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Who can stop him?
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the playoffs
I wish the NFL was like the NBA where talented players don't have to suffer at a shitty franchise and can bring players in/ move to win sometimes. Rodgers is too talented to have that receiving corps and no run game with shitty secondaries.
He can always move to a different team if he's that upset. Doesn't stop he from eating up more and more money with the huge contracts he asks for

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>posting about boxing

Its Arsenal Chelsea today you fucking cucklets
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>watching Arsenal lose against a good team
wow, nothing to see here, move along
Can't wait to see wen get bench kola and play 3 at the back. You boys are gonna get raped.

You fags should only be allowed to post during the world cup

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seriously nigger.jpg
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>people that think GGG won
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You weren't watching the fight right?
Landing weak jabs and pressuring someone in the ropes =/= winning. You need to show you're damaging the opponent more. Taking specific hits and counter punching is a real strategy and Canelo looked unfazed most of the game and landed more powerful punches.
Golovkin landed more shots than Canelo in his face.

Look at the stats fatty.

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natty goat edition

news: boxing is mandrama
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When will Conor come back to save the UFC? Nobody really cares about Georges.
Your gimmick is copying coralsprings, can't you at least get original you loser?

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What did he mean with this?
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Wanderlei in a dress.
ufc still lists her as 17-1

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>Eli Manning
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>Andy Dalton
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>Derek Carr
Are you the one anon that did that /a/j st/y/les thread?

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GGG would knock floyd's bald head off if they fought, but we all know floyd's too pussy to fight him and only accepts sideshow exhibitions nowdays.
Maybe 2 or 3 years ago. Loved the fight and GGG should have won, but this is the first time GGG looked so sluggish. By around round 9, I thought he would actually knock Canelo the fuck out.

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AYO HOL UP HOOOOOOL UP, are we dare I say, back?
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What part of Internazionale ar- oh wait a minute
It's /ouryear/ la. Icardi is in top form, the team has chemistry, so far so good!
Also Juve getting distracted by a trophy they have no chance to win midweek

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Official JUST Power Rankings:

1. Tennessee
2. LSU
4. Louisville
5. Kansas St
6. Pitt
On JUST watch:
7. Michigan
8. USC
9. Auburn
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>LaMeme Jackson
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Is /cfb/, dare I say it... ...ba..sorry.. back?..
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LMAO what the fuck is this?

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>there's a crowd of 70,000 in Atlanta right now for an MLS game
>yet the American sports MSM refuse to acknowledhge or even talk about anything MLS related
Why do ((((they)))) want soccer to fail so badly in America? You cannot ignore MLS's growing popularity for much longer. Soon redneck losers like Ann Coulter will be the thing of the past and garbage """""""""""sports"""""""""""" like niggercrash will be relegated to the back seat while Americans embrace soccer.
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>sports main audience is poor immigrants and numale white boys
>said audience is also poor so MLS barely makes any money compared to the Big 4 sports
>wonder why the mainstream media doesn't give a fuck about it

People went to check out the new stadium, nothing more. If (((they))) could make sheckels off this it'd actually be broadcast on tv. But the american public would much rather watch college football on a saturday.
Dont worry bro. Soccer is already big and no fatfuck virgin neets who worship BBC and watch boreball here can convince us that mls isnt relevant. The sports media in this country wont be able to ignore us for much longer. Mls demographics are young millenials and a new generation of american kids are being raised with mls and soccer. White trash bbc worshippers can only cry in despair that their garbage sports are slowly becoming irrelevant and a thing of the past.

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NE:Rex Burkhead to play more snaps this week?
WAS:Jordan Reed says he was 'rusty' Week 1
NYG:Odell Beckham questionable, expected to play
NO:Saints shopping walk-year S Kenny Vaccaro
CIN:PFT: 'Near mutiny' led Lewis to fire Zampese
BAL:Kenneth Dixon suspended additional 2 games
NYG:Odell Beckham trending toward playing on MNF
SEA:Richard Sherman on track for Week 2 vs 49ers
MIA:Report: Jarvis Landry expected to play Sunday
MIA:Dolphins to be without starting MLB Maualuga
LAC:Mike Williams (back) cleared to practice
NE:Dont'a Hightower (knee) ruled out for Sunday
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Who /at least finishing at 12-4/ here?
>Posts K
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12 picks, 4 HOFs

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Where the fuck is the cricket thread edition
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cricket is gay
Hope the Windies don't bully us again desu

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>Saturday, 9/16
Atlanta United vs Orlando City SC, 3:55pm EST
Vancouver Whitecaps vs Columbus Crew, 7pm
Montreal Impact vs Minnesota United, 7:30pm
FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders, 8pm
Chicago Fire vs DC United, 8:30pm
Sporting KC vs New England Revolution, 8:30pm
Colorado Rapids vs NYCFC, 9pm
Real Salt Lake vs Portland Timbers, 9:30pm
LA Galaxy vs Toronto FC, 10:30pm
San Jose Earthquakes vs Houston Dynamo, 10:30pm

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MLS admitting that their stupid kids league doesn't matter, who cares, no one cares about the Revs THAT much right? Let's use an NFL score in order to ridicule our own league's score.

That is hilarious behavior and says it all about the mentality of those in MLS , and even those WORKING for the league

This isn't a sudden revelation you've had, is it?


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our guy.jpg
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the meme that is Jack Wilshere will die this year
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>de gay
Today's double:
Hoffenheim - Braga 1
Arsenal - Köln 1
Odds: 1/!
odds on bate 5.00 lol its ridiculously high

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