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http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=2 99808 plot: Shu is

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Shu is a typical Japanese boy, but has an unbeatable, optimistic and determined attitude. However, when he sees a mysterious girl with strange eyes named Lala-Ru up on a smokestack, he is soon pulled into a strange desert world. Shu soon discovers the true terrors of war, which includes genocide, brutal torture, hunger, thirst, and child exploitation. Now Shu is trying to save Lala-Ru, as well as his hard earned, and often relunctant, new friends from the insane dictator, Hamdo. Whether Shu can possibly accomplish saving those he cares about while still holding up to his values remains to be seen.
This series is depressing as shit.
Like story will.make you sad or its god awful and unwatchable

ooooo Here and There, Now and Then. I actually own this, its a rough journey. Its not often that you seen an anime were a teen girl tries to abort her rape baby by smashing her stomach with a rock.
could be both tbh. a bunch of terrible shit happens constantly, almost to the point of parody. if you liked come and see you'll probably be into it but if you find that kind of pornographic misery trite and off-putting i'd say give it a pass
Bump because this animu it's awesome and full of feels.
once is enough for me but have a bump for an excelent show
a really comfy soundtrack brilliant atmosphere

it's clear that not much effort was put into character development, unfortunately.
the interaction felt really awkward and unorganic, failed to portray children completely imo. and the villain(?) was written as utter fucking shit. some aspects of the story will probably distract you as well.
but the dark setting of children being used in war redeemed this anime.

oh yeah the most distracting part was completely unrealistic and terribly convenient solutions for the mc's struggles, atleast early on.
Is it just me or is there no subs in this thing besides the into and outro songs?
It's fully subbed with soft-subs, check your player settings or codec pack.
What a show. already have the hd edition with bonus artwork.
Man can that music give me feels.
> http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=299808

Bumping this just to recommend for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. It is a masterpiece, although a few flaws are included.

Alternate torrent:
- http://bakabt.me/details.php?id=155628

It is the identical [GP] torrent available @Nyaa, but the bakaBT location tends to be much better seeded and might work for some people if they have trouble @Nyaa.

As mentioned, the music collection is excellent & can be had here:
- http://bakabt.me/details.php?id=153632

The other reason to bump, I'll suggest another depressing as all Hell & really good anime:
- http://bakabt.me/details.php?id=174115

Saishuuheiki Kanojo | SaiKano | She ~The Ultimate Weapon~ | The Last Love Song on This Little Planet

Lock up & hide all sharp objects and firearms before watching, and maybe queue up the first 20-30 episodes of something like Marmalade Boy to watch as an antidote afterward.
cheers guys I've been looking for this one for a while.
Bumping because I love this anime.
me too
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Man. This anime. This anime.

I don't know. Definetly was some pretty good feels. Now probably one of my top 10. Not the best anime there is, but it hit all the right buttons with me.
Oh shiiiiit I forgot this existed. I rented the first DVD from Blockbuster and I didn't want to continue after.... things happen.
Yeah good anime, reminds me of those kids in Syria who are right now either being brainwashed to fight for ISIL or used as a living anime pillow.

This was the first anime I ever watched were I really HATED the villain.
Same for any country invaded by the usa.
Not to mention those tewowists are just mercenary groups composed of and headed by intelligence agencies from the us, uk, israel, australia and other european countries eager to profit from oil and stock manipulation, billionaire military expenditures, slave trade and prostitution. Just talking about it gives them the coverage they need to scare people into keeping their massive budgets open.
Do you remember how Venezuela no longer faced any drug issues as soon as they kicked out the dea? very dirty, very profitable to feed off crime and war.
bump for excellence
Go back to -- >>>/pol/, you retarded asshole, and /b/e with your /b/rethren.

Better yet, move to Syria and suck Assad's cock. You really are too stupid and ignorant for any other useful function in this world.
Dumb faggot. Shisis and asshat go hand in hand. Already said it months ago on here. They both must be destroyed. The true rebels were murdered by the cia and they took too long to kill asshat.
Best scenario now, Russia kills both of them and stabilizes Syria. Sadly any of the old rebel footsoldiers will be terminated by this. Fuck do you know anyways, strawman cnn shill
Now what I really came back here for...
Akame Ga Kill

10-bit FLAC


1080 with extras




1080 alt


Imma post more wartorn tyrant killers



1080 10-Bit


720 10-Bit


1080 Dual Audio




LQ + extras


Golden Age Trilogy 1080


Golden age 720 hella seeds

Pretty good series, worth watching for the atmosphere. Liked the OP/ED tune as well.

Whoa, way to spoil a powerful scene.
Is the name lala ru come from lala in to love ru
If anything it's the other way round, this series came out in 2000 but the tolove-ru mange didn't start until 2006.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 4

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