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vampire civ day 4

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Alright lets do this!
day 1
http://4archive.org/tg/thread/32880446 day 2
http://4archive.org/tg/thread/32898563 day 3
Current Stats
Rhas- Blood mage and former nobleman- Vampire
Orrik- Blood mage and spy/assassin- Vampire
Haggo- Master warrior- Vampire
Talif- Military commander and tactician- Human
5 Vampires
300 Humans
50 Horses
We currently are spread between 2 main settlements our main town Valantar
and a colony we established in the old lizard city of Cuoatl both settlements are well supplied and fortified
Food supply- Stable with small surplus
Small iron mine and forge
Large lumber surplus
Currently trading Hatteras confederacy lumber and lizards slaves for food
Currently trading Lumber and Food to the dwarf colony for iron and gold ore, as well as small amounts of finely crafted tools, weapons and armor from a more refined form a iron they call steel.
50 veteran troops
50 Reserve troops
All civilians have basic militia training
Lots of military equipment enough to supply a much larger force
Current doctrine- Light infantry supported by light cavalry and archers along with blood magic and other basic elemental magic
We also currently have 5 Riverboats, currently being used for trade but we can construct more or press existing ones into service as exploration and warships.
We also have a small fleet of fishing boats plying the rivers.
Hatteras Confederacy- excellent, potential integration soon
Dwarven colony- unsure, new trade partners
Halfmen faction- little is known about them, hostile
Lizardmen tribe- Defeated and enslaved by us
Orcs- unknown, have not contact so far
When we last left off we had just won a battle against the halfmen, recovering much of their advanced technology. We also recently completed the blood tower, giving our vampires a dedicated facility for training and blood magic research.

We also had established a new magic school and have decided to focus the first class on necromancy.

We also captured a number of prisoners, but unfortunately failed to get them to talk, afterwards we executed them.

Our current issues is that we should establish a policy on when we turn people to vampires, since our current vampires are either the product of the original experiment that created us or through turning people that were mortally wounded in order to save them.

We also need to develop a strategy to help fight off future halfmen raids on the coastline
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Vampire civ day 4.png
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also relevant map
Im at work but I can join at 11 central
How about once every two months we hold a melee and the winner gets to be turned into a vamp?
Also lets keep working on NECROMANCY.
As you return home you begin to think of ways to strengthen our people and improve our chances in the future. You propose a tournament where volunteers from our armed forces will fight for the reward of vampirism, as well as a small farm and a large cash prize. In addition you propose the creation of a knightly order of vampires, dedicated to the protection of the realm and the destruction of its enemies. It will be called the order of the blood orchid, named after an extremely rare flower found in the jungle near our city.

In addition you establish a school system, where the children of the realm will go to learn about art, science, writing, mathematics and other things during the winters, this will dramatically make our people more efficient and effective and also increase the rate at which we develop new technology.

Aside from sending a few men to help train the military and design fortifications for Hatteras confederacy, you have no pressing concerns, this allows you to focus your efforts on

A. Military development
B. Economic development
C. Religious/Cultural development
D. Naval/Nautical development
>B. Economic development
Sorry mate, I got up to eat a rather long dinner.
You focus your efforts on helping the economy, under your advice, production increases in all areas, particularly agricultural, where new farming practices and the new use of fertilizer dramatically increase our yields allowing us to support a much larger nonvampire population.

In addition the wealth and expansion makes our people hopeful and our population continues to grow with our colony in Cuoatl seeing large growth both internally and from newly arrived colonists.

In addition private funded enterprises begin sending explorers up the river beyond the dwarven colony. They are expected to be back in a few months.

Our people have still not been able to reverse engineer the halfmen metallurgy or their weapon technology so far. There is also an increasing amount of support for trying to end the war with the halfmen, either through complete victory or at least an advantageous peace. There is also a clamoring to access the bounty of the sea both in terms of fishing and potential trade and new lands.

The Hatteras confederacy reports that our advisors have effectively trained their forces are prepared to send them home. In addition they would like to join our people as one civilization.
While they are not quite up to our technological standards, they have a population slightly larger than our own and a strong agricultural and mining economy.

Do we accept this proposal?
Of course we accept the deal. The bigger the better.
The decision to absorb the Hatteras confederacy made our two peoples are joined, with several settlers from our main town joining their villages and establishing new settlements on their territory.

With no sign of halfmen activity and the economy booming you decide to focus your efforts on another aspect of our civilization.

A. Military development
B. Cultural/Religious development
C. Naval development
F: Magical development
You turn your attention to the magic school, where the new class is going on. They found 20 promising children with the gifts to use magic and at the pressure of their teachers half have chosen to study the art of necromancy the other students are split accordingly among the other branches of magic with 2 each going into pyromancy, hydromancy, enchanting, geomancy, and aeromancy.

The necromancers train by killing small plants and reviving them over and over again, while the elementalists practice creating small flames and igniting small piles of wood. The geomancers practice throwing large stones and creating stone barriers. The hydromancers practice by the river creating large waves as well as raising and lower the temprature of the water, boiling it and freezing it and manipulating it in gas and solid form as well as liquid. Enchanters practice giving random household items certain properties, including protection from fire, and magic resistance, they also can crosstrain to enchant items with elemental properties and strengthen items. Aeromancer practice pushing and pulling air around them to achieve limited flight and throw foes around as well as propel themselves, they also can redirect the paths of arrows and other ballistic weapon directed near them. Finally your proceeed to induct all of our current vampires into the order of the blood orchid and are having Haggo train them with weapons and in the arts of war, while you train them in the art of blood magic and Orrik trains them in stealth and infiltration tactics, however we only we have 8 vampires but our numbers continue to grow from tournament champions.

As you finish your inspection of the magic training facilities you retire to the blood tower. You are approached by Orrik, who informs you that the dwarven merchants have been acting strangely. So strangely that several of them have refused to go home and are demanding asylum. They claim that there is a threat bearing down on their colony.
Ask them what this danger is, and why their king cannot stop it.
They tell you that they know little other than that they lost contact with their mother kingdom over 20 years ago. One of the merchants used to ply the route between the colony and old kingdom and claims that the king began acting strangely, eventually allowing a strange demonic creature in the court as his primary advisor. The king apparently began to start having strange demonic mutations himself acting stranger and stranger and began making orders that made no sense. The people finally revolted when the king began seizing people and forcing them to ingest demonic flesh turning them into mutants. The colony received many refugees and cut off all trade. After hearing nothing for months, they started being raided by mutants coming through the tunnel connecting the kingdom and the colony. The colony was forced to cave in and seal the tunnel and now apparently the guards hear the sound of something drilling through the tunnel. The dwarven leadership believes that they will be invaded by a large demonic force within the next few days.
Your meeting is interrupted by a runner who informs you that the colony in Cuoatl is reporting that large group of dwarven boats have come down the river wishing to take shelter in our realm. They appear to be a hodgepodge of civilians.
Let them stay here, but no permedent homes, they must go back to the mountain soon.
Order the mages to begin research into portal based magic, and magic to reach about 15 feet under sea. The necromancer should keep with raseing the dead.
Send scout to the dwarf colony.
You order the colonists to build the dwarven refugees a refugee camp on the edge of the old lizard city. You ask the mages to attempt to look into portal magic, but the books we have only pertain to the more basic forms of magic and the knowledge to create a portal is purely theoretical. It will take time for them to develop that capability, in addition you have the hydromancers train to temporarily open underwater passages. You have the rest of the mages continue to train normally.

You also order a small party consisting of Orrik and 3 vampires, the best warriors of the order to investigate the colony. They are equipped with 2 canoes, provisions for a long expedition and the finest equipment we can spare.

Orrik makes his way up river and finally passes our colony is Cuoatl, reloading provisions and continuing on to the dwarven colony. They finally reach the fortifications and enter the city unchallenged, no guards being posted to the defenses. Orrik leads the men into what appears to be some sort of important government building, possibly the palace.They enter to find a scene of horror. Dead dwarven warriors, ripped apart, corpses strewn everywhere. The team enters the throne room, to see strange demonic inscriptions written on the floor in blood, forming a giant pentagram with a pile of heads in the middle, among them is a crowned head you surmise to be the dwarves fallen leader. You find the headless bodies resting the corner of the room as you make you way back out of the palace and into the city. You and your men sneak into a main square type area and see markings that seem to indicate the entrance to an underground passage. As you are about to enter you see smoke rising in the distance, and hear the sound of a warhorn.

Which way should the team go?

A. Down the tunnel
B. Towards the smoke and sound
>B. Towards the smoke and sound
We could save someone
HEY! Great to see you.

Orrik has the men rush towards the sound and smoke, making little effort to remain detected. They rush down several streets and alleys and finally make their way to see one of the fortifications on the far side of the city being attacked by a group of dwarven mutants.
The mutants have blood red skin and pulsing tumors all over their bodies, they also appear to have large muscles. They are assaulting what appears to be a hastely built barricade made out of furniture and pottery. A dwarven captain is on the wall above blowing a warhorn and rallying a group of dwarven soldiers firing crossbowmen into the mutants. You have our men move up behind you as you silently garrote the rearmost mutant with a wire. You then have the team open up on the mutants from behind. The arrows take their toll, but many shots are deflected due to the high quality of the mutant armor. You have the men draw swords and shields as the mutants rush you. You block an axe blow with your shield which catches the blow but shatters. As the mutant reels from the impact of the blow, he leaves himself open and you plunge your sword into his chest. He writhes and struggles even with your blade in his chest, you use your superior strength to shove him to the ground and finish him with a dagger to face. You turn around only to see another axe swing in your face, you quickly duck the blow and use your sword to dismember the mutants right arm from its body. You quickly finish him and take a breath surveying the fight. You see 1 of your men down, while the other 2 are busy finishing off foes. You signal the dwarves on top of the battlement and they clear the barricade and allow you to come up. As you reach the top you notice two dwarves are clearly injured limping while they all have bloodied armor and a severe sleep deprivation.

The way you see it there are two options.

A. Take the dwarves and pull out
B. Continue the reconnaisance operation, have the dwarves hold tight
C. Other
>C. Other
Offer to turn the limping dwarves into vampiers, but explain the personal cost. If they accept then press on as a group and search for anyone hiding in the town. If not then fall back and have men barricade the exit to the town assuming it is underground. If it is not underground and the dwarves choose to not accept then just turn tail and book it outta here with the survivors.
everyone agree with this?
I agree with this.
You offer the dwarves vampirism, after explaining the costs and benefits. They decline your request, due to a lack of trust and that their wounds are recoverable with time. You ask the dwarven captain what he wants to do and he agrees to leave the city with your team. He explains that the dwarves were unprepared when the demons cleared the tunnel open much earlier than anticipated and took the defenders by surprise. The defenses fell quickly being designed to withstand as assault from the outside not an attack coming from a tunnel that exits into the main square of the city. You accompany the captain to a tower by the river where they board a small riverboat and ride with them until you get to your canoes. Making your way back to base.

Upon reaching Cuoatl you are informed that the refugees are well settled in and that one of the hunting parties that was operating near the dwarf colony has gone missing. Cuoatls defenses are strong but the force stationed there is very light, only numbering 2 dozen men.

How do we respond to whats happened? How should we allocate our forces and deal with the threat?
Lets end all work north of Cuoatl and send out hunters and trappers to fill the woods with dangers.

Also send 46 more men to guard the defenses and reenforce the town.
You have a large force transferred from Valantar as well as the Hatteras confederacy,transferring 50 men to Cuoatls defenses. You send the hunters and trappers out to plant booby traps all over the jungle north of the city, hoping it will blunt any ground based assault.

After hearing about the fate of their city, the dwarven refugees offer their services, training our smiths how to produce steel and some of their superior craftsmenship skills.

They also offer to show us how to make ballistas and advanced crossbows.

You accept their help and start producing steel. A few days pass when the hunters and trappers we deploy start to skirmish with mutants in the forest. We believe that these are probes by the enemy before a major assault.

What should we do to prepare for the enemy assault?
How skilled are our necromancers now?
We have 2 full fledged ones teaching at our school, while the rest of the necros are student novices.
Is this similar to the demon from the lizardmen? Ask them about it.
Have our best necromancers do some hands on teaching by raising skeletons. The Skeles should bury themselves about 100 meters away from the walls of Cuoatls and be armed with just knives and easy to make weapons.
Have the geomancers along with some strong hands work on digging a moat along the north and west side of the town.

Also order the men in Cuatls to make arrows and bolts and the people of Valantar make crossbows and bows to hand out to towns people.

To top it off have the extra lizard men sail up river and clear out the trees near the town up to or as close as they can get to 60 meters.
You ask the lizardmen about the demons and there are many similarities to the demons that ruled the lizards and the ones that took over the dwarves.

You order the lizardmen out to cut down all trees in a wide area around both of our cities. Crossbows and bows are placed into mass production as well as bolts and arrows. We use the new weapons to arm every able bodied individual and start snap training with the new weapons. We also have the geomancers did a moat around the city wall.

You have the necromancers travel to the site of the beach battle and raise the enemy dead as thralls, between our 2 necromancers they control 6 thralls which they plant underground in the kill zone.

After 48 hours of furious preparation the scouts report sighting a large column of mutants marching through the jungle and another force on rivers coming down by boat.

How should we react, should rush out to meet them, or hunker down back to our defenses.
Also I think this next answer will be my last one for tonight.
Hunker back.
Also what is the state of our horse?
We have many horses and are capable of fielding an effective light cavalry force
How powerful are our pyromancers? We should burn their ships somehow.

As for the ones coming through the jungle use guerilla tactics. We know the land better than them.
Alright sorry guys im just too tired to write a battle right now. I am archiving this and will continue tomorrow
Se you then.
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