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Hello everyone, and thanks again for your suggestions in the last thread. It's time to vote on the Autumn squad.

Vote here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfRKrgsAcK80D2mRLyuBstYikIvkg6kYPAkXd0gisSWFKJRoA/viewform
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first for fuck /a/

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Can't wait for the ensuing logistic nightmare of having to count 120 write-ins for the medals.

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Why aren't PED's legalized in the UFC?

Does anybody even give a fuck if fighters are taking drugs? I don't give a fuck. I want to see TRTtor kicking peoples heads off.
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Steroids give increased tolerance to brains ability to withstand trauma. Plus with both fighters able to give and take more damage it really is a health concern.
It would just become a chemistry competition like the Olympics instead of a fight
I don't give a shit if fighter or bike riders take peds desu. however, taking them in baseball should be a lifetime ban and a bat up the ass

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Leicester City.jpg
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624 days until we win the Champions League
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get real

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> 143 days until the end of the 2017 NFL season.
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Fuck off, Juan.
why do you faggots pretend a catalog full of soccer spam doesnt exist

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For me, it's Lee Ua Néill Meaney
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>Bauza sacked because Argentina wasn't in a direct qualification spot
>sign Sampaoli and pay him 5 times more money than Bauza
>Sampaoli can't reach a qualification spot
>Bauza gets a new job in a NT
>already qualified

How do we fix the Argentine NT?
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who the fuck gave Bauza a job kek
The AFA needs to do a shady deal with Sampaoli. That's what worked for us until they got caught.
Saudi Arabia

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>russell westbrook
>paul george
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>implying the Lakers franchise will ever recover
NBA players have too much ego to have so many stars in one team for more than 1 or 2 years, won't happen

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So /SP/ anyone here ever seen the future through a dream/vision and it came true?

I had a dream on Wednesday night regarding the boxing this Saturday, the details:

>Be wondering the boxing result since I missed the fight apparently
>Watch post fight interviews
>TV crew following around a happy looking Canelo
>Presented with three gold bars which he holds to his ginger beard and poses with, one either side of his cheek,one remaining on the floor
>Shots of him playing bowling with his coach using silver-gold bowling balls.
>Does one arm press-ups and various exercises with the ball between his go

So, is this a premonition of Canelo winning? Should I make a bet?
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wow, upvoted! that's a great blog! :^)
Fuck off, this is a serious post, I need to know whether this is worth a bet or not.
I had a dream that McGregor beat Floyd when his hands broke in the early rounds.
I still bet 3k on Mayweather because dreams don't mean shit

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ITT: The most underrated and funny thing ESPN ever did. It was buried at like 10 p.m. on Sunday nights on ESPN Classic, but it was fucking terrific.

Anyone remember this?
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ya, great show.
I remember watching a show where they were looking back at an old Oilers game and kept trash talking this rookie only to reveal later it was Gretzky.
For me, it's the spelling bee episodes. Or scrabble.


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Why doesn't Arsenal have a protest club like United of Manchester of AFC Liverpool? The fans are clearly upset
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Why does spee love tsu so much? I thought he was |||arrogant|||
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Cristiano Ronaldo .. Do you think he is arrogant? Ok, watch this video! | RESPECT!!
Because he brings the best memes and it's fine to see messi fags super the fuck out every time he delivers. And he always delivers.
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Don't know who this man is? Well let's just say that he is the future coach of England's national football team.
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If the Jags win this Sunday are they the obvious AFCS favorite? Or can we expect a meltdown like always?
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> Blek Berbles
>any kind of favorite

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Stop smoking weed.
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How about you stop being a racist black piece of shit?

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Don't mind me, just being the best team in principauté de Monaco rn
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i confirm this
t. monaco
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hey use this fresh memes i made them
File: monaco2.png (157KB, 1331x765px)Image search: [Google]
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