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Sasha Grey: 18 Scenes Seeding for 72 hours 4.96gb magnet:?x

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Sasha Grey: 18 Scenes Seeding for 72 hours 4.96gb

i got 500gb sasha grey pack
good 4 u
I have like part of her 60G torrent left.
But I had to recover it after some problems.
If only I could upload decently.
What I wouldn't give to breed her lovingly deep inside every day...
I mean just look at her,
perfect dfc to ass ratio.
A dirty mouth and a perverted mind.
Here's a good set of HD rips OP


a smaller alt


also her scenes getting abused by other women are so good.
Who the fuck named these files? There's 3 with actual names, the rest are named shit like V05716_full_h264_1500.mp4

Still downloading them.
thanks for the links, too bad there's no seeds and everyone's stuck at 31%
loool when I found them they had 4 seeds and 16 seeds respectively. try both :P
the smaller one was fine now and with it I got the other one to 78%, but there is still no seed

Do you have the files? Would appreciate if you could seed for a bit.
I may have them, but the would be sd.
not hd.
try OP's torrent.
if not make a list of what you are missing and maybe I will mega them when it works or make a slow ass torrent.
OP's torrent is also SD

The files that aren't complete are the following:
Dont Make Me Beg.mp4
Face Invaders 4.mp4
Fashionistas Safado 2006).mkv
Sasha Grey My First Porn 7_720p.mkv
Sasha _HDScreens.rar
Whack Jobs 2.mp4
Ummmm speaking of sasha grey

Can we get an actual siterip or smthn?

Like full on terabytes of her?

>Face Invaders 4.mp4

720 complete




Whack Jobs 2



also in this site rip

Zero Tolerance 13 Sasha Grey scenes site rip


along with:

File: Sasha Stash.png (64KB, 937x607px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sasha Stash.png
64KB, 937x607px
I have My first porn 7 & 8

but not fashionistas or dmmb, lost em during an incident.
that other one is just screencaps.
ill let you pick two that you want in exchange.

to have terabytes in this day and age after so many torrent sites are getting shut down is improbable.
I told yall it was coming and it will only get worse.
Try empornium if you can. Private trackers will be the last hope for a while.
Does she have even a single creampie scene? Facials are so boring.
file fucking name
File: Wojak (16).jpg (6KB, 248x247px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Wojak (16).jpg
6KB, 248x247px
Kelly Divine And Sasha Grey – Kokcast Cable Offers Anal Services
thanks for the other links, though it seems like a seed has shown up briefly (never connected to me though), but we're up to 89% now

maybe I'll just wait it out
she has done just about everything ever.
haven't found one yet though, do you know of a video with creampie?
I don't know if I like her. She is gorgeous but she is not attractive to me. I don't know why.
Can you fans recommend me a good vid of her? First off let me say that I think her only good asset is her ass. But there's so much porn around that I never really waste much time looking through her vids.

But she comes around in discussion so much that I always try to find a good vid of her with no success. Maybe a vid that focuses only/mostly on her ass in a way that shakes a lot.

For example: not a vid where the camera is on her ass but the male pornstar is holding her ass therefore keeping it from jiggling.
Hello again
I watched one of her videos yesterday. I would like to correct myself. I found her really attractive, specially her ass.

She also is a dirty mouthed girl, isn't she? Was she raped as a child or something?
she just got really into bdsm with some guy and never went back
for anyone who cares, both of these torrents are now seeded again
Sasha Grey Goes Interracial, Fetish and Bizzare - Private [720p] 447.7 MB

Straight, Brunette, Blowjob, Bondage, Hardcore, Interracial, Anal, Fetish, Stockings, Lingerie, Petite
Sasha Grey was an absolute trailblazer in the porn community. No other actress with a horse face and an average body made nearly as much money.
>average body

Her ass is the best thing ever unless you're only into really fat asses and her tits, small and all, had the perfect shape.
So disappointing that she never worked for a scat producer.
I consider it a good thing that she never did scat.
I am new here.
How do i use the link here to download this torrent.
just open it in your torrent client

Is it possible to get some seed on those ? I need Sasha to help me get a girl out of my mind.
Upload it then dumb ass
Here is a 202 pack video
48.04 GB

File: sg quote.png (21KB, 468x60px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sg quote.png
21KB, 468x60px
48 gb??
>48 gb??

That's only 240 MB per video. Okay quality if they're short clips, meh if that's for a half hour.
Anybody got a link to some of her BDSM stuff?
Thread posts: 44
Thread images: 8

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