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Hey /tg/ I'm back. Also, to keep this easily identifia

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Hey /tg/

I'm back. Also, to keep this easily identifiable, what should I call this setting? Pokemon x DnD? Pokemon x Mouse Guard?

Anyway, archived threads here from 4plebs since 4archive seems down:

And ongoing /vp/ thread:

Basic premise: You play as Pokemon in a Medieval type Pokemon society in some kind of post-apocalyptic Kanto (i.e. no trainers or humans of any kind). Imagine a Pikachu Paladin or something along those lines, perhaps mounted Pika cavalry riding Nidoran into battle, or Flying Pika Air support mounted on flying Pidgeottos. Certain Pokemon have become intelligent and civilized, others remain wild and untamed.

I'd like input on a couple things:

1) Which Pokemon should be the "intelligent" human - like Pokemon?

Other than arbitrarily picking those that people like or think are cool, I'd like some kind of logical criteria for why some are more intelligent compared to others.

I'm planning on starting in Kanto, but Pokemon across all generations are valid. Keep in mind, starting in Kanto means Kanto's native species are the most common, i.e. Gen 1 Pokemon.
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2) Fluff for the Civilizations of different species -

In the latest archived thread, there were a couple ideas on some cool intelligent Poke cultures, let's get more of those, example:
The Totodile are split into a multitude of clans who travel the rivers of the land in grand barge-cities. At best they are peaceful travellers, trading fish and fine rods for necessities, at worst they are vicious raiders, plundering villages and taking slaves. Their are rumours of the Red Eye Clan, who eat those they don't kill or enslave.

3) Evolutions - how should they be handled?

If you were my players, would you be pissed if I made evolution difficult to obtain or outright banned it for PCs? I want to stay canon, so I don't want evolutions to suddenly disappear from the world, and like the idea of encountering fully evolved Poke as like Bosses or something, example:

I imagine this like going off to fight a Charizard that's been plaguing the countryside, killing it, and being known as Sparky, the Dragonslayer or some shit. In the end, I want a reason for PC pokemon in particular to not want to evolve.

In particular, I want to limit or ban PC Poke evolutions for 2 reasons, copy pasted from archived thread:

I kind of want to make it difficult to evolve, maybe by making those that evolve more savage (could take some negative edges in SW or something), predominantly to avoid a situation where you have a party where everyone is the same high level, but one guy has a Pikachu, and one guy is a fucking giant Blastoise or something. It just seems, unbalanced size wise and stuff, and again, goes away from the Mouse Guard gritty kind of feel I'm going for?
4) Finally, gameplay mechanics -

I'm most likely going to run this in Savage Worlds, using the Super Powers rules for the Pokemon powers and special attacks like Thunder, Ember, etc. Mouse Guard and Torchbearer Nature mechanics have been brought up and sound interesting, I'll probably implement them as well, but does anyone who has played either of those RPGs have input on how to make it work in SW? Does anyone have the Torchbearer RPG so I can look how it works there?

Also thinking of making PCs have to decide between increasing skills like sword fighting or increasing special Poke attacks, like Lightning based attacks. I think this will make things easier to keep track of, and also allows for more traditional RPG type parties as specialists would be more like mages or monks or something.

Anyway, the last few threads have been great. Give me your best /tg/, suggestions, comments, critique, all welcome!
>I'm back. Also, to keep this easily identifiable, what should I call this setting?
Pokemon Mystery Dungeons? I mean, it's obviously not the same angle as the game, but it sort of captures immediately that you play Pokemon, rather than Trainers.
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Draw Your Party.png
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Also, does anyone have that Mouse Guard themed draw your party template? I wanted to use it to sketch up some character ideas.
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Someone mentioned Totodile river raiders and I drew this based on that
Bumping thread.
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Cubone knight.png
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Read through the threads and made this. The idea of a small set of pokemon in the world that use the bones of those they hunt/ those who die and craft them into pretty much everything sounded nice and surprisingly cultural. Mostly things like cubone or steel types I would think though. I'm not sure. That aside...I would think for them its a big thing to be made into a weapon or armor...Its like a great honor to ones family. I don't know.
Meowths, since they have an affinity for money and shiny things, are bipedal, and have hands well suited for grabbing and holding things.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeons and Dragons, duh.
From other thread

To make an explaination for why some pokemon are highly intelligent, and why evolution isn't a PC thing: Cogninuts.

Cogninuts are a special type of seed that are released by -New Legendary Pokemon here that is grass/flying- with a sweet smell that naturally encourages pokemon to eat them.

Once eaten, it changes the pokemon's genetics and alters its brain chemistry. This change is what makes the pokemon smart on a human level.

However, a side effect is that it also messes with a pokemon's metabolism. Larger pokemon have trouble managing their hunger and either starve or go insane trying to satiate their appetites.
loved it when this shit happens. I can sketch a few pokemon/class chars if you guys want

supposedly, most if not all psychic 'mons are intelligent. Alakazam's brain is more powerful than a supercomputer as it says in the dex although, Oak must've been lying or being hyperbolic

should start with them. Delphoxes make great wizards, imo
so what would be good unconventionl pokemon class combinations?

I can only think of the obvious things like
>Monk fighting types
>paladins all over the place
>Rogue ghosts and psychic types
Jigglypuff Bard
maybe too obvious but Thrallherd Malamar
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>Pokemon Mystery Dungeons and Dragons
Fuckin winner.

These kinds of ideas have been thrown around, but I wanted to try to keep it as canon as possible, as in trying to avoid introducing new Pokemon of my own design, etc. I like the metabolism idea, and also thought that maybe the intelligent Pokemon have developed larger brains, and when they evolve their brains grow too large for their skulls, making them prone to madness and insanity. Not sure if this works, but it sounded cool in my head. That way I can potentially apply it to evolutions of a particularly large size, allowing for Pokemon that don't get too big when they evolve to evolve and remain intelligent and civilized, such as evolving up to the middle tier of a 3 tier evolution, or like Rattata evolving into Ratticate, but no Squirtle into giant ass Blastoise, but Wartortle is cool.
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It definitely seems like this Generation's starters are supposed to be a Thief, Fighter and Wizard.


Which gets me thinking, since Kalos is basically France, and the only representation of Europe in Pokemon we have so far, should I flavor / theme Kanto/Johto/Sinnoh/Hoenn after Feudal Japan with Samurai and shit, and keep the Knights and Paladins in Kalos? I think that could be cool.

Also yes, Abra will probably be a solid PC race that specializes in a mage-like class.
wouldn't Abra be more suitable as Psions? I know, obvious choise but it makes sense
Sure but Abra always seemed frail and stuff, so I just imaged mage. Psions are typically martial based right? Not totally sure.
uhh... no? You're thinking Iron Mind where it's a fighter transitioning into Prestige class with psionic powers. Psions are physically weak but their mental powers make up for it
I wanna build an Abra Barbarian/Psion Gestalt and put those claws to good use.

captcha: teutonic jmovek
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That sounds cool, but that is one unimposing Barbarian. I sort of imagined Abra do definitely be much more sophisticated and civilized, being creatures of the mind and all, maybe like high elves or something.
Today a slow day or is it just me?
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it's been a bit ded around these parts if it's not WarHam or quests. did a litle sketch btw
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That's a shame. Well I'll post again tomorrow if it dies out and hopefully there will be more conversation.

That looks pretty good, what Pokemon is that?

I was thinking I'd like to enlist the help of a drawfag in drawing the party, could be as simple as editing some official artwork or something. Think you'd be up for it? I could post basic character concepts tomorrow
thanks. I could draw that from scratch if you want. just give me some ideas and I'll get to it whenever I can.

It's an aggron btw
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Anyway last bump before bed. As I said, I'll probably start a new thread tomorrow late afternoon / evening time, hopefully with a couple characters rolled up and concepts and such.
>I shed the blood of Northern Men

Christopher Leeomon.
Abra has no damaging moves unless you breed it. With evolution being rare in your setting, I can't see it being the party mage. That doesn't mean it can't be a PC option, but it won't have much to do in combat.
What about as messangers? Or as living "Escape Ropes" that you can summon in a dungeon if shit goes... well to shit.
Just skimming, but couldn't an Abra be tutored by another pokemon?
It would bypass the TM/HM and possibly breeding systems, but that's fine in this kind of setting.

You can always go with the idea that as pokemon get older they become more mentally detached. A 300 year old Onix is still just as smart as the PCs. It just doesn't give a damn about them.

I don't see why you need the dumb/smart divisions in the characters.
telepaths, maybe? they do have that ability so, it might fit
TM/HM have now become sacred relics from the days of Humanity. Finding a TM could be a great money opportunity if sold, and its obvious use in teaching skills. Then there's the HM, finding one of those could bring great fame since its a multi use Item that can teach others some of the most useful skills!
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Surprised this thread is still alive, I'm definitely thinking of using TMs / HMs as legendary type items that are sought out. That said, the occasional Pokemon learning a move without one could be possible, i.e. training, since it does happen on occasion in the anime.

I suppose intelligence isn't the right word, but "civilized" might be. Remember, my inspiration is Mouse Guard, and I like the feeling of the PCs being small creatures in a large world. On top of that I want to keep the PCs roughly the same size, for logistical purposes, like not all dungeons or areas are big enough if a PC wants to be a fucking Onyx. Furthermore, it's easier and I think makes more sense for only certain Pokemon to develop human-like civilizations, in that I don't have to fluff and stat hundreds of potential races (call me lazy), but also since there are no normal animals in the Pokemon world, certain Pokemon need to utilized for resources, food, leather, riding mounts, etc. If ALL Pokemon are equally intelligent and civilized, I kind of doubt those that will be killed and harvested will just stand by, so I feel this kind of stalls my idea of Pokemon with leather armor and swords living in Pokemon built villages / cities. Without livestock and eventually farming and stuff, Pokemon wouldn't realistically form large groups and establish societies/ civilizations I'd think, and then they're back to just being regular animal-like creatures, and then the game just becomes Mystery Dungeon, which is ok, but not what I want to run. I could see lots more Pokemon being intelligent than just PC races, but those Pokemon choose not to develop societies or something, just like in the Mouse Guard setting where not all animals that can speak and are intelligent have human-like tools and such. I could go with this, to give it a kind of fable/mythical/Tolkien talking spiders and giant animals feel, but they wouldn't be PC races, just wild intelligent forces of nature.
That was a lot more than I thought I would write on the subject, but I hope it frames some of my goals for why some Pokemon are PC playable and civilized, and others aren't.
Maybe natural selection made pygmies out of all the big pokemon :V
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Thread images: 15

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