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DPMI-thread #2

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Aighty m8s.
Last DPMI-thread (>>585124) hit post-limit, so here's a new thread.

Pic is from DPMI-001
And here's my christmas present to you. DPMI-001 to DPMI-013, uploaded to MEGA. Plus the old thread as a html, as I'm not sure if anyone archived it.

[DPMI-001] レギンス狂 オニテカ×ガチピタ 深田梨菜 Rina Fukada


[DPMI-002] レギンス狂 オニテカ×ガチピタ 佐倉カオリ Kaori Sakura

[DPMI-003] ブラック・ハイ・レッグ RUNA

[DPMI-004] 高跟美腿涉谷BLACK GIRL ブラックハイレッグ 芹那 Serina

[DPMI-005] レギンス狂 オニテカ×ガチピタ 哀川りん Rin Aikawa

[DPMI-006] 挑発タイトイズム 遥花しいな Haruka Shina

[DPMI-007] 挑発タイトイズム 一ノ瀬ルカ Ruca Ichinose

[DPMI-008] エンジェル・ハイヒール 朝比奈リディア Lydia Asahina

[DPMI-009] レギンス狂 明日香クレア Kurea Asuka

[DPMI-010] 挑発タイトイズム 向井恋 Ren Mukai

[DPMI-011] 挑発タイトイズム 沖田杏梨 Anri Okita

[DPMI-012] レギンス狂 オニテカ×ガチピタ HIKARI

[DPMI-013] レギンス狂 オニテカ×ガチピタ Runa Shimotsuka


Last thread

Ok everyone, have fun and if there are any problems with either the MEGA-links or the torrents/magnets, say so.
And maybe someone can do the same for DPMI-014/15/16, cause I won't do it.
Merry Christmas, anon, and a happy new year.
Thank you JP.
thanks for the mega links
Can't they wear higher heels?
you sir are a god
are you sure there is no way
you'd upload DPMI-16?
Yep I'm sure. Cause I don't even have 16, nor 14 or 15, to begin with. I don't like them, cause they aren't really in the style of the other DPMI-parts anymore. But I posted magnets in the first thread, and they should still be pretty active.
why aren't all the dpmi's as high quality as dpmi-002?
I grabbed them all from the other thread but didn't post my thanks so I'm doing it now. Thanks for these! I fucking love this series, it's now backup'ed multiple times on my end so that I may never, ever lose these files
Thank you so fucking much for the Serina and Anri videos!

I wish Serina/Cocona was still active or at least more consistent with releases. I think that GAL car was video was her latest but I fucking lost it.
Wich one has the most amount of foot fetish stuffs?
y-you're good people
File: DPMX-002.jpg (626KB, 1600x4500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
626KB, 1600x4500px
Ok boys and girls, DPMX-002 is out.
Again, no posts or anything on the MILU-AV page. According to JAV-Library, MILU still directs the videos, but they're now produced by AVS. Couldn't find anything about it on the AVS-webpage, though. So no high-res cover or preview-pics.
But atleast, now the vids available in HD. So here's first the screens of it.

Even though it's not the DPMI-series, persé, the video itself looks a lot more like DPMI, than the latest DPMI-flicks.
File: DPMX-002.jpg (102KB, 800x537px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 800x537px
>[DPMX-002] セレビッチ!~誘惑の完全着衣~ 北川エリカ

magnet for HD-version:

magnet for low-res-version:

None of them are are hosted by me, but I'm downloading and seeding the HD-version.
You can get some more preview-pics at:
Or via dmm, but I couldn't access it due to ip-block. So have fun, everyone.
File: kxrkizaxb3n7.jpg (295KB, 800x2155px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
295KB, 800x2155px
DPMI016 - Uchimura Rin

Is this a CFNM niche, or what is the niche called?
Also, does anyone know the Kanji letters for this niche, cause I would really like to find some uncensored.
Not sure if there is a specific name for it. MILU-AV themself just label it with tags like ギャル, コスプレ, ハイヒール, ハイレグ, ミニスカ, レギンス, レギンス狂, 脚フェチ (milu-av.com/?p=1559).
And so far, I haven't seen any uncensored movies from the major studios, that involved atleast wetlook leggings or the other clothing styles that the DPMI-series has. But that doesn't mean I've seen every movie they made. I'd assume that Heyzo is the studio most likely to have something similiar.
So, I wish you good luck. If you find anything, please, let us know.
Thanks anon. Sure thing. Will check and post back if I find something.

Always did enjoy the "very tight jeans with ripped crotch"-movies that I've seen. But this stuff really takes it up a notch to 11.
File: FNK-018.jpg (2MB, 1612x1075px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1612x1075px
>"very tight jeans with ripped crotch"-movies
Ooh ya, I gotta search for some of those.
Alternatively woman in suits, like in FNK-018 (which was absolutely fantastic!).
Too bad JAVlibrary doesn't have a "pants" or "leggings" tag.
so much pixeling its unfapable,no thanks
Thank you for your intelligent contribution to this thread. Please post again. ( ´∀` )b
Thanks to whoever did this, this is better than christmas
Was looking furiously through google for a torrent but this is even better, of course it had to be found at home you sons of a bitch.
ABP-108 if you guys like this theme, it's on kickass
File: 77cover_URDT-009.jpg (180KB, 800x538px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180KB, 800x538px
File: URDT-007.jpg (186KB, 800x538px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186KB, 800x538px
The whole URDT-series seems to be like that. I downloaded URDT-007 once, but didn't keep, not sure why.
Anyone have a magnet link or even a torrent link for this one?

Tried searching for FNK-018 but can't seem to find a torrent.

And that looks sexy as hell.
On the JAVlibrary page for it (javlibrary.com/en/?v=javlij376e), there is a link to an OCH. I used that one - seemed sketchy at first but was the real file.

In the comments of the javlibrary entry is also a link to a torrent - but I didn't check it out, so no idea if it's still active.
so many pixels its unfapable
I wish jean torrents were posted more often. It's basically my biggest fetish
I'd love to do a separate jeans-AV thread, but I don't think I have any really related material right now. I will check and also see if I can find some good new ones - and maybe you can help out, too, as well as >>641047.
Or if jeans are to specific maybe a pants thread would be still alright, including stuff like >>641100.
I'm not even sure if I have picturesets with jeans in them. But I'll check later today.
Any related material was lost in a hard drive crash. unfortunately I've been unable to find much of anything I had. Not sure why I'm having so much trouble finding anything

I'll share if I stumble upon anything
File: m.jpg (117KB, 1546x137px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 1546x137px
Hi, but how can I make the magnet work on my utorrent, this is all I see I huge "link" but dunno how to get it to work
Don't know how it works for µtorrent exactly, but generally, you should be able to find something like "Add torrent via magnetlink" or maybe "via URL", past the magnet link in there and it should add the torrent. As I said though, not sure how exactly it works with µtorrent, I use qBitTorrent and it works flawlessly.
You can also just copy/paste the magnet link into the url-field of your browser and it should open a window, asking you how you want to open that link/file. There you simply select your torrent-program. After that your torrent programm will open the file.
File: 1367919668759.jpg (110KB, 334x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 334x750px
Yeah, that's probably much easier than what I proposed, good idea.

Also, much obliged that you created this thread and posted so much fucking content. New to JAVs, but I sure fucking love me some shiny tight pants.
File: Aki superdub.gif (1MB, 400x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Aki superdub.gif
1MB, 400x225px
You got good taste, m8. I wish I had more time, to search actively for more AVs that feature wet-look leggings.
And have a good time in this JAV-wonderland. If you don't know it yet, there are regular JAV-threads on /hc/ and /jp/.
Thanks a lot, not sure if I want to venture into /jp/ to be honest, I've been there once or twice and my stays there weren't all too pleasant, will give /hc/ a try though.

Prior to this, was mostly hanging on /d/. Good stuff, but no 3D. There's threads there on shiny clothes too, mostly latex though and then heavy fetish stuff, quite often. Everything's got its perks and disadvantages.
Yeah, I don't like the thread on /jp/, either. Too fast and too many shittalkers.
/d/ has latex-threads? Noice, haven't been there in a while.
The latest /hc/-thread is over at >>>/hc/709262 - usually those threads are pretty slow, as Oakland, G-Queener and I don't post too often (unfortunately). But there you can always ask stuff, if you want to know something.

I got a question for all the anons lurking in this thread. I'm currently searching and collecting videos with focus on tight pants (jeans, leggings, etc.) and butts. Should I make a new thread once I have enough material, or should I just post them here, even though this is the DPMI-thread. One example would be for instance the first scene in
>MUGF-025 レギンスを穿いた女性のぴっちりしたお尻にすごくムラムラしちゃうんです
Girl (Anna Sakura) get's her wet-look leggings first oiled up and then the guy hotdogs her slippery butt. The rest of the video only features pantyhoses, though.
>too many shittalkers
Precisely. Also, to use a buzzword, never seen a board that's more autistic. Although I never dared entering /mlp/ or /r9k/ yet.

Yep, latex threads are quite common there, although I remember that they had a bit of a drought period. One or two threads and you'll have seen most of what's out there. Still, good stuff to be found.

Regarding the question you posed I wouldn't mind having those vids in this thread, even though it's, strictly speaking, not the right thread. Guess it depends on the amount of material you find as well. If it's only 5 or so vids, might be better to post here, anything above that MIGHT warrant its own thread.
Yeah, so far I found about 15 movies, so I guess I'll start a separate thread once I have them.
Anyway, have a good day, mate.
File: 1416020166625.jpg (64KB, 850x650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 850x650px
Thanks, you have a good one too.
HD remakes when lol

Also, when you make that thread >>643113 be sure to link it here, always looking to satisfy my sick desires for hoarding as well as my very healthy appreciation of tight pants and skirts.
Me again.

Found this: https://kickass.so/fhd-snis-166-utsunomiya-woman-of-the-undercover-officer-t9549455.html

Girl wears a black shiny catsuit from ~0:30:00 to ~1:30:00. One hour of shiny catsuit in full HD. Good stuff.

Pic very related
File: 3wanz176pl.jpg (174KB, 800x536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174KB, 800x536px
Yeah, there are a lot of those latex catsuit AVs. But I personally don't like them cause they almost always feature abuse/rape-scenarios and I'm just not into that.
There's also enough material for a separate thread.
Damn, and here I though I incidentally found something for you lol.

Yeah, it's true that it's pretty rape-y. Thanks for that link, man!
This one is probably my favorite
File: 118yrh00002jp-1.jpg (147KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147KB, 800x600px
Hey Anon, I made a thread for tight pants/leggings in JAVs >>643731
Thanks to the Anon who had the idea.
Some people on the old thread were looking for this. I found where to buy it. No links for torrents for it on the internets it seems.

look up for shiny-mistress-japan on clip4sale

Vid name: Catsuit on the Bed #1_1080pHD
No need to thank me or anything, but I found a magnet link for that FNK-018 video, and it's seeded:
why are they all censored T-T
Thanks, Anon. Much appreciated
Does anyone know how trustworthy clips4sale is in terms of buying stuff from there?
This one is hands down the best imo
magnet link is dead, anyone have a live one?

I bought something there once, it worked fine.
Never let dpmi die
Yes please!! Don´t let DPMI die!!
BUMP for one of the best /t/ threads
bump for awesomeness, also this is your daily reminder from /g/ not to use µtorrent since it secretly installs a crypto currency miner. If you are looking for an alternative go over to /g's wiki : wiki.installgentoo.com or just use qbittorrent
File: 1425743636862.jpg (18KB, 250x418px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 250x418px
Literally gonna cum buckets after the downloads finish.
Thank you all for bumping the thread.
It's weird that MILU-AV haven't had any blog updates regarding newer DPMI- or DPMX-releases. Let's hope they didn't drop the series ;__;
File: 1424308311657.gif (2MB, 388x218px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 388x218px
im jsut glad for your awsome presence, your into all the scenes it seems :D (pun anyone?)
have you found mugf-025?
all google spits out is fake torrent links
dat ass

Looks like this one works
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1EEA80F253A5B704BEEAEC0D2219568FD272B502&dn=fnk-018 - See more at: http://avupload.com/tw/av/2014/FNK-018-65676/#sthash.YmXboXYS.dpuf
What the fuck? One is empty and the other one failed.
demanding answer for this question
File: 5.png (403KB, 600x849px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
403KB, 600x849px
thank you....i looking for DPMI collection
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