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3D Model Physibles

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The 40k Collection 3.0

A biger and better collection of all of the 40K .stl files on the interwebs, snagged before GW can spoil the fun. Formerly known as the Garin Collection, since he made most of the Tyranid and Terminator files.
File: 3d.bikes.jpg (312KB, 1024x667px)
312KB, 1024x667px
Contains the following:

-Knight Paladin Titan
-Tyranid Bio-Titan
-Imperial Knight

Imperial Guard:
-Leman Russ tank
-Saber Defense Platform

-Orc conversion kit for other models
-Grotzooka and Deffkopta Bigbomb
-Grot artillery
-Scrap Barricades
-Killa Kan

Space Marines:
-Various Torsoes, bodies, and arms/legs
-Space Hulk Terminators
-Various weapons
-Bikes, and bike-riding models
-Dreadnoughts (Model and weapon options)
-Drop pods
-Grek Knight Terminator captain
-Various Primarchs
-Terminators and weapon options
-Centurions w/50mm bases
-One-piece marines
-Female marines (One-piece)
-Caestus Assault Ram
-Land Raider
-Land Speeder
-Hippo APC/tanks

-Drone body
-Crisis Battlesuit

-Hive Tyrant
-Adrenal Glands
Thanks, doc.

Thanks man. May the Emperor blessing come to you.
Please seed!
I only got to 99% when the last seeder logged off.
File: Tyranid Bio-Titan.jpg (62KB, 628x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tyranid Bio-Titan.jpg
62KB, 628x472px
have you checked these models? they look like shit
Complain all you want, but a drop pod is a drop pod except when it's free.

Then it's mine.
Bump for interest.
~ Grammar Nazi
thank you op
out of curiosity what printer are you using op and anyone else in here

got a robo3d recently, results have been so damn poor, support has been so damn poor.
looking at replacing it with either a lulzbot, orion delta/rostock max, or makergear m2
Found this here,
Printed with a Printrbot Simple, but looking to upgrade to a Prusa i3
File: chickenmahrine.jpg (50KB, 690x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 690x518px
The collection has everything except this guy.

>Female marines
this is golden
bi siktir git amına koyayım

It does has it.
File: 1386201743174.jpg (29KB, 402x564px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 402x564px
>-Female marines (One-piece)
how do i download this
Pray to The Emperor very hard.
bumping for things like this for other miniature games.
protip for getting better prints

though obviously he goes full gloss on the one on the left, far too much for most purposes, but a little goes a long way in making a better print
On a budget, what printer do I get to start out with?

How much do the filaments cost?
>How much do the filaments cost?
Detail looks quite bad. eBay and yoymart leave you more satisfied.
Bumping for interest yet again.
Keep this thread alive, faggots.

~ Grammar Nazi
~ Grammar Nazi
Bump for the bump god.
Why don't people make good mag links anymore?
Just make them sisters

Save yourself 200-300 dollars easy, even on ebay.
How do i open these files?
My friend has a makergear and sings its praises. The others, I'm not super sure about. I'm getting a makergear now. Having seen the prints he's made, it does seem like the best option, if you're willing to buy Simplify 3D to slice perfectly for it.
Depends on if you want to invest on a good one. The makerbot rep 2 is no longer being made, but you can find clones such as the powerspec or the flashforge printers pretty cheaply, $800 ish. If price is your main concern, you can buy a printrbot for around $300. For just a little bit more than the makerbot clones, you can get a makegear m2, but it'll take a little bit of getting used to (it's not quite as noob friendly).

As far as fillament, high quality (makerbot) fillament is $70, but most is in the $30-$50 range. Also, you can get special kinds of fillament, which might set you back a little more.
With a slicer or 3d modeling program. To view them, use Blender or Sketchup. To slice for a printer, use makerware (for makerbot printers) or slic3r, Cura or Simpliy 3D (which costs money but is the best one there is)
oh this is fucking beautiful
>>>droolin yo
what about WHF
both provided magnets are 404'd. any way to revamp this stuff?
what layer height do you guys use?
>Simplify 3D
Wow, this looked neat until I saw the price tag. I don't make that kind of money.
Bump b/c lel

it's $149, how broke are you srsly
For those interested

Great printers, great support from the community and from the company, lots of mods out there:
printerbot simple maker's kit 149
printerbot simple metal (kit or prebuilt) 539-599+
Fusematic 849
flashforge (or others like it) 977+
seemecnc rostock v2 999
seemecnc orion delta 1374
lulzbot mini 1350
ultimaker 1 1379
makergear m2 1475
lulzbot taz 5 2200
ultimaker 2 2602

All of the machines above have great support, documented history, communities, mod ability, and print very very well

Filament options:
Pla/ABS 30 for good quality
T-Glase 34+
Ninjaflex 52+
Semiflex 52+
Carbon fiber 60+
Woodfill 60+
bronzefill/copperfil 73+

simplify 3d 149 (fucking worth it, get it when you get your machine, dont be a jew)

Must have tools:
allen wrenches
digital calipers
xacto knife
UHU glue sticks
super glue
works just fine for me?
Anyone printed these yet? curious what kind of detail you get. I'm gonna guess not much.
I don't have a print handy, but I've tried a few, printing without supports you are going to have issues, with supports going to need some time to cut away, but can get good prints out of it if you have your printer settings spot on. It's not going to be as detailed as the real models but pretty darn good.
how is it price-wise compared to just getting chinashit?
get chinashit you will never get a working print ever, period. Same thing goes for 99% of printers off kikestarter
Thread posts: 46
Thread images: 5

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