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Last christmas I gave my gf (5 years) 80+ bows of all colors

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Last christmas I gave my gf (5 years) 80+ bows of all colors and types that she can put in her hair. These kinds of items are very cheap on the internet (aliexpress) and the variety makes for an amazing gift nonetheless.

This year I'm going crazy over really cute jewelry that's no more than 2$ a piece and other random items of equal cuteness.

What are some other things girls like that I could get? My gf loves bows, cats, the color turquoise/purple, vintage stuff and classy shit.

I also thought of getting some sexy stuff but I'm not sure how she would feel about that (ie full body fishnet "suit", hot panties or whatever).

General Girlfriend gift thread too I suppose.
Money,lots of money
Shitty gifts desu
-a girl

Get her something more personal
it's always half the gift

a lot of cheap but cool things and another nice but expensive thing
try modcloth.. just about everything on there is great. Ebay and etsy have a lot of kitschy vintage cat figures which she may like. A nice quality candle, a mac lipstick, cute pyjamas, (i recommend oysho) socks (everyone loves new socks) anything from Tony moly. its a Korean cosmetics brand which is super cute. This year I've asked my boyfriend for a cat ear headband and tail from kittensplaypen. Not even a furry I just think it's super cute. Your information was pretty vague though.. anything else to go on? if you want to get her something sexy go for classy and good Quality. Agent provocateur is a good one. seriously expensive but would score massive points.
I've looked up the sites you mentioned and things like the ones on kittensplaypen literally go for 1-3$ on aliexpress instead of the 35$+ they ask. Might wanna look it up. I'm not saying all their merch is there for cheaper but some of it certainly is.

I'm not really comfortable with he idea of ordering clothes online for her. That's why I go with accessories that fit anyone. She's pretty small but has pretty big boobs so she has trouble finding stuff that fits, meaning I probably would too (I have the same problem but with my shoulders lol).

Makeup/creams are above me too since she literally sold this type of stuff for 3 years and knows pretty much everything about it. Don't think I'll be able to find something on my own that would surprise her.
You should definitely post her boobs to help us advise you
Why isn't she worth more than literally the cheapest random shit available online though?
we spend a little more than 100$ on each other for christmas.
Honestly I'd prefer something like a framed photograph or 1 simple nice piece of jewellery. Who needs 80 bows or cheap jewellery
But how is $100 worth of cheap ass shit that'll probably break as soon as she opens her gifts better than one really good quality gift? Just don't see the point in 80 fucking bows or $2 jewellery when you could actually get her something seriously nice.

Last Christmas I got my bf a rare Pokemon card he'd lost when he was a kid, and a $200 mechanical keyboard. Step it up, amigo.
as I said, I basicalyl spend 30$ on a lot of items and then blow 90$ on something else.

The thing is I never know what that thing will be until very soon before christmas because I can't find anything that's worth it.
>General Girlfriend gift thread too I suppose.

The first gift I got my girlfriend was a dictaphone but not just any dictaphone, I bought her the exact one Agent Cooper uses in Twin Peaks (she's a huge Twin Peaks fan). I had to look for so long to find a working one but I finally did, two in fact, bought both just to be sure they were working. I had this red box that I put a couple of my graphic novels (she's a big bibliophile, thought I'd try to bring her into my world), some Star Trek trinkets, a bunch of mini cassettes and a handwritten letter in Swedish even though I had no understanding of the language. I then filled it with black & white shredded crepe paper to resemble the floor of the Red Room in Twin Peaks and placed the dictaphone on top with a cassette next to it that had a message written on it, "Say hello to Diane for me." Pretty sure I had recorded a message for her and left it in the dictaphone too.
For Christmas I bought her a vintage perfume bottle, a fairly good bottle of whisky and an Arabian coffee set, since she's a fan of coffee and Arabic food (plus I'm part Lebanese so that counts for something too). They're nothing compared to the main gift I got her though. I had a book published containing the first month of Skype conversations we had since we started talking. It was pretty special since on there is where we fell in love, we wound up typing over a million words back and forth within half a year. I plan on making it a yearly thing until she has a collection of every month, should be around 8 or 9 months/books worth.
I should mention that it wasn't officially published obviously, just printed. But yeah, it just sounds better, y'know?
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 1

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