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In the Realms of the Unreal documentary


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OK I'll take it

thanks op
This guy sort of comes off like a more talented CWC.
what´s a CWC?

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It is finally out the best H Game Every.

Artificial Academy 2.


More information:

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>Seeders: 2301
>Leechers: 7844
Talk about popular.
my character is bold and the game crashes when you try to interact with anyone. wtf?
problem solved. didn't have the character creator installed. installing it solved the crashing problem.

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Book cover for the image file, book title in the subject field, author(s) in the name field, magnet/torrent URL at the top, summary in green text. Let's keep the /pol/ memes and political debates to a minimum.
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>Jensen is a controversial figure, largely for his conclusions based on his and other research regarding the causes of race based differences in intelligence and in this book he develops more fully the argument he formulated in his controversial Harvard Education Review article ‘How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement?’. In a wide-ranging survey of the evidence he argues that measured IQ reveals a strong hereditary component and he argues that the system of education which assumes an almost wholly environmentalist view of the causes of group differences capitalizes on a relatively narrow category of human abilities.

>Since its original publication the controversy surrounding Jensen’s ideas has continued as successive generations of psychologists, scientists and policy-makers have grappled with the same issues.
>Among particular issues discussed in this book are the problems of the cultural disadvantaged, the problems of devising psychological tests which are not biased towards any particular culture, the problems of minority groups of children in education and the relationship between heritability and teachability.
>The book is based on the fact that the average IQ of African Americans had been consistently found to lie approximately 15 points lower than that of White Americans, and the accusation made by some psychologists that IQ tests are therefore culturally biased against African Americans. The book does not address the question whether the cause of the IQ gap is genetic or environmental, but only whether the tests themselves are valid.

>The book presents several arguments that IQ tests are not biased. African Americans' lower average performance on IQ tests cannot be because of differences in vocabulary, because African Americans have slightly better performance on verbal tests than on nonverbal tests. The IQ difference also cannot be because the tests depend on White culture, or that Whites inevitably do better on tests designed by Whites. In fact, Blacks perform better on tests that are culturally loaded than they do on tests designed to not include cultural references unfamiliar to Blacks, and Japanese children tend to outscore White children by an average of six points. Nor can the difference be a reflection of socioeconomic status, because when Black and White children are tested who are at the same socioeconomic level, the difference between their average IQs is still twelve points.

>The book also presents evidence that IQ tests work the same way for all English-speaking Americans born in the United States, regardless of race. One is that IQ tests have been very successful in predicting performance for all Americans in school, work, and the armed forces.

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Ok, here whe go again. Why the Admin don't sticky the old thread?

Immorality - Equation Of Immoral (The Immorals) (I've found only these links. There are 2 episodes)


Viper GTS (uncensored)


Princess Knight Catue


- Vampire


Space Pirate Sara


Oppai no Ouja 48


Baku Chichi Bomb


Bakunyuu Maid Gari


- Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better


Project Boob


- Tentacle and Witches

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- Pandra The Animation

File: 1.jpg (406KB, 1520x1081px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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- Kagaku Na Yatsura



File: 1.jpg (448KB, 1596x1199px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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- Soushi Souai Junai Mellow Yori


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Oh shit! Didn't think this would get uploaded. Thanks tons.
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updated to 1.01

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I dug up an ancient file called fap hero I found here a while ago, figured I'd share it!

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Sorry just figured out i broked the link, here is a better one:

What is this?
To explain, it's a challenge in which you fap/stroke when told to in the video, while watching hentai. Somewhat difficult. Comes with a bit of story, and a good hour of fap material

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Remember Jackpot - No hands? This torrent has about every erotic hypnosis tape that is commonly available.


For those who don't know Jackpot.
> erotic hypnosis
> listen with headphones
> go into trance
> orgasm at the end
> may need several listens

In honour of my recent succes with this tape, I'm posting this archive ;-)

For the archivists among you: many of the hypnotists have since shuttered their websites and have pursued different careers (e.g. therapeutic hypnosis). So save these tracks while you still can.

Great (and safe) stuff for beginners:
>Victoria Wizell
>Wendi Friesen
>Nikki Fatale
>Mona Blu
>Isabelle Valentina (e.g. Jackpot series)

It also contains some video hypnosis and motivational/regular stuff:
>Brain training
>Weight loss
>Life success

This is a compilation made by anon of three big torrents on tpb. A fourth one that was added later is:


Report back with results or ask for suggestions!
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I never get these to work, tried lots of times.
What am I supposed to be feeling? What's it supposed to be like?
these things are so expensive legally that i dont think they would work
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It takes discipline to listen to a training programme every day for months I think.

listen to Mind Mistress trance training and then Vixen for a whole month, id bet thatll screw your head (in a nice way)

any annon have real experience with this?

File: IndexGif.gif (3MB, 750x640px)
3MB, 750x640px

It seems I've been unbanned. Thank you to the mod who did it. Or to the server purge.

To celebrate, here is my last project, the MFC megapack containing over 50 models, over 1000 videos and hours of fapping content.

I'll bump with my former torrents.

Everything Asian-related I post is on YourExotic, private tracker but registrations are open and my torrents are all freeleech so don't start complaining.
If you have a problem, send me a PM there, I'll see what I can do.

No magnet.
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Previous project was Korean BJ (for Korean Broadcast Jockeys)



Or in general, check out my uploads on the site or by searching for "korean BJ" on it. Another dude from here contributed.

Was the result of hours of gathering and sorting up torrents from a former thread.

Your packs make getting this shit 1000x easier

66.5 GB of Miku Miku Dance R18 videos.

Basically rendered naked and half naked anime girls dancing to synthesized and real music.

All lovingly download from FC2. You can search FC2 for video previews and download only those you like.

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The fuck is this.

Post some screen sheets or something
Just for you anon.

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[GHOST IN THE SHELL ARISE][border 1:Ghost Pain][BDRip][x264][720P][FLAC]
Include English, Japanese and Chinese sub.

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Did this just start running in Japan on June 22, 2013. When did the blueray come out.
When I saw the recent FMA movie at an Asian Film Festival, they played it off a Blu-Ray disk. This was way before the Blu-Ray was actually released.

Ghost Pain has been licensed for international screening. So I guess someone working at a theater managed to copy the disk.
Could some one help me with the chronology of the releases?
I have 2 seasons of 26 episodes each called sac and sac 2nd gig...
I have 3 movies... inocence, ghost in the shell 1995 and stand alone complex solid state society.
Now downloading arise..
Ty anon.

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