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Missouri thread! General although I say general, but I'm

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Missouri thread! General
although I say general, but I'm looking for people that seem to be cool that live in this shit hole. I'm bi (seemingly more gay lately) 22, in columbia

area codes, whatever, age
im in st. francious county
sucks that 573 is such a huge area
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Bi told I'm a /cuteboy/ looking for friends to hangout with or something exciting depends.
24/m/417 Springfield

Up for whatever. Hang out, talk, party, fuck.
Don't worry about not being in my area code.
What do you mean by 'dont worry about my area code?'
he prolly don't give a fuck. he's willing to travel?

heyyy, Got kik or email?

same to you I guess
This. every time I get my damn hopes up all the 573s end up being northern 573s.
>Fuck Cape Girardeau, its all farmers and wannabe cowboys man.
25/m/314 or 636

lets go drinking or whatever.
Guy near Columbia here, as usual there are never any local or semi-local femanons
I could say the same thing
too bad there are never any local or semi-local femanons
or guys.
yooo where you from over there? my hometown is over there, as is my cell number
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Kik: Xogi35 or Ageia Tonks

idk which it is
Kik: Trojainous
Up for whatever
I'm in STL but work in that good old st. chuck
I'm from St. Peters, practically 10 mins from St. Chuck, if that. Shall I dare ask the typical question... where'd you go to high school? if you're from there that is.

also, I'm gonna be there for probably the week of Thanksgiving! so maybe we can drink together if we think we're both cool
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and someone that isn't me should probably post a photo to bump this thread
omg lol I'm retarded. My add-on changed around the order of the numbers. first number used to be pages :<
>>22749503 sup not too far from there. couple here. hang out, smoke some
660 guy here, near columbia
not far from 573?? idk man, that could be anywhere lol
bump for femanons
no offense, man, but having all but one post of yours talking about femanons makes you seem like a bit of a creeper
check again 2/4 mention femanons, and you will note they are rather spaced out. Also, why wouldnt I mention femanons?...thats what Im looking for
I'm in osage to Camdenton aria

Just looking for clean chat only.

Uck, I forgot to mention, tremor_christ is my kik.
Adam no one cares you don't like it here, just keep talking about how you're moving to Portland
lol who the fuck is adam?
Proud of Mizzou's football team, by the way. Hope it works for them.
-an Oklahoman
Lol proud of a division 1 team becoming fucking shitty proggessive sjw's attempting to extort a man out of his job for no valid reason with no valid evidence or argument for their case.

Sure though good for them. Lol autism.
Glad someone brought this up, what the fuck is actually going on here, all I can see is sjws whining that the president "ISNT DOING ANYFING!!!11!:(".
Is this about the shit swastika thing?

Sc: shaw420
No autism.

Racism is still one of the most tenacious, dangerous problems in our society. And people who tolerate it enable it.

The University President is in a position where he could have denounced the acts on a very public stage, and worked to penalize those who did these things. He chose not to.

He's not wanting to be part of the solution, therefore he's part of the problem.
Post a body pic
w-why not ask me for a body pic? ;)
No these people acting like children are the problem. Were any University policy's ignored in the handling of these issues? They were dealt with within the bounds of exsisting policies. If you dont agree with those policies, fine..work to change the policies. Blaming someone for not acting when they did to the extent required, is just being childish. Also, in the interest of racism it says a lot that they demand 10% more ethnic faculty, while disregarding that they be qualified. All of this is empty and baseless attention whoring. No true racism happend...no one got strung up for being ethnic. No one was denied admission for being ethnic, No one was denied housing for being ethnic. Some asshole drew a swastika with shit, and some asshole shouted something at a black guy. True racism is almost completely gone...its all just being general assholes to each other and guess what....people are assholes, always were, always will be. Deal with it.
Okay. Post a body pic.
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You wanna touch penises?
idk that's not very hot. top bottom? WHAT'S YOUR BODY LIKE M8
Thread posts: 40
Thread images: 6

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