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Music thread Post a link to what you're listening to a

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Music thread

Post a link to what you're listening to and a photo for funsies.


I listen to a lot of different metal and classical music, my weakness is 80s pop though
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dweeb mode.jpg
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i'm listening to this ep right now

awesome song man that guy's voice is killer
You totally listen to The Sword.

Thanks, I went and saw Mastodon live at Red Rocks and these guys opened for the, they have really good stuff.

sick man that sounds awesome. have you heard steel prophet? i found these guys in high school and rick mythiasin gives me a vocal boner

Haha, I have not heard of these guys. They have a pretty decent discography, I'm usually more into progressive metal and what not, but I have silly taste in music these days. I usually find stuff on NPR and CBC.
oh i feel. what about grim reaper? if you can't tell back in high school i was hardcore into like bruce dickinsonesque vocals lol

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The sword?
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I've never heard of Grim Reaper either. :(

You don't know who The Sword is? Awww shit brodog here you go.



Nice choice.

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What's going on here?

Meh, the sword is aight
Dude, this is fucking gold!!

You dig Lost Horizon?

Or Enforcer?

I cannot tell you how many times I've listened to Scald's album. It's such a shame that the vocalist died before they could make more albums. :(
Both bands are phenomenal

Oh rip...ugh its always a shame to hear things like this

Two good bands, indeed. And definitely. However, the rest of the band went on to create another band called Tumulus. Not too sure how they are considering I've yet to check them out.

Anyhow, you mentioned up above that you like 80s pop. You ever listen to any "Retrowave"/"Synthwave" stuff?
No not really, I dunno why I might give it a try
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Eh, why not?

Here's some good stuff.


Dan Terminus:


what else besides some of that good ol hardcore
now i'm listening to this
HI GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

How about some Nails or Full of Hell?
that FoH/Merzbow collab was honestly in my top 10 for 2014, fr that shit was way too good. and i love nails, wanna see em live so I can get fucking destroyed when they play Wide Open Wound
where are my homies in here who are into screamo?
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hahaha, I've got that same shirt! Got it when they, for some reason, opened up for Weedeater here in Indy. And yeah, that album was def. in my top 20, for sure! I would only wish for Nails to play in Indy, but I doubt that'd ever happen.


I'm on to you...
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I don't usually like pop-punky emo all that much, but JM have really started to grow on me. I love screaming along to this when I drive

Underrated song off this record


aww shit, it's punch hat/extortion shirt guy now wearing some FOH merch. would be besties with/10

here, brutha. killie fucking slays

Tom Waits is the shit. Nice taste

>have a nice life

shiet, this is a really good thread so far

this is fucking tight
killie is sceamo, last.fm told me so. fr idk what else i'd call them haha
also that's fucking dope, FoH and Weedeater sounds like a ridiculous show. would take a fat blunt to the face and then let the music melt me away
also listen to these guys
ever listen to Grown Ups? speaking of pop-punky emo...
joyce manor is fucking dope btw. their newest albums was tight. also algernon is one of my fav emo bands of all time
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Ha, I only say that since most of the time when I hear/see someone describe something as "screamo", it's someone who has no experience listening to Metal/Hardcore/related that have harsher vocals. If I were to describe Killie, it'd probably be Mathcore.

And yeah, it was one hell of a show! I wasn't able to partake in the inhaling activities, but I definitely drank my weight in good beer and had a good time anyhow.
if i were going just off that one song they'd be mathcore, but they're closer to emoviolence/screamo in general imo

anyone here listen to Unicorn Kid?
with my little qt nephew


speaking of mathcore, u should check out My America is Watching Tigers Die

I tried listening to the other song you posted, but got some error message.

Judging off this song, I would still consider them Mathcore. However, this song is a little more...I guess I would say...organized? I'm no expert in this kind of subgenre as I never really listen to it.

Stone Age seems to be more straight-forward and without the sudden tempo/sound changes. If you like them, though, you may like one of my friends' bands.

I'm a trash weeb. All I've been listening to lately is japanese math and post rock.
this is tight af

prob fav japanese post rock band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0RWnzd_b_k

do you fuck with The Cabs at all? or Hasuinonasa? Mouse on the Keys?


also idk if you know them but Uchu Conbini has to be one of my favorite math rock bands of all time. it's a shame YouTube took down all the links to them. so instead, of some Low-Pass

or nuito

Do you by chance post on SMN?

Yep! Literally have all those bands in my rotation.


Saw Toe live just a few months ago, probably the best show I've ever been to.

Nuito's great, too bad they've just got the one album. Also sucks that the cabs broke up a few years ago, they were great.
Listening to this, but not bothering to take a pic. One-man-band by some dude from Career Suicide. It rules.

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Anyhow, anyone into Chelsea Wolfe?

honestly i don't even know what that is lol
so fucking jealous you got to see toe, wtf. they played near me in Boston earlier this year and i missed it, super bummed about it. and yea, i would have really loved to see The Cabs, they have some of the best emo music i've ever heard and their drummer is a monster. all super good at their instruments too
also I see you spinning Tricot on ur last.fm profile, they're so fucking tight. THE was one of my fav albums of 2013
chelsea wolfe is my pale goth queen. i don't know how tf she's so good at singing or writing awesome music but she's truly a fantastic artist

also her new album was TITE. so upset i missed her when she came around in September
Ha, I thought you may have someone from one of the forums on there. Nevermind.


Man, I am in love with the Wolfe. And yes, the new album is AMAZING! Love how different it is than previously albums, yet still has some aspects to it that make it the same. I can only dream to see her live.
Yeah, saw tricot live when I went to Japan last summer, they were really great. THE was definitely a great album, didn't like their new one as much.

If you like tricot, you might liek chouchou merged syrups, or aquarifa


Forgot to reply. Whoops.

Pretty sure you meant: >>22741818

Haha, I totally did.

I'm really high.
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Picture 2.jpg
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I'm just too lefty

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i love what everyones posted already
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There is only one true Ascension.

The boss

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It's fall that means lots of bluegrass
>It's fall that means lots of bluegrass

Nah, that means lots of Type O Negative. ;)

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Thread images: 27

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