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You Now Remember:

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Mickael Pietrus
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jamario moon
holy shit
He and his brother share 1 brain, and his brother took the whole of it. He could have had a much better career if only he was not an athletic freak with the mind of a 7 years old child.

I remember reading an interview where he was genuinely convinced he was the "European Ray Allen".
Yakhouba Diawara

I didnt want this reminder
Mickael Gelabala

>so old Seattle had a franchise back then
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Johan Petro
Miss u Peaches.
Last time I remember him was the 09 (I think) finals
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Jérôme Moïso
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Robert Swift
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Chris Marcus
Don't know who this cunt even is
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Eldridge Recasner
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Bobby "Right In The" Phills
He spent a whole year not playing in 2014, refusing every offers, because he was convinced some NBA team would sign him after leaving Toronto.

Then, after a while, he eventually signed for some random Puerto Rican team.
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Dražen Petrović
Jake Voskuhl

>and everyone from those early post-Jordan Bulls teams

Khalid El-Amin
Corey Benjamin
Kornel David
Will Perdue
Matt Maloney
Michael Ruffin
Dickey Simpkins
Lari Ketner
A.J. Guyton
Bryce Drew
Dragan Tarlac
Dalibor Bagaric

For those of you too young to remember, those teams right after Jordan retired were among the worst ever fielded in NBA history.
You also remember that time Ricky Davis fucked around and didn't get a triple double

A huge potential,completely wasted by a lunatic behaviour. He was named best European U20 center in 1995, played in UCLA, got drafted 11th by the Celtics. Problem is he always relied on his raw natural skills without trying to work on what his coaches asked him to workd, as he felt he didn't need it and didn't see the point of it. Then he was a trade-meat journeyman player in several franchises until 2005, and eventually played for several big teams in Yurop (Madrid, Bologna...), each times decreasing in standards as he still had the same behaviour, until his demise was so great he had no more choice than joining such great teams as the Jiangsu Dragons, Dnipropetrovsk or Piratas de Quebradillas.
Like the Andray Bltche triple double, or almost Trip Dub

>Darko Milicic has a ring
>as a rookie

and yet people will still call him a bust!
>that entire East Conference Champion team
>the team now

Larry Brown ruined so many young players over his career, it's amazing he's managed to last at SMU.

Did it in Detroit. Did it in Charlotte. Did it elsewhere.

Laron Profit is a coach now?

Jesus fuck I'm getting old. I remember that little nigga shitting it up for the Lakers
I still can't get over Tyrone Lue being a coach desu senpai
these two got me hard
most cancerous thread on /sp/
fuck off with this meme
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that guy who fucked adriana lima for a while
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he was good in nba jam
>Adonal Foyle

That's a good one
how could I forget this

>Boston Celtics player Mickael Pietrus says "all day, all night, I love you" in a post-game interview in his first game back after getting a concussion.
>after getting a concussion.

Only people with a brain can have a concussion, though.
Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 16

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