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someone come watch movies with me while it rains n shit. I have pretty much any liquor you could want.

kik: c.hilliger
I work really early mornings and its been more than a week since I've seen the sun. Please help.
these threads always do so well
22 M 910

my kik is tommyhawxx. Anyone feel free to message me
M/22/704 kik:imnotjamescameron
Up for trying something new
23 male in 336
Kik is billrizer77

28/m/new bern
>snap/kik: sp00kym00ny
Up for anything. Chilling, drinking, smoking. Sex. Whatever.

honestly, with the rain, im feeling a bit cuddilly, but im down for some good fun

kik:deadlikeyou (make sure you mention 4chan if you contact me, i might think you are a bot otherwise)
where specifically? 22/m/bi here
greensboro, uncg, art student
lets draw anime porn together
24/m/704 (Charlotte)
Going to a BDSM dungeon on Friday night, but otherwise my weekend is open.
Usually I like movies, cuddling, drinking beer, and doing kinky stuff.
BDSM dungeon? Like at someone's house or is there an actual establishment that does that kind of thing?
>kik: zay_stylezz

I don't have high hopes for this thread desu
In Charlotte?
There are two groups that run dungeons: The Loft with locations in Charlotte and Gastonia (gonna move both locations to a larger one soon) that does shit every Sunday, and private events on some Fridays.

The other is CAPEX (Charlotte Area Power Exchange) that meets once a month with a presentation/demo and then a social/dungeon that moves locations every month (or should)

In the Greensboro-ish area there are La Fortress (highly recommend the trip, the dungeon spaces are crowded with equipment, but a lot of fun play spaces) and The Hanger (which is smaller and more private. Do not recommend going in the summer since it is run out of a tin storage shed type building)

Down in Greenville used to be The Warehouse, but it closed months ago. Shame, because it drew a young crowd, was usually cheap, and had amazing playspaces

Then over in Hickory is the Hickory Cat House (private house) and the Hickory Playground (or something similar. I think they started back up)

Finally, can't give a lot of info about myself but I lead a group in Charlotte and we meet in a private residence where the owner has a playroom, has suspension points in his living room, and I keep a $300 portable bondage cross in his play room.

Sadly, Charlotte doesn't have the same options of other large cities (ie Atlanta that has a couple of big dungeons), but we do have a pretty drama free community that has remained that way for about 3 years.
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And I thought I was safe down here
Safe from?
Being vanilla as fuck

kik sinlegend
Do you or do you not like dick
Wow, that's really interesting. I don't have much (if any) BDSM experience, but I have always been fascinated by it. I watched the documentary on Kink studios and LOVED it. How do you get invited to an event? Something through fetlife?
24/m/910 (Moore county) looking for female, trap, or possibly bottom for a decent sized top....depends

Cold as fuck here, would love to go to someone's place and cuddle through this bad weather.
>Cold as fuck
>North Carolina, 2015

Are we living in the same state? Outside of one or two days, it has mostly been either very light chill, or rainy. Cold as fuck has not been on the cards.
Thread posts: 28
Thread images: 2

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