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so how's your team's draft looking so far? anyone you

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so how's your team's draft looking so far? anyone you are certain is a hit? how about guys who are on the road to being busts?

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on the road to being GOAT

>tfw I knew Jamaal Charles was gonna be elite before everyone else

I think Adrian Amos and Eddie Goldman are both going to very good players in this league. Amos in particular is going to go down as a huge steal.

Kevin White already has a rod in his leg, so yea the #7 overall is already ready for the glue factory. Bears aren't wasting any time.
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>leagues with drafts
>communist leagues in general
>Phins fan.

Don't know what to make of Devante Parker. Literally rarely sees the field except for maybe 3-4 snaps in a game. Just makes me angry that if we just lost that Vikings game we had no business winning, we might've drafted Todd Gurley.
I can't go to a sports website without seeing a "Is Todd Gurley the Best Runningback in the NFL?" article. So yeah...

danny shelton is invisible in games, only has 18 tackles this season, and the run D has gotten worse somehow.

Cam Erving is sitting reserve because apparently the blocking schemes are too complicated for him to understand, and he can't even beat out mitchel fucking schwartz

this team is bad and Farmer has blundered away 4 first round picks in 2 years

time to kill myself
At least you didn't watch Gurley pass right by your team while they took a guy with no shins.

>tfw another GM who cannot draft 1st rounders

>draft guard
>trade for ramirez (guard)
>get worst OL in history
just meme my scheme up fampai
Agholor and Rowe haven't really produced but have shown promise to where you can't label them busts. Jordan Hicks has stepped up and played great, especially with the injuries to the other linebackers

>Amari Cooper
Easily the best rookie WR right now (get fucked Digglets)
>Mario Edwards Jr.
Currently starting but hasn't been for long. I'm withholding judgement until he either shines or fizzles out.
>Clive Walford
Gets better every week. Has been taking snaps away from Rivera.
>Jon Feliciano
Has been riding the bench. Hope he can come in eventually for J'Marcus Webb.
>Ben Heeney
Preseason hero who's also been riding the bench, could eventually become something at MLB.
>Neiron Ball
He's gotten some snaps, nothing jaw-dropping but has been better than Ray Ray Armstrong (not that that's hard or anything). Wish him the best of luck after all the shit he's been through.

Everyone else has been a literally who.
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>lots of people projecting Gurley's knee issues to make him fall
>some projecting the Patriots to get him at 32
>Rasm meme and snatch him up at 10

Malcom Brown is looking better every week and I was happy with the pick though, great pick for need to help replace Wilfork.

Was happy with the Trey Flowers, Tre Jackson, and Shaq Mason picks, Tre and Shaq were going to be the O-Line of the future but they can't get on the damn field. Hopefully they can get healthy by the Denver game.
He's been injured and when he's not been injured, he's been dealt a shit hand. Can't really give him a fair grade Tbh.
C-, probably should be getting more playing time in a dime formation but he's not quite good enough to beat out Carroll or Maxwell on the outside, and he's not fast enough to play the nickel
A+. Fantastic pick. Actually manages to make one of Alonso or Kendricks disposable. Steal of the draft.
RIP in piece
practice squad
>that big guy who's name i can't remember

outside of Romo Killer it's been a pretty disappointing draft. again.
Are the Eagles really going to let Mychal Kendricks walk this offseason?

Darius Randall might be decent..
Montgomery could be a really good returner/ screen pass kind of guy

All of our picks underachieve or aren't even playing
its like you dont even watch the games.

>Shaq Thompson, OLB
Good. Not a superstar yet like Keuchly, but he's got 20 combined tackles and a sack on the year. Currently injured.

>Devin Funchess, WR
I don't want to call this kid a bust, but he's been playing like dogshit and is one of the worst receivers on an already piss poor receiving core. Stone hands with spaghetti fingers.

>Artis Payne
Barely plays.

The other two are an offensive guard and tackle. Both are better than Byron Bell, which is a huge step up for the oline
This fag already said Goldman and Amos, but Grasu has seen some playing time too and looked actually decent. Especially when you consider that everyone knew it would take a year of NFL roids before he could see the field.

I know Langford dropped that pass and has been kind of up and down, but I wouldn't write him off yet.

The White pick sucked. It sucked the instant they selected him, they should've moved up for Williams or taken Gurley at 7. Or really done anything other than what they did. But the rest of the draft looks like the best one they've had in a long, long time.

I was mad as Hell we didn't get Scherff, but Flowers is much better than I thought he'd end up being. The O-Line is playing much better and he's shown me that he can be a leader when he needs to be.


He hasn't made an instant impact like I'd hoped, but he's gotten progressively better. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does down the road.


He's the only LB we have who has any speed. I wish he had more to show for that, but I like him better than Jon "Glass" Beason or Unga who's too inconsistent.
>comparing a 1st rounder to a 5th rounder
the hype for diggs is because he was drafted so low and is still having a good season

Got hit dirty by Lockett, who's like half his size so that worries me. But he's next to Luke and Davis so his maturation should be fine overall.

I thought Brandon LaFell has stone hands and spilled his spaghetti everywhere. No, Funchess makes LaFell look like Jerry Rice. (Although, I see LaFell is a lot better with Brady, so maybe that was a coaching or QB issue)

The 2 OL aren't awful, but aren't studs so it's passable I guess. I'll take it.

Disappointing. Needed much more development than I think the front office thought. This year is a wash. Its about how he grows into next now.

Grade: D


What the team needed. Sure tackler that really filled a position of need to a high standard so far.



Was considered a heavy project pick. Has actually outperformed that. Wasnt expecting to see him on the field much at all but he has seen some action and done well with it.



Made a starter well before it was planned he would have to. Hasnt been great. Hasnt been awful. Hasnt shattered into glass which is a big plus. Left last game but isnt considered a serious injury.



Been just another guy. Cant really expect more from a mid round rookie who is at best the second tight end in a team with a middling to poor offense. Hasnt really caught attention which isnt always a bad thing.



Ye. Ye just like that bb. Ye.


>Rest of the guys

Haven't seen the field really. Not enough data.


Really happy with the class. As it looks right now we have 2 high quality starters (Diggs, Kendricks), 2 competent backups who can and have played the starting role well and should develop into good starters (Hunter, Clemmings) and a first round pick that could still go either way.
>Ced Ogbuehi
Hasnt played, IR whole year.

>Jake Fisher
Backup, barely played, looks like a good run blocker

>Tyler Kroft
Special Teamer, Backup.

>PJ Dawson
Only one thats actually played. Looks Okay, might be ok one day. Backup

>Josh Shaw
>Falling off your balcony
>being a liar

Whats it like having your rookies play?

>he likes 1 club leagues with no parity whatsoever
>Malcolm Brown
Looks good and seems to be improving with every game. He's going to be a great player
>Jordan Reed
Not an awful player but we could've gotten someone much better in late 2nd round than a 3rd string safety/special teamer
>Geneo Grisson/Trey Flowers
Two DEs taken almost back to back, both of them barely even played so far. I don't like those picks so far but Bill might've just taken them as insurance in case we can't keep Jones after 2016
>Shaq Mason/Tre Jackson
Two talented players at a position of need who are also good enough to contribute right away. Great picks, I prayed for a guard the entire draft.
>Joe Cardona
I have no idea how to rate long snappers. He still hasn't fucked anything up so I guess he's good.
>Matthew Wells/AJ Derby/Darryll Roberts/Xzavier Dickson
literally whos. I'm pretty sure they didn't even make the roster
If it's this enforced it takes away all authenticity
no they just extended him through 2020 or so
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Yeah. I think we did alright.
lafell still has his stone hands dont you worry. brady does make him look a little better but he is still shit
>tfw your team passed on Amari Cooper and/or Todd Gurley
Wow did the Panthers really get Shaq?

If they can keep Norman, that defense is gonna be godly
>Todd Gurley
I'd still be worried about him being really injury prone
He lasted 1 of 3 seasons in college and you play on turf
should i buy this? it has a draft beer on the back lmao
>not being the Draft King

lmao ima buy this desu
>mfw went to look up hoodie
>draft king
>draft beer on back

lol so dumb i just might work
>traded Jimmy Graham for Unger and Stephone Anthony who's having an outstanding debut at MLB
>Andrus Peat looks pretty soft, dunno how I feel about him he's been hurt last few weeks, but we solid at LT anyway
>Kikaha is doing very well, surprisingly decent against the run
>QB Garrett Grayson - dunno yet really. We drafted him for a reason and Saints draft pretty well
>several more defenders, most notably DB Swann

tl;dr drafted probably the best inside and outside linebackers, and several raw talents. I give us a B+ so far. Who dat.
idc drunk idiots will be toasting to the giant beer on the back

I remember being perplexed by Peat on draft night

he has a skinny man's face on an obese man's body
>Amari Cooper
Routinely gets separation, even from top CBs like Revis. Well on his way to becoming a top-3 receiver in the league. Great pick.
>Mario Edwards
Starting as a base end that moves inside in nickel, starting to flash more and more recently. Solid starter right now with potential to grow into an above-average player. Good pick.
>Clive Walford
Starting to get more snaps; below average blocker, above average receiver, meh pick.
>Jon Feliciano
Riding the pine and hasn't flashed at all. Bad pick.
>Neiron Ball
+++ coverage LB that has shown flashes as a base Off-LOS LB. Great pick.
>Brandon Sheff
A, He's played great against top D linemen in Rams, Dolphins, and Jets. Still progressing but I love his development so far especially after that shit preseason game against the Lions.

>Preston Smith
B-, He can be a fucking star player but he takes plays off and players admit that they are pushing him because they know he can be a monster.

>Matt Jones
B, if he fixes his fumbling issues he will be our new RB. He's had 2 great games but the whole run game is struggling right now don't know if its him or the O-line being injured these past weeks.

>Jamison Crowder
A, great slot receiver and very reliable route runner and catcher. He's fast as shit as well and beat Andre Roberts out of a job making it an easy decision to cut his ass.

>Arie Kouandijo
NR, he's only played one game because of injury and he rotating with Spencer Long but I'm sure with our elite O-line coach he will turn to a great depth player at minimum.

>Martell Spaight
C, special teams player and he hasn't fucked up so thats good. He rotated when our ILBs were injured and made good reads against runs but wasn't asked much to cover.

>Kysheon Jarret
B, took the slot CB job when we drafted him to be a safety. He's progressed well but our scheme really sucks but he covers alright but he's good at run defense.

Scott has drafted well and I'm all over his nuts if you couldn't tell.
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>have Julio, Hopkins, Robinson
>trade Hopkins for Forte since RB have been shit
>Kevin Johnson
Seems pretty talented. He has been burned a couple of times, but has shown a real knack for using his hands and has made quite a few impact plays. He should get more consistent with time, so he seems like a solid pick even though corner was far from the biggest need. A

>Benardrick McKinney
About what I expected. Good run stuffer, liability in pass coverage. He will only be a 2 down player, but still decent value.
Pretty mediocre. Frank Clark is good depth and Tyler Lockett is a stud but he's never gonna be able to show it with Wilson throwing him the ball. Glowinski has been god awful and no one else has been good enough to see the field.
>Jaelen Strong
Does not contribute much, caught a couple TDs but they were both lucky. They are his only catches on the year. Losing snaps to 5th rounder Keith Mumphrey, who seems like a decent enough roleplayer. Still has time to develop though, I haven't lost hope. C-
B for mumphrey, has been surprisingly effective for a late round pick.

>Christian Covington
Hasn't contributed hardly at all. I liked him coming out of college though. Can't really judge yet, we will see what he can do next year
Are the browns literally cursed
Any reciever is going to be stunted with manlet wilson throwing them the ball. Tate was a beast, Baldwin is a beast, Graham is a beast, and now Lockett looks like a beast, but they'll never realize their potential with Wilson. put any of those receivers with a legit top 10 qb and theyd be studs

>Breshad Perriman

>Maxx Williams
solid player, needs a LOT of work before he can start

>Carl Davis
did great in the preseason and saw a few regular season snaps, probably the best of the bunch so far

>Darren Waller
I guess he's an alright filler at the receiver position, isn't awful but isn't good

>literal whos the rest of the way
kill me
Best receiver on the team, not that it matters much
Practice squad

Seakeks can't draft for shit
>Kikaha and Anthony
loving both of them, both doing rather well.
was a bit overwhelmed vs Philly, but Cox is an elite DE and hes a rookie so ill give him that. Seems a solid backup for now, eventually to replace strief at RT.
2 concussions in 3 weeks so he hasnt been able to play a lot but seems solid
good punt/kick returner. Takes that duty off of Cooks which is good. Has 1 return for TD which is sweet
I missed preseason games, but under Brees' mentorship, if he has potential he will develop into at least a good QB. Unlikely to be next Brees though. Good arm.
mario edwards is beasting though

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>D.J. Humphries
le mister inactive all season because shit (thus far)

>Markus Golden
love watching this guy play, stats aren't spectacular but he gets pressure and is a decent run stuffer

> David Johnson
pretty much been killin' it since the get go except when he cocked up that Rams game for us

>Rodney Gunter
also good run stuffer, decent replacement for Dan Williams I reckon

>Shaq Riddick
idk lmao

>J.J. Nelson
sick game against the Browns, good replacement for Smokey if ever needed.

>Gerald Christian
Injured so can't say but was probably Mr Irrelevant for a reason
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