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Vampire civ day 5

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Lets do this! Players get in here!
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day 1
http://4archive.org/tg/thread/32880446 day 2

http://4archive.org/tg/thread/32898563 day 3

http://4archive.org/tg/thread/32925536 day 4

Where last we left off we were in the opening stages of a battle at Cuoatl, our colonial town, established in the old lizard city. We had cut down trees in a great circle around the town, creaing a clear line of sight and killzone for our archers. We also have dug a moat around our walls with geomancers and our necromancers have planted thralls within the killzone to ambush. In addition we have placed traps all over jungle.

Last decision we were to make was to decide how to respond to large column of mutants marching through the jungle and another riding boats down the river towards Cuoatl
A. Ambush the column in the jungle
B. Ambush the boats
C. A and B
D. Hunker down behind the walls, wait for the enemy to come
You send Orrik with a dozen of our best men out to ambush the column they are lightly equipped mostly with ranged weapons to engage from a distance and then to break contact. You see them blend into the jungle only to have return 5 minutes later, with 2 less men sprinting for our gates with at least 30 mutants hot on their heels. You barely get them inside and the gates sealed before the mutants are at our walls. Orrik reports that they killed several of the mutants before they were counter ambushed by enemy skirmishers and had to run. He also drastically increases the estimate of enemy forces saying that the column has at least 200 men while the defenders only number 120. The size of the force on the boats is unknown.

The see the mutants come out into the clearing and our archers begin opening fire on them. They quickly assemble what looks to be a battering ram, and two siege ladders. You focus fire on them but despite casualites they continue building.

They approach with the ladders and the ram. You quickly order the men to kick down the ladders but they are latched on tight, depositing mutant infantry on top of the battlements. You are forced to rush yourself to one of the ladders using your bloodmagic to give 2 mutants in front of you brain aneurisms killing them instantly, you use your sword to slice off the grapples holding the ladder and kick it over, looking over afterwards to see another one of your men doing the same to the other ladder. Unfortunately the gate is relatively small and poorly reinforced.

You are left with some options

A. Have the pyromancers burn the ram
B. Send out a squad of men through the sally port to take it out
C. Other (please explain)
You order the pyromancers to set the ram alight, burning several mutants and rendering the ram unusable. You have the men open fire and kill as many as they can, suddenly you see a bright purple light and a strange chanting. A moment later you see a huge explosion blowing up a large wall section, killing at least a dozen defenders with chunks of wall and flying debris killling several more.

Whats our response to the breach

A. form a spearwall
B. Cavalry wall
C. Other(please explain)
>A. form a spearwall
I mean cavalry charge, sorry
sorry i had something come up in the middle of the day but I should be able to be more attentive now.

You rush to the breach and gather as many warriors around you as possible. You have spears brought up and arm every man you can, you fall into a simple formation with all spears pointing forward towards the breach. You finish lining up just as the mutants begin to charge through the breach, despite the troops on the surrounding battlements still firing into the enemy force. The several mutants are impaled on spears as they attempt to rush your force, but eventually they find a weakness in the line and press it, after several attempts they break the formation and it becomes a bloody free for all to stay alive. You drop your speak and draw your sword, cutting down the nearest mutant and using blood magic to cause an aneurism on another about to finish one of your downed men, you drag the wounded soldier behind the battle and rush back into the fray. After slaying several more mutants, you begin to sense the tide turning against you as the group of our warriors gets smaller and smaller, while the mutants continue to send men into the breach. You rally the men one last time in a loose circle and prepare to make your final stand. You are distracted when you hear a familiar warhorn, and see the Dwarven captain, Horik leading a small army of heavily armored dwarven soldiers from the direction of the dwarven refugee camp. They strike the enemy host from behind and shatter it with their vicious surprise attack. The enemy army is put to flight and you quickly move to barricade the breach.

Your next thought goes to finding a way to cut off the source of the mutants, the tunnel in the dwarven colony.

Its up to you to decide what the next move is
A. Lead an immediate counter attack, while the enemy is disorganized
B.Wait to reorganize and scout for a more planned assault
C. Other(please specify)
Lead a cavalry charge into their backs
You gather up every available horse and lead a mounted counter attack. You mount your horse and grab a spear, charging after them. Your light cavalry force moves quickly and brings their spears to bear on the fleeing enemy troops. You skewer an enemy soldier and draw your sword cutting down another enemy mutant. Your forces ride down dozens of enemy warriors, taking no losses. You continue the chase until the jungle gets too thick for horses to follow, you then return to the clearing in front of the town and address the army your orders are
A. Prepare to launch an assault on the old dwarven colony, attempting to seal the tunnel and block the entry of more mutants.
B. Prepare defenses for another attack
C. Other (please specify)
>B. Prepare defenses for another attack
widen the moat, make a drawbridge, clear more of the woods, and train more with arrows. Also start having dwarven smiths make ballistas.
You have the forces regroup and begin repairs on the wall. You also have the geomancers and hydromancers go to work on the moat, widening and filling it with water from the river. You greatly increase the size and scope of the militia training regimen, and improve their skill with bows and crossbows as well as giving them basic skills swords, spears and axes as well. You also work with the dwarven smiths to produce more weapons and armor out of dwarven steel and equip our army. In addition you order them to construct some ballistae for the wall defenses of all of our towns and some smaller models as light mobile artillery. The better steel armor gives us the ability to field lighter and stronger armor and weapons, The dwarves also show us how to build stirrups, allowing us to field heavy cavalry.
In the aftermath of the battle you turned another dozen of our soldiers into vampires who were mortally wounded. You also induct most of the vampires into the order of the blood orchid and decide to increase the scope of the training to add horsemanship to the other skills learned at the blood tower. Fielding a new force, the bloodknights, heavy cavalry who have mastered the sword, lance and the bow.

Your scouts report no movement out of the old dwarven colony.

Whats our next move?

A. Build up our forces
B. Launch an assault
C. Other(please specify)
>B. Launch an assault
But before the attack send scouts to sneak into the base and check it out. Namely the young vampier kid who showed skill at this.
You send a scout team led by Orrik back into the city as you prepare an assault. They find the city almost inpenetrable as the demonic forces have established a beachhead there. We will have to defeat the cities fortifications in order to get inside. You ask Horik about any secret tunnels into the city. He believes that he can lead a small team inside to open the gates and let the rest of the army in. You agree and Horik leads a team of 3 of his dwarf warriors plus 8 bloodknights into the city. They make for the gate at midnight and a few minutes after midnight they signal the army and open the gate. You rush in with the rest of the troops to see a scene of carnage, several dead mutants clearly suffering head trauma from dwarven axes. The infiltration team only lost 2 men and joins the rest of the group. You have the troops secure the city square and quickly rush to secure the tunnel entrance. You bring geomancers and hydromancers to seal and flood the tunnel. After flooding it you hear the screams of demonic mutants slowly drown out as the tunnel fills with water. You then order the army to fan out and secure the city.
The men spread out and quickly and effectively clear out the mutants only losing a handful of men.

With the tunnel sealed and the demon threat dealt with for now you must decide the next thing for our people to focus on.

A. Military Development
B. Economic Development
C. Naval Development
D. Magic Development
E. Cultural/Political development
>D. Magic Development
Maxium magic only way
You further expand the magic school, bringing in children from the dwarves and the Hatteras using the old students as teachers. The new class of 40 students is equally spread amongst the magic types, with a few students joining a new school based on healing and protection magic.

As you attend the opening of the new school, you are notified by a runner that a flotilla of Halfmen ships have been sighted off the coast. They appear to be going into an isolated cove a few miles away from any of our settlements. We have reason to believe they have established a foothold there.

How should we respond?
Send troops along with geomancers and pyromancers, have the geomancers send rocks at them and have troops volly arrows. have the pyromancers send fireballs at their ships.
You have men surround the enemy outpost in the middle on the night, you lead the sneak attack personally, having your men charge down the beach while archers shower the enemy positions with arrows, you then signal the geomancers to join the fight, picking targets of opportunity along with the pyromancers who under protection of a few men rush down to the beach and set the enemy ships alight. Altogether you count 3 large enemy ships destroyed at dock and at least 40 of their men slain, you capture another 10 at cost of only 10 of ours.

What should do we the prisoners?
Question them on their people and their plans.
And what it might take to make them stop coming here.
How about keep them prisoner for when we finally establish diplomatic relations with these guys?
Question them and if the vampires are hungry have them feed on a couple prisoners.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 2

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