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Feels thread?

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Feels thread?
>tfw no abused gf and someone called me disgusting for wanting someone I'd relate to
i haven't seen her in months and she doesn't reply anymore
I don't have feels.
It feels empty since she's gone.
There is no one to fill the void ..
> suffer from severe depression
> does not have the heart to commit suicide because family would be sad and i do not feel worthy of causing them pain just to relieve myself of mine
> no access to mental health care
> no friends, nobody to talk to
> pretends-happiness in front of family because my mother suffered through her brother committing suicide and is foreverfragile from it and gets very sad anytime she sees me be sad and i dont want to make her sad
> wishing every night that i won't wake up again in the morning
> every day i feel my skin crawling with debilitating self-hatred of my existance that just wants to burst and cannot find a way to relieve it
> been this way for 8+ years
> want nothing more then to dissapear and not feel anymore
>want nothing more then to make it all stop
> been spending my life impatiently waiting to die
Same feel. We were such good friends and now it's just gone. She probably forgot about me now.
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i don't know what i did wrong. everything was going fine and then she stopped coming over.
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>Get 5+ on rate threads
>Think I might do okay
>Realize that everyone is too polite on those threads, myself included
>Start posting in yes/no fuck threads
>Get almost all no's
>tfw rotting away doing nothing with my life
> no access to mental health care
where live and why?
Free mental healthcare exists in USA but you have to try a bit to get it.
>be me
>be 22 yrs old
>alcoholic absuvise dad, never met mom
>taught you to never trust anyone but the money you make
>worked after school to make some money for travelling
>been almost 4 years now and still in the same company, never went to travel
>actually make decent money for my age
>don't have people you can open up to because you trust nobody
>all of your friends are just filler firends for your drinking habit
>block everyone on whatsapp and delete your facebook once a year after a person triggers all your paranoia
>at home, drinking and work tomorrow
>take 2 adderalls at work so youre not hungonver
>do the same tomorrow

>tried to an hero and failed, too scared to an hero again
>not happy with life and too fucking lazy to change anything about it
>im just being a huge pussy and im too lazy to make my own life better

>at least i make decent money to buy non-shitty alcohol
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all this

I miss her, she's the only person who told me she loves me. (besides family)

I'm so alone and useless. My life's improved over the years but I'm still horribly alone and unhappy and filled with anxiety and fear of the future.

I'm so desperate for friends I just end up getting hurt by awful people who use me. Feel like a puppy getting kicked.

I just want someone to hold me and make me feel like I matter. Cuddle and watch Disney movies or something... I just can't take the loneliness, it's killing me.

Time to hold my stuffed hedgehog and cry myself to sleep.
i don't live in the US
I fucking feel you anon
This feeling of desperation is the worst, of kills inside too fucking hard
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when youre in love with your boyfriend who you broke up with almost a year ago.. Haha.. When he wont talk to you anymore.. HAHA...

when youre looking for a new man so you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and you realize nobody else will love you no matter how phyiscally beautiful you are .. HAHA

end my being
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opposite situation
she broke up with me after two years because im an asshole
still in love but i fucked up too fix it
shes with someone else now
and hes a better guy than me
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>no girls in the east coast who will let me kiss their feet
>fat as shit since childhood
>losing weight finally
>realize I'll need $30,000-$50,000 for surgery just to look like a somewhat normal human bean
>no job
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>tries really hard to please
>always give more than I receive
>get told I'm attractive
>tfw no one I've liked has ever liked me back the same way
If you're a guy start giving less, being less loyal, and taking more. It makes you more attractive to women. You need visceral attraction, not negotiated affection. If you're young keep looking. If you're totally lost, I say read Best of Year One here.

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That Feel when you only get d-pics and no tit-pics
Yeah I'm sad
Mmm alcohol tho
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Post vagoo.
>30/M kissless virgin
>finally work up the nerve to ask a cute nurse out at the hospital I work in
>she laughs in my face and tells me to try the geriatric ward
>had to go back there to meet with doctors about thing we're building for them
>hear constant snickering and giggles from her friends
>the doctors were annoyed because I can barely think straight and explain the shit I've been working on without stumbling over myself
>tfw she doesn't reply
>tfw no gf
>tfw my friends don't really have the same interests as me and I miss out in a lot of shit because no one wants to accompany me
>tfw extremely self conscious and anxious
>tfw beta as fuck
What am I supposed to say when texting someone, everyone I've talked to ends up losing interest and cutting me off, I just want someone to be as interested in me as I am in them
I'm not, but I feel like I should do those things anyway. I probably come off as being desperate or trying too hard.
>all these filthy normies and degenerates on /soc/ thinking they know feels

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just because i can get laid doesnt mean i dont do everything in my power to cockblock myself unintentionally
Every shitty little thing I ever did and all my failures and fuckups led me to the girl of my dreams. It's almost a shame I met the woman of my life right after I decided to give loving another chance.
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>don't like being around people
>get lonely all the time
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I'm that handsome, confident guy who's always the leader and always happy. I am slightly lazy but if something is really needed, I'll do it and I help anyone in need. I love making jokes and bad puns.

I'm dead inside and I don't want anyone else to feel like I do.
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>been falling behind for the last 7 years in social relationships and society
>just want to grow stronger
>Feel it is pointless but it is all I have left
>worried eventually I'll become insane

>tfw 37 year old virgin

you're the normalslime, son.
Oh, hey me

Hi me. How's life?
Could be better, could be worse.
>no one will ever like you
Separated in January. Now exwife had a boyfriend by march. Moved in with him by May. She's currently raising his children from his own previous marriage, and is planning on having children of her own with him.

I've been single, and celibate, ever since we split.
Sometime single is nice, anon. Gives you more opportunities to find other people.
>can kill a thread with a single post

i guess. being single literally 100% of your life fucking sucks though
>have girlfriend for 2 years
>love eachother a lot, move in, everything good
>sex is always a bit strained though, she's very reserved and is very afraid of being touched most times
>after 2 years, she tells me that she is trans, starts testosterone treatment, but still, everything OK.
>two months ago
>(s)he tells me that she is more interested in being with girls, we break up. We still live together though, and occasionally fuck.
>I go snooping through his phone browser history last night
>find extreme fetish porn (look up "Destruction of Felony" for an example. Also nipple torture and machine anal bondage), and hundreds of Craigslist casual encounters listings (a few being for guys, which hurts a lot) that go back months and months.
>yesterday I sort of mention how I'm feeling sad because our sex life was mediocre and I feel like he just wants to "trade up".
>he let's out that he thinks about other people/situations while we were fucking.
>that feeling like you just got kicked in the stomach ensues.

I'm not hurt that (s)he wanted to have crazy rough kinky sex (I'm really into that shit), I'm just hurt that he felt he couldn't talk to me about it and had to go behind my back to get it.

I don't think he every actually met up with anyone on cl, but still.

Fuck. Cheer me up.
you're cute
I was watching stars on the roof last night when it hit like a brick that I'll forever be alone and no one will ever going to love me. I was so fucking insignificant and small when I was watching Pleiades, its sheer majesty made me feel even more uglier and disgusting then I am. Why did I had to be born like this? Why couldn't I be a little bit more attractive, why do I have to be alone? I didn't do anything bad in my life, I try to be a good person by moral standards, I try helping people when I can, help animals in need and just mind my own business. Why do I have to suffer like this, why?
B-but... I can love you Anon!
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>8 and a half inch penis
>havent used it in 10 years
post pics

It's ok Anon. You just got to find the girl who deserves your penis.
Obviously she/he or whatever did not deserve your amazing penis :3
seriously we're like 10 billion on this planet who the fuck cares

time to start using it!

You won't.

in 1 week, it'll be 1 year since i broke up with my ex who cheated on me, i loved her deeply and thought she was the PERFECT match for me (i still do) i still miss her a lot, i've met a nice girl, i thought she was great and we could have been really close if we were in couple, but she rejected me.

I'm tired of being alone, i just don't know how to be happy without someone in my life, i have some hobbies that i enjoy, i see friends and people everytime, i party time to time, but that just not enough to make me happy, my ex took a part of me when she left...

2015 is really a shitty year, the only 2 moments of happiness was the May 31 in Madrid where i saw AC/DC in concert and the 19 november when i'll leave my country for Japan and live there for 3 months, the rest of the year was just...not good.
Thanks anon, my penis is amazing :3
wanna skype? :)

No because you're %99 chance a man.
There's a burn center in Texas that does the surgery for Free if you keep the weight off for a year. I don't remember the name but just do some of research and call around.
>tfw no pussy to lick currently
How are you supposed to find the love when you say no like this?
What if I knew someone for you? What if I'm the 1% (a girl) ? Maybe by Skyping with me or whatever you can somehow find someone to love?
Saying yes to everything in life opens up so many possibilities because the chain reactions are so fucking insane

I got catfished really bad in the past couple of times, sorry to offend, it's just I have hard time trusting people. I'm just going by what you're saying now.

here's the skype : anonmuhabbet
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2MB, 1080x1069px

What is with the influx of traps, shemales, "lady boys" and transgender anyway?

It wasn't like this a few years ago. So many gay ass threads and I get catfished now on kik and snapchat all the time. What the hell is in the water.
Further diction betrays.
i don't believe you

i appreciate the effort to be nice though
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Thread images: 20

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