand, and then strangle him with that hand.
Sounds like a plan.
I am trying to become the work force and build the foundation to become a great city.
Once we have everything in place, I'll have my undead once I have 50
10 working as Sentries
10 at the lumbermill
10 mining for ore
10 mining for stone
10 working on the farms
once we've 10 at the farms
And everything built, our Selected dark elves will train in combat round the clock.
x at the archery
x at the barracks
x mage school * once we get to that

Will you be making it a difference between
Or will it just all count as ore/metal.
As in will there be a difference of damage via weapons out side of B.axes/great weapons/w.e
I think that'd be a wiser choice. But I can see how that would be a huge problem with organization.
I wouldn't mind trying to keep track of it if you'd need some one to look after it. As well as keeping track of food production/consumption

Dark elf town( We have no name yet?)
Population: x Dark elves 20/21 undead 1 Skaven prisoner, 3 Lizard knight prisoners

Food: Average (sustainable)

Architecture: Mud huts with hearths, Stone wall, Nursery, Armory/Training Hall, Slaughterhouse, Cage/Net builders hut, Boulder wall on the Western Front, Market on the western front

Weapons&Armor: alot of stuff...

Tech: Creating ore tools/traps/weapons, fire

Lore: Language, basic mining, currency, Basic agriculture

Culture: Ant Husbandry, Kulturmark

Resources: Wood (xx), Water (Good), Ore (xx), Gold (43), Stone
Alliance: Unseen( suspicious at best)
Also a good set of options per turn is usually
A. Scavenge for food.
B. Try to improve settlement. (specify)
C. Try to improve weapons&armor.(specify)
D. Try to improve technology.(specify)
E. Explore. (specify)
F: Write in

If or if you have anything you think we should be doing add in.

This is my personal preference, having everything organized. A few things I am sure i missed. like
x turns of food left
x turns of water
If you're willing to include it. I can try and keep track of it for your. Once we have everything updated.
I like your thinking, It would take time.
But I like the Idea of turning my once super-simple homebrew into something robust.
I could keep track of it all if you guys give up screenshots.
But some else helping me keep tabs on counts would be nice.
As for the culture I would say you guys build your own. I always pictured it as the once simple dark elves shipped across the sea to prove their worth come back as kings of a land far away.
Thread posts: 79
Thread images: 9

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