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I must have lost my ork folder, I thought I had way more than this..
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Now 'eres a question whot's been bovverin' me fer a whiles.

So's us Orkses got flyin' things, right? So, which oneovvem's da zoggin' best? We got da ones from Games Werkshop, an' da ones from Forge World. But whichovvem's da best?
GW gave us da Dakkajet, da 'Blitza, an' da 'Burna
But Forge World gave us da Fighta, Fighta Bomma, an' da zoggin' 'uge Bommas, whot wif da fighta an fighta-bomma able ter take lots 'o different fings at once insteada jus' some pansy light bomms fer grots ('cept grot bomms 'a course)! An' 'ow about dat ol' 'Minelayer' fing? 'ow's it work out fightin' gits?
Ran dis ere list against a favorite enemy ov mine afar the rynn's world campaign. wotz /total grotz/ ave ta say bout it?

1000 point Orks
Badlanding Boyz

HQ: Warboss w/ power klaw, eavy armor, kombi-skorcha, bosspole, ammo runt. 107 points
Big Mek w/ Kustom force field, eavy armor, grot oiler. 94

TROOPS: 19 boyz w/ eavy armor, 2 big shootas, choppas + nob w/ power klaw & bosspole. 250 points
9 shoota boyz w/ big shoota + nob w/ power klaw, bosspole, TL shoota. 107
10 shoota boyz w/ big shoota. 75

FAST: Deffkopta w./ TL rokkit launcha. 30 points
Deffkopta w./ TL rokkit launcha. 30
Deffkopta w./ TL rokkit launcha. 30

HEAVY: Deff dread w/ Power Klaw, Rokkit Launcha, grot riggers. 100
Deff Dread w/ 2 skorchas, grot riggers. 100
Looted Wagon w/ killkannon, grot riggers. 77

TOTAL 1000
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mfw OP's a git.jpg
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Naw ya git, da way oi see'z it, da Dakkajet is da best. Me bestie, Da Enola Gork krumped one of dem flyin' daemon princes, followed dat one frumpy pink panzee he did. Once we got our WAAAGH goin', he just hit da dirt.
Oi, you lot try any Big Meks leadin' yer Big Gun batteries? If he makes himself a suit of Mega Armor, da guns can move and fire! Gork knows how, guess the grotz just get da led out.

>New battlewagon formation
Any of you gitz try this yet? Hand ta gork, I've never went dis fast.
Did somebody say Dwa... oh... I'll just... escort myself out...
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Aint it obvious? 'E just picks up da whole zoggin' thing an moves it where it needs ta go!
>Now imagining Big Mek Kicking the grotz from the back, while shoving the Mek Gunz forwards
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Wot wez doin. Tankbustas? ya or nay?
Bring dem gitz. All dem gitz.

The old tankbustas were terrible - expensive, poor leadership, and at the end of the day the rokkits weren't actually that much of a threat.

They got better in many respects. Tank Hunters makes the unit much, much scarier in shooting - it's much more likely to get two or three HP off every turn, even against AV13 (and AV14 can't quit worrying either).

The tankbusta bombs getting upped to meltabomb profile is also nasty as all get out. The extra 2 points of strength are fine, but AP1 as well? You WILL murder any tank in close combat, even Land Raiders, and stuff like Knights have to worry too.

On top of that, they can now take a trukk (though riding in a battlewagon left over from the Blitz Brigade is pretty choice too - scout, and "battlewagon full of tankbustas" is almost as nasty a threat as "battlewagon full of meganobz".)

They even buffed the bomb squigs. AND cut the price.

The only thing that's pretty lousy is the tankhamma, but you don't need that to bust tank in CC now that you've got buffed tankbusta bombs. Only problem is that the unit of tankbustas has a tankhamma-armed ork and there's only 5 of those metal models to begin with. Definitely supplement with regular ork boyz with rokkits, or Kromlech's very fine panzerschrek orks.
File: rsz_deff_dread.jpg (239KB, 1280x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Every normal Ork boyz squad lets you build 1 Rocketdude though, as with Loota boxes and whatnot.
>enola gork
>not a blitz bomma/burna bomma
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File: 1377483674537.jpg (578KB, 1225x1788px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Where? Oi kan't see tha bugger! Must be wun kunnin' ork.
Ah Orks, quite possibly my favorite /tg/ thing of all time.
File: bommer154.jpg (138KB, 650x488px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Not an actual Bomma

Youse lousy gits gettin whot I means yet?

When I look at the Forge World Ork flyers, I see some opportunity. The thing is that the current Bommerz can't be kitted out however the player likes, something that the Forge World flyers are much better in. The GW flyers only get Supa-shooters, but the FW flyers have a lot of options open to them.

Although only given Big Shootas for defense, the Fighta-Bomma can be given Grot Bombs and Burna Bombs for a price, carrying a pair of Supa-Rokkits and eight bomms by default. The Fighta carries two bomms and can replace these with a pair of regular Rokkits. The Bommas can carry fucktons of Grot Bomms and Bomms both on its wings and hull whilst also having the added benefit of being able to carry Stormboyz into combat if the hull-loaded ten Bomms aren't taken. A fuckton of independent Big Shoota mounts are also there, and the Blasta-Bomma has the fuckhueg Deth Arsenal, which is a S9 AP3 Heavy 3D6 barrage of, well, deth. Anyone tried 'em? They were in IA8: Raid on Kastorel-Novem.

The main disadvantages I can see about them are that they haven't been assigned Hull Point values and that the Bommers are super-heavy fliers, which kinda locks them to Apocalypse.

Pic related, it's one guy (Red Jack) building his 'uge Blasta-bommer for Apocalypse. It's still a WIP but by now it's been painted. It's missing its canopy and some other parts in this pic but it's pretty damn huge.

Also, how's the Ork Minelayer?
>fire coming out through the holes of the heat shield

I'm no /k/ommando, but seriously, why? You see that in professional art as well.
The bomma's are cool and all but i'm not sold on their ability to get with the single minded focus that is Waaaaaagh
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ork bop it.jpg
38KB, 800x510px
Wotcha gitz think of kittin' out me warboss with one of them fancy propa stabby axes? Choppin' 'eads off seems like a roite propa laff but then again a choppa that gets choppier the more you chop makes a lorra sense to me!

Or should the git just stop mukkin' abowt and do some choppin' on his own wrist and get a klaw?
Oi, dem Gorkanautz, is deez fings ded killy an shooty, or is dey jus fo' gits?
Math'ammerin' it out even on da best roll of 3 6s you're gonna hit 6 times with that big bit of dakka on the arm, then cut down a horde a little or kill a couple of beakieboyz. It's alright but it's no s8 ap2 blast.

Da gorkanaut needs to get stuck right in and get that klaw bloody. Morkanaut is the one you want shooting.
>So much Gork.
>No Mork.

Dis 'ere? Looks kunnin' but brutal. Good enuff fo waaaghin'

I wish it 'ad wheelz or sommit. No self respektin Evil Sun mek would be caught ded in dat slow piece of Squigg-shit

Da Junka is where it's at if yer need protecty shields. Fasta to boot.

Also 'ow come we 'ave like 4 klaws all wot do da same fing?

>Klaw of GorkaMorka
>Power Klaw
>Kan Klaw
>Da big Ghazz klaw

I rekkon the meks buildin' dese 'oughta check 'demsleves b4 dey wrekk demselves
Now THAT is summat I'd ride along in, got that force field and blastas and roof dakka, not as good at getting stuck in, but that extra protection keeps da rest of da boyz safe enuff to get the job done for it.

>me gob when da eye isn't also a blasta

wots games orkshop up to??
'Eadwoppas can krump any Monster you come up against, provided ya gots a painboy to keep da Boss alive

I reckon anyboss wot wants a Klaw but not a bike 'oughta just go full 'ard mode and get Megaarmor + Lucky stixx for maximum 'Ard
Dey klaws do some speshul things other klaws kant ya git, lern yer krumping klaws
>gorkamorkanaut klaw
knocks da wind roite owt yer enemies, dats if they survive da klobbering hurhur
>power klaw
I ain't explaining dat one, everyork knowzat
>kan klaw
grotz are weedy so their klaw is weedier. Still wouldn't want to be on da businez end of it mind
propa killy an spinny, makes them big nids faster than ye can say "no eternal warrior"
>Ghaz Klaw
wot da zog??
File: Orkghazrelics.jpg (113KB, 725x970px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113KB, 725x970px
>'Calling us a Git


Now do yer fink 'dis mega-klaw is worth da teef???
If I'z got da mad dok tah make me biggah, would dis fool da smaller gitz into thinkin im a bigga ork? If da mad dok was gud enuff, could i bekome so big dat everyone would think i'm a boss?

Dat klaw is pretty nasty, but one attack is a lorra risk for da teef. I'd leave it out unless ye truly know yer gonna need summat like that.
>Oi wuz just pretendin' to be a grot
>I'd leave it out unless ye truly know yer gonna need summat like that.

Dats wot i wuz finking.

On da uvvah and, it does allow yer to LIVE DA DREAM

Killy klaw + Power Klaw = Specialist extra attack + TWO KLAWS = Da killyest boss yer ever saw

Expensive at about 65 teef, but not for da look on da uvvah gits face when 'e sees you charge in...
File: img45950ed029ebb.jpg (46KB, 300x579px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 300x579px
Grotz are orkz too, viva la revolushun!
Wait, SaP allows others to shoot too? Thought it just makes everyone else to move slow.
File: fixinritenpropah.jpg (142KB, 900x709px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142KB, 900x709px
Iz got me own speshul field-tingy. Dis way I kin buy mo shooty bitz fer killin' stuff
tis propa orky git
I cringed reading this thread. Games workshop fans, never again.
Ork Fans iz da only fans keepin' 40kay reel dese dayz. An' frankly ork fanz barely need gamez orkshop dese dayz

ow ya gonna git to de enemy ya grot?

adta turn 5 or wot
We had a smaller then average table. Got to him about turn 2 wif a bit a legwork.
Also helped that the looted wagon ended up rolling a 1 TWICE so that the shoota boyz I had in it could provide a fresh bodyguard for the Warboss when his ard boyz got turned to paste turn 3. That was a brilliant maneuver that I had planned from the very start.
File: 1411426793223.jpg (222KB, 1057x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
222KB, 1057x1080px
Greetings, my verdant brethren. It seems that while engaging an especially skilled adversary in the heat of battle, I suffered a quite traumatic head injury around the right side of my cranium. Upon waking up from dizzying head wound, dazed and confused, I realized my understanding of the more intricate mechanics of grammar and vocabulary had grown exponentially! Would any of you fine gentlemen have some advice for a fellow orkoid brother?
You soun' loik a git
unlike relentless, SaP passes to the whole squad. you'd lose out on overwatch but it'll definitely let you get better shots when need be

so now that the dust has settled, how is the ork book? how are the new big/mek guns? how likely am i to find an ork player now?
Get 'it again. Dat should fix it! Hur hur.

'Oo just an 'oomie dat don't know wot fun is.
>Da WAAAGH for In-di-pen-dance
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ork cover art.jpg
153KB, 500x636px
Oi can you gitz help a warboss in trainin' I got some dead killy boyz from a git for not much teef so I got
110 boyz
2 Trukks
12 Deffkoptas
6 Warbikes
1 Mad Dok Grotsnik
3 Warboss
1 Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
17 Burnas
17 Nobs,
3 Painboyz
5 lootas

Can krumping be done wit me gits?
I am absolutely green with envy. The only thing I would add is a Deff Dread to round out the collection, preferably one of the old metal ones. Maybe stop by the dollar store for some chap toy vehicles to ork up into transports for all those boyz.
Was thinking that cause I do like the models, I've never played orks before, so I'm unsure if I should run a boyz heavy army or what to do.
File: ork 2500 list.png (54KB, 697x1002px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ork 2500 list.png
54KB, 697x1002px
Lucky Stikk mega-armour Boss?
Or Killchoppa Boss?
Two different roles, Killchopaa if you plan on putting him on a bike, Lucky if you want him to tank for a squish mob by standing in front of them.
Ow ya like me krumpin set up ladz?

1x Warboss mega armour lucky stick yadda yadda

1x Painboy

1x Mad Dok

15x 'ard boyz wif a nob powir klaw
2x Mek

10x shoota boyz, 1 rokkit launcha 1 nob with powir klaw nob pole and a trukk

10x gretchin

Fast Attack

3x Deffkopta

Heavy support


9x loota

5x mek gunz


4x nob biker

Deffstar unit ta krump de gits real fast

Oi, witch one brings fighten' to th' sky fasta? Dats wot yor lookin' for when usin' ah flyin' thing.
Not that guy, but if I was to take a warboss on a bike with Killchoppa, what would you run him with? Nob Bikers or maybe Deffkoptas?
File: Kommando.jpg (121KB, 748x1069px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121KB, 748x1069px
I have really wanted to play a smooth, professional ork kommando/mek character for a while now.

Calm, disciplined, taking pleasure in the satisfaction of a job well done. Working as a mercenary for the Imperial characters and being somewhat curious about the weird way humans do things, taking contracts and being a sneaky, smart bastard. Basically a ork navy seal.
How exactly do looted vehicles work? I saw a lot of people raging over 7th Ed changes and I'm still confused.

For an example.

Let's say I have a Looted Wave Serpent. Obviously it doesn't just function as a Wave Serpent, or all Ork lists would run them.

Is there just like a chart of "looted vehicles" that you can take and have set stats? IE, it doesn't really matter what you're looting, since it always turns into what's on the list?
There is. It was in a white dwarf
File: looted wagons.jpg (915KB, 1600x2392px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
looted wagons.jpg
915KB, 1600x2392px
It's just the one statline
There might be a wide range of creative conversions, but as it stands, these are the only rules you'll be sending it into battle with

I thought they got rid of Don't Press Dat?

How old is this?

>Looted Wagons

So Looted Vehicles are gone aside from the Wagon?

No more Leman Russ??
A few months

We haven't been given the option of what vehicles to loot since 3rd ed Orks. 5th edition also offered only the single statline.
People got around that with the Allies Matrix, so they'd run the Russ for IG.

7th Edition Allies is basically "Fuck you, no battle bros for Orks, have fun sometimes being allies of convenience with CSM"
File: ork-life.jpg (496KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496KB, 1000x1000px
File: BuySelldakka.jpg (36KB, 680x630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 680x630px
What roles would CSM fill in an Ork roster?
Punchin' git. Orks don't need CSMs, and it's specifically stated Orks don't give a damn about Chaos. If the CSM was ded 'ard, he might be tolerated. But he would have to deal with Orks trying to usurp his leadership every 5 minutes.
I might just take a minimum detachment so I can field a Champion of Khorne, for shits and giggles. Ill name him Wiggles the Impaler.
Anyone got any pictures of Ork Santa?

My little girl hates normal Santa but loves Ork Santa.
I found a pic of Ghazzy in da Old days. Oh, wat a proppa Ork he is now.
None of the FW Ork flyers are worth it.Pretty sure they all got HP in that HP update, but in the end, theyre all too expensive and/or too unreliable. Even in apocalypse the big bommers are a complete waste of points.

If you want to use ork flyers at all, you're best off using that formation from Sanctus Reach.
File: eldar versus orks.jpg (357KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
eldar versus orks.jpg
357KB, 1024x768px
Needs transports. Trukks are distractions, not transports, so Battlewagons is what you want. Also the best units in the codex; buggies and Mek Guns.

The best list from what you've got would probably be 100 'ard boyz in a green tide and 10 PK nobz. Should be about 1400p. Add in a Boss with the lukky stikk, and either a painboy and a boss with Big Bosspole for fearless, or just use grotsnik for both FNP and fearless.
Then sprinkle in bikes and deffkoptas I guess.
File: sPJ7pNp.jpg (123KB, 519x778px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123KB, 519x778px
Sadly, I don't have my Father Krumpsmas here, but have a pic of the Orksterbunny instead.
File: Waaagh!.jpg (808KB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
808KB, 1536x2048px
I'm starvin'. We ain't fought nuffin' but beakies for three stinkin' weeks. Why can't me has some meat?
Bullyblitz 1999p

-Primary Detachment- 499p
124 - 1x Warboss, 'eavy armour, PK, Finking Cap, Lucky Stikk
50 - 1x Painboy

140 - 18x Sluggaboyz, Nob PK BP

180 - 10x Tankbustas, Nob PK BP, 2x Bombsquigs

-Blitzbrigade - 785p
5x Battlewagons W Rams, scout. No charge on first turn for embarked units.

155 - Rokkitwagon, Reinforced ram, Grot riggers, 4x Rokkits, Kannon/lobba (Tankbustas go here)
155 - Rokkitwagon, Reinforced ram, Grot riggers, 4x Rokkits, Kannon/lobba (MANZ go here)
145 - Speedwagon, Reinforced ram, Grot Riggers, Boarding Plank, RPJ (Boyz+Boss+Painboy go here)
145 - Speedwagon, Reinforced ram, Grot Riggers, Boarding Plank, RPJ (MANZ go here)
185 - Gunwagon, Reinforced ram, Grot riggers, Kilkannon, Kannon/lobba, 4x Rokkits (MANZ go here)

-Bullyboyz - 720p
2 to Mob rule rolls, but D3+3 wounds if problem. Fear, Fearless.

240 - MANZ x5, Killsaws x2, Kombiskorcha x3, BP
240 - MANZ x5, Killsaws x2, Kombiskorcha x3, BP
240 - MANZ x5, Killsaws x2, Kombiskorcha x3, BP
Wot yer fink ladz?
File: tuska 1.jpg (257KB, 725x1041px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tuska 1.jpg
257KB, 725x1041px
File: tuska 2.jpg (123KB, 725x487px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tuska 2.jpg
123KB, 725x487px
Oi fink yer one troops mob short of a primary detachment, ya got.
Aww zog it! Guess oi'll need ta squeeze in some grots or sumfink.
I really wish I didn't hate 40ks rules these days, and pretty much everything about modern GW.

Orks are fucking great (I never had a full Ork army back when I played as I already had an Orc and Goblin army in Fantasy and wanted something different when I picked up 40k).

Loved their background and everything about them though.
>not bein' 'ard enuff ta open up da beakies' armour
It'z canned meat, ya squig-brain
File: 300px-Tuffruk.jpg (55KB, 300x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 300x375px
Tastes betta if ya cook 'em good first!
IA-8, best book or bestest ork book?
I'm looking forward to the inevitable second edition. I jut hope they don't nerf too much shit. Only change we need is to get stuff cheaper overall.
>Kanz maintaining those DCCW for 40 points.
Reading the beginning page describing the contents of the book and what the design team were focusing on it seems like they're doing different clans at a time. So I'd expect the next IA ork book to focus on blood axes, snakebitez and freebootas this time around.

Still crossing my fingers for a rok drop pod.
If only Deff Dreads could take Ork drop pods
>new warboss

Every time
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