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Incest thread! <3

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Incest thread!
Alright, I've got a pretty awesome wincest story for you guys. True story btw.
>be me
>have hot as fuck 17 year old sister
>we're pretty close
>pretty much best friends
>always hang out together and do stuff together
>we share a bedroom cause poor family with small house
>first day of 9th grade (I just turned 15 during the summer, not held back)
>sister in 12th
>first time in years we're both at the same school
>see all the guys flirting with her all the time
>she plays along but I can tell she's not really into it
>fastforward 2 months
>popular 12th grade guy comes up to me
>asks me if he thinks my sister is into him
>I tell him I don't know
>he asks me to find out
>tell him I will
>at home with my sister in our bedroom that evening
>mention what happened at school
>she laughs
>says she knows he's into her
>looks at me playfully as she says that she's not interested in him
>don't think much of it
>few days later
>at school
>guy approaches me again
>asks if I talked to my sister
>tell him yes, she's not interested
>he disappointedly thanks me for finding out
>tells me I'm lucky to have such a hot sister
>I tell him yeah I guess I am
>he laughs
>some stupid autistic kid in my grade overhears
>tells everyone that I am a 'sisterkisser'
>at first everyone ignores him like always
>then somehow it starts to catch on
>everyone calls me sisterkisser
>next week
>sister finds out
>on the way home (she drives me to and from school) she asks me what it's about
>tell her it's cause the guy who's into her said I'm lucky to have a hot sister
>and I agreed cause I didn't know what else to say
>she laughs
>not just an amused laugh, more of a playful laugh
>me, sister, and the guy who's into her end up all being friends
>just friends though, she's still not into him
>few days later
>11th or 12th grade girl walks up to me after school
>tells me my sister has pics of me on her phone
>shows all her friends telling them she has the cutest brother of them all
>sister comes up
>overheard our conversation
>said 'well I do'
>other girl laughs and walks off
>go home
>it's starting to piece together
>start to think my sister is into me
>at home that weekend
>really loud
>about to go to bed
>sister is already in bed but still awake
>have an idea
>tell sister the storm is kinda scaring me
>she says it's scaring her too and I should lay down with her in her bed
>turns out she had the same idea as me
>close and lock bedroom door
>get into her bed
>she looks at me and says 'anon can I tell you something?'
>I say yes
>interrupted by huge crash
Hurry up nigger
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Don't give up typing we believe in you!
does it count if it was my step-sister?
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and Any lurkers with story's please post
Anything and everything is appreciated!
Are you a female?
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I wish I could date and fuck my older cousin

I literally have a dream about it at least once a week

I think I have a problem
I slept with my brother for years. I'll post more about ti when I get home from work.
>i was 15, step-sister 16
>i had to visit my dad on weekends
>no room, so I had to share with my sister
>one night she's out partying and gets super wasted
>comes home to me watching adult swim
>promptly makes fun of me for watching cartoons
>tells me to close my eyes while she gets into PJ's
>i do
>she makes fun of me for not peeking and stumbles into bed
>i'm laying flat on my back
>she puts one of her legs over me and her hand on my chest
>i start getting turned on; i can feel her breath on my neck
>she begins to move her leg up mine
>her knee softly touches the bottom of my balls as her hands move down my chest
>i'm nervous, but i don't stop her
>her hand touches my hard dick through my pants
>she stops for a second before moving on top of me
>she takes off my pants and plays with my cock for a minute before removing my underwear
>she leans up to kiss me on the forehead; i can smell booze on her breath
>neither of us say anything as she starts sucking my dick
>it's my first blowjob, and i'm about to bust so i push her head away
>i put her on her back and take off her clothes
>struggle with the bra, never removed one
>she takes it off herself
>i play with her nipples while trying to finger her, but i'm awful
>she takes my hand out, pushes me over, and starts riding me like a fucking stallion
>i bust within about 30 seconds, but she doesn't stop
>youth allows me to keep my cock hard, and she rides me for almost ten minutes
>i cum again
>her legs are shivering as she rolls over
>my step-sister took my virginity
>we never said a word about it
Incest stories always get me so hard.
Probably because I have 2 hot cousins I could never fuck. ;_;
>not blood related
would be acceptable then
What's your name?
When I was about 8 I started doing stuff with my 2 younger sisters and older brother (4,6 and 10). My dad was never around because of work and my mum was too busy fucking my dads best friend to spend any time looking after us so we made our fun by playing "doctors" and "house" which mostly involved touching and fake sex. We didnt really know what we were doing at the time but I'm pretty sure my brother did seeing as it was always his idea and we continued to do stuff when we got older and knew exactly what we were doing
18 sissy gay boy wants a jock/straight older brother or a dad or uncle. Looking for a group chat too. Kik marzipanman
File: sad times ahead.jpg (38KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad times ahead.jpg
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It can't end like this!
Creepy old guy / looking for barely legal girls, for insidious purposes.

Must be willing to call me Daddy, while I tell her fucked up things during sex and molestation.

Broken girls a plus

skype is epm4chan
Nothing posted in these has ever been real
then what?? you got hit by lightening and died??
I'm still looking for a girl who might want to train a daughter with me. Well, as if that'll happen right? Oh well. Plenty of time. Only 22.
i assume the huge crash was daddy smashing the bedroom door down
My uncle used to watch me when I was like 9 or 10. He would get drunk and come into my room and ask me to help him.
He would get me to hold his cock while he pissed. After a few times he started to make me kiss the head when he was done. That progressed to me sucking it.
Every time I was over there I would spend time sucking him off. He would make me walk around nude and he would eat me out and rim me.
On a few occasions he would bring over his friend and I would suck them both.
Twice the friend had me lay on the floor face down while he would slide his cock in between my ass cheeks until he came or fucked me.

As a result im a sexually damaged whore incapable of normal sexual contact. I browse /soc/ and /b/ for cock pics to rub my clit to, I take out ads on CL for older men who would like to get sucked off, and I have cheated in every relationship I have ever had.
I will probably kill myself at some point before my 40th birthday when I am no longer young enough to get the sex I seem to require.
Thats incest for you.

My sides.
what's a normal sexual contact?
You can come suck on my big wee wee little girl.
where you meet the person, go on a few dates, get to know eachother, then go to bed, having normal on occasion kinky sex.
No getting pissed on
No gwetting called fat whore while he violnetly fucks your mouth and spits on you
No being asked to suck hs friends off
No one who wants to pretend they are your uncle
it's never too late girl
I have tried.
Why try to fight it? You know you're a broken whore to be used to please men. And you know it because the way you feel, the way you get pleasure once you've given a man his pleasure, it's the only time you feel alittle bit of fulfillment in your life. Isn't it?
I know that once I cum I feel different
Have you tried therapy anon?

you sound like my wife, except I do all those things to her in the context of a committed and loving marriage (also, her molester when she was 9 was a cousin only a little older. mine, fwiw, was a much older male neighbor when i was 6)

So - i guess what i'm saying, is that there is probably someone who you're attracted to physically who is as damaged as you (or so fucked up they want to coddle you the rest of their lives, whatever.) Point is - don't give up, you'll find the right penis soon.

maybe. We will see
Had a similar situation with my father when I was 9-13 but it really didn't fuck me up. sometimes I get flashbacks during sex and have to concentrate to get rid of those thoughts.
Well you should consider it. Did you tell your previous partners about uncle?
yes some
Who says you deserve to cum every time you please a man?
I feel like you can still become a good pet. Especially if youd be willing to train a daughter as well. Or be into some other niche with few women. Its not like guys arent going to give you sex if you just beg for it properly.

please tell us more
That pretty much sound like normal BDSM stuff when you put into a context of a trusting relationship. You just have to find someone as kinky and fucked up as you.

Also, go start therapy.
That's not incest, that's incestuous rape.
The problem is on the rape side, which is probably amplified by the fact that you knew the rapist and he was someone you should have been able to trust, but that's the case of most rapes actually.

Sorry for you, rub you clit good
How old are you anon?
Does a relationship where sex and love are completely seperate interest you in other words someone who didn't care what you did behind their back but still acted like you were exactly what they wanted still cuddled you still sweet talked you still took you out, even fuck you in that sweet boring way every now and again?
please tell us more

>parents are both drunks
>usual night is they fight, mother drinks and passes out on couch, father walks to local bar, I clean up, get my little brother into bed and get to bed myself
>one night father comes home
>hear him groaning in bathroom
>have had to get him off the floor before and figure this is no different
>see from door he's masturbating
>shoots of floor
>sees me standing there and tells me to clean it up, staggers to bed
>few nights later same thing happens except this time I get out of bed to watch (fascinated with his penis. never saw a adult male penis before)
>he cums but I go back to bed before he sees me
>few nights later same thing but this time he knows I'm there and tells me to come in.
>says if I'm going to watch I can help him
>uses my hand in his to masturbate
>cums on both hands. he tells me to clean up. I taste it on my hand
>this happens a couple times each week
>finally tells me that he doesn't want to make a mess and to catch his cum in my mouth (didn't understand why he wanted to pee in my mouth but he's my father)
>we jerk him off until he shoots in my mouth
>continues for a few weeks like this until he starts putting his penis in my mouth while masturbating
>graduate to gently fucking my mouth
>never thought anything was wrong with this
>told me not to tell my mother since she'd just get pissed that I was being nice to him
>at 13 I heard a friend say that another girl's father made her touch his penis and all the other girls all went "ewwwww"
>realized maybe I was doing something I shouldn't have.
File: 1406290124312.png (13KB, 359x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah so my bother and I slept together from about 14 to 19 (he's only a year younger than me). It wasn't abusive and the only long lasting effect it seems to have had (to me at least) is every relationship since is a disappointment.

I'm a big believer that sibling incest done safely should be completely acceptable as a safe way to practice sex and explore with someone you trust.
Fuck those other girls, you were just being a loyal daughter.
>interrupted by huge crash
>this music hits
Everyone fucked up as me is really fucked up and not relationship material. Just like me.

Im 23
I wouldn't want to be with someone who I couldn't devote myself to entirely.
Try me
Try you for what?
I'd pay you to get naked on cam and talk about your sex life for me
No thanks.
>blaming other people for your own problems

sure sure typical women behavior
You can add me on snap if you want a bunch of dick pics.
I dated my cousin cousin for thirteen months, she took it up the ass and we fucked like five times a day everyday wherever whenever with no johnny so she was always full of her little cousins swimming inside her pussay.
I get plenty. Thanks.
To devote yourself to
Thanks, but I think you could have a better return on your emotional investment with someone else.
Wouldn't it be better to leave that part of the choice up to me?
No, because I don't like making people feel bad.
>be me, 8 years old
>uncle comes to "visit"
>he stays for like three years
>parents go out one night
>he comes into my room
>sits on my bed
>I'm playing video games
>suddenly hear him doing something behind me
>turn around and his dick is out
>he's stroking it
>I stare at him
>he gets up and masturbates in front of my face
>idk what to do
>he cums and it lands on my face
>he cleans me up
>tells me not to tell my parents

We did a lot of stuff over those three years, this was just the first thing. I was a quiet kid and too afraid to say anything. He also bought me lots of stuff, so I thought it was fine. I can tell more stories if you want.
Like I said, a pet would mean much less emotional investment and Much less expected emotional return. Kind of like a toy or something. Or you can go with people who is into sharing you.
tell more
More stories are always welcome
What if you can make me feel good as well?
I don't know.
It's just like one of my japanese animes!
Sorry guys, some faggot newfag janitor deleted my last post, which is the end of the story.

>Spider-Man crashes through the wall and swings into our bedroom
File: 11 - iGU8Cbt.jpg (79KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 - iGU8Cbt.jpg
79KB, 480x640px
i have let my older brother fuck me in the ass since i was 14 he still does but hes in collage now so we dont have alot of time...
pic related its me
>pic related its me
No, it isn't.
Repost please?
>uncle watches me after school
>we have like an hour after parents come home
>it's a few days after the first incident
>he's been really nice, but kept his distance
>I'm in the living room watching tv
>he comes and sits next to me on the couch
>I move away
>he gets closer again
>I move all the way to the end of the couch
>he moves right next to me
>I don't leave because I'm scared
>he starts rubbing himself
>bulge gets huge
>he takes out his cock
>strokes it for a while
>reaches over and takes my hand
>I try to take it away
>he forces me to touch it
>keeps his hand over mine and makes me stroke it
>he eventually takes his hand away
>I keep stroking it
> "don't stop anon."
> he cums and it shoots onto my hand and arm and his pants
>he tells me I'm a good kid
>he then puts his hands on my penis
> "are you hard anon?"
> I don't know what he means
>he explains
>says tomorrow we will do it again
Oh, you're a dude. I'm suddenly not interested in hearing any more of your stories.
>sleeping one night
>hear the door open
>it's uncle
>pretend to be asleep
>he sits on my bed
>feel him moving
>I shut my eyes tight
>hear him jerking it
>he does it for what seems like forever
>suddenly he gets up
>I think he's leaving
>feel something on my lips
>it's a little wet
> "Open anon."
>I do
>he starts pushing his dick in my mouth
> "stop fucking using your teeth."
>I have no idea what I'm doing
>eventually figure out a way he likes is
>he keeps going deeper
>I'm choking
>he whisper-yells at me to be quiet
>he cums in my mouth
>he hold my mouth closed and tells me to swallow
>I do
>he kisses my head and tells me it's our secret
>I wait until he goes to bed and wash out my mouth for a long time
Did you ever tell anyone?
And what about of the end of this story? repost pls
did he get rougher over time with you?
File: 234131254.jpg (61KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 640x480px
This thread isn't hot at all! Fucking faggot uncles, man.

You're all gonna make it if you hang in there, bros.
more stories
damn dude how old are you now?
20. A little fucked up from it, and a faggot now, but it's whatever.
Your brother is very lucky.

>be me, about 8 or 9 still
>Uncle has been doing stuff to me for a few months at this point, I think
>I've been jerking him and sucking him off
>parents have no clue
>one day parents are out again
>I know what's coming
>I'm in my room playing video games again
>Uncle calls to me
>I go to his room, which used to be the guest room
>he's sitting on the bed
>gay porn playing on the tv
>he tells me to come watch it with him
>I sit next to him
>see he's already hard
>this time is a bit different
>he tells me to take my pants off
>I do
>he starts feeling my dick
>strokes it for a long time
>It kinda starts to feel good, and I get a kiddie boner
>he starts sucking me
>kinda feels good too, but I'm still really nervous
>suddenly he stands up
>takes off his pants
>doesn't even hesitate, just pushes my head toward his penis
>I suck it
>I've gotten pretty good at this point, even though it's hard for him to fit in my mouth
>he changes our position so we're kind of in a 69ing thing with him lying on bottom, me on top sucking him
>I feel his hand on my butt
>suddenly feel a finger going in my butt
>I stop sucking and say it hurts
>he tells me to keep sucking
>he keeps putting his finger in my butt, but not too much. Just the first little section
>eventually he stops and violently face fucks me
>cums in my mouth
>I swallow
>we lay there for a bit
>he points to the gay porn that's still playing (no sound on though)
>some guy is getting it in the ass
> "some day we'll do that anon. Don't worry, it feels good."
Sucks, man. How long did it go on for?
The whole 3 years he stayed with us, so from when I was 8 until I was like 11 or 12. My parents kicked him out after that, not sure why. He's in jail now for something else I think. Haven't seen him in years.

it's probably her ex-bf fishing for revenge
actually, is that you emily?
Requesting more, as much as you can type.
> "some day we'll do that anon. Don't worry, it feels good."

That's a fucked up thing for an 8 year old to have to look forward to.
How could you devote yourself to someone if your just going to cheat on them? Don't you want someone you can cheat on if you want then come home to open arms that treat you with compassion and respect? Someone that will fuck you half to death when you need it and make soft sweet love when you don't... My mother was molested by her father when she was extremely young and it still fucks with her to this day. I think me being exposed to that level of perversion and depravity at a young age (I was about 11 when I found out) caused me to have a lot of sexual guilt which ultimately led me to becoming an eccentric perverted that doesn't like to acknowledge his emotions.
at least you can take solace in the fact that niggers tongue his anus on a daily basis.
Don't let it get you down man, he's fucked up but you're an okay dude.

>be 8 or 9
>after school
>uncle is on couch when I get home
>already has dick out when I come through the door
>it's flaccid
> "I need some help anon."
>I stand there
>he gets up and walks to me, grabbing my hand and putting it on his dick
>I start stroking
>It starts getting hard
> "lets go upstairs"
>he picks me up in a way that a father would if he was just goofing around with his son
>it's weird because he doesn't have pants on
>carries me up to his room
>I kneel on the bed
>start sucking him, he's still standing up
>goes on for a while
>he suddenly stops me
> "turn around anon."
>I do
>he bends me foreward so I'm on all fours
>he goes to a drawer
>pulls out something
>it's lube
>he puts some on his fingers
>puts his finger in my butt
>doesn't hurt as bad as the first time
>he then massages my cock for a bit
>It's weird because of the position I'm in
>I feel something bigger than a finger on my butthole
>I say no
>he tries to push it in a bit, but I'm just too tight
>instead he just kind of slides his dick between my ass cheeks for a while
>he eventually flips me over
>jerks really fast
>cums on my face
> we lay there for a bit
> "You're too small, anon. It will take a while, but we can do it like in the movie soon."
>he takes me to the bathroom and takes a shower with me
Yeah. Well, I just kind of went with whatever he said. I was a quiet kid, and pretty much did whatever authority figures told me to do. Too scared of getting in trouble not to.

He'd probably enjoy that. Thanks though. It doesn't bother me that much, to be honest. It's just fucked me up sexually mostly. I'm into some kinky stuff now.
Thank you for sharing, what kind of things are you into these days that you think are related?
>be about 10 now
>parents going on vacation for a couple days
>I beg to go with them
>no dice
>uncle had just got a job, so at least he wouldn't be there 24/7
>he comes home late
>I hear him take a shower
>I'm reading
>he comes into my room in just a towel
> "well it's just you and me tonight bud."
>he sits on my bed
>takes off towel
>already hard
>I get up and start sucking right away
> "you like that don't you anon?"
>he pushes me off and lays me on the bed
>takes off my pants
> "and you like this too, don't you?"
>he starts sucking me
>it feels fine
>eventually, I cum from the stimulation, but I'm still young so I'm shooting blanks
>he tells me to suck him again
>after a while he pulls out and flips me over
>he presses his penis at my hole again
>starts pushing
>I say no and struggle to get away
>he holds me down
> "it's fine anon, shh. It won't hurt, shh."
>he's whispering it
>forces his head into me
>hurts like a motherfucker
>he goes a little bit more, but not much
>strokes himself while his head is in me
>eventually cums in me
BDSM stuff. I enjoy pain. I'm also very submissive, and like to be dominated.
I'm sorry this happened to you, anon. Kind of sad that your stories are kind of getting me going though.
did you ever tell your parents this happened?
Sorry :/

Not really. I think they kind of figured something was weird with him, which I think is why they kicked him out. I was too embarrassed to say anything. have talked to therapists about it though.
It's not a bad thing... well a little bit, but don't apologize. If you have any more to tell, please do. :)
Got a bunch, but most of them are just jerking or sucking him. That's what we mainly did.

>be 10ish
>after school
>don't see uncle right away
>he calls me up to his room
>he's naked
>he strips me naked
>he puts me on the bed
>gets out lube
>puts it on my ass
>puts it on his dick
>starts pushing in
>it hurts so bad
>he keeps going
>eventually gets most of it in
>he starts thrusting
>I'm crying
>he just pounds me harder
>this goes on for a while
>eventually he cums in me
>we lay there a while
>he apologizes
> "I didn't mean to go that fast, I just needed this anon."
>promises to buy me some shit I wanted
>bleeding from my anus
>he cleans me up and leave me alone a few days
Well that is certainly nothing out of the ordinary.

Are you more attracted to older men, or is it just the power/authority of the person?
Power/authority. No real preference with age stuff.
What happened the last time you two were together like that?
what was the roughest he ever went on you like?

Baby girl, I don't know what kind of guys you're dating, but if the guy *doesn't* want to role play that uncle, there's something wrong with him.
The last time I was with my uncle? It was pretty normal. My parents gave him two weeks to move out, so the day before he did I sucked him. He told me he would visit me some time, and send me stuff for birthdays and Christmas. Said he loved me, and would miss living with me. I was like 12 I think, so I was starting to realize how fucked up the situation was. I just told him I'd miss him too. Didn't say I loved him though, or that I'd miss what was happening.
Probably that first time he butt fucked me. Wasn't gentle at all.
>and a faggot now
Do you think you'd be straight if all that hadn't happened to you?
I don't really know. I was 8, so no real interest in girls or guys at that point. I did try to get with a girl once, but they're just too...soft I guess.
did he ever restrain you and fuck you while you tried to get away?
do you let niggers tongue your anus these days?
He held me down, but he never tied me down or anything. I tried to get away a couple times at the beginning, but just went with it after a while. I've been with a couple black guys, not really into rimming though.
have you seen the movie Mysterious Skin?
File: ds.jpg (87KB, 500x738px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 500x738px
>they're just too...soft I guess
I know how you feel, I had this expierience when I was 8 with my brother, but I'm a guy so yeah
>>Spider-Man crashes through the wall and swings into our bedroom

That was the end of the story, faggots. Proof: http://fgts.jp/soc/thread/20534515/#20534569
Yeah it sucks
Do you have a Kik? Just to like talk through stuff and kinda help you through shit. I was molested by my brother when I was 8, so I sorta understand.
Oh shit sorry for the repost on the first part..
so what was the worst bit of abuse that you suffered?
Can you describe what happened?
Do you need someone to talk to?
The people who have replied to you aren't exactly.. sensitive..
Yeah I have a kik. Whats yours?

Sure. Whats your preferred method?
If you're still around or stumble upon this, message me on kik;

man, i would love that
bump gdi
Looking for a younger sister, dad (Straight/Bi) and a mother. So a family pretty much.
Im 18/male/swedish.
hi Mikew
Are you for real?

Are you Gavin?
Your stories turned me on so much.
I had an incestuous experience where I snuck into my parents' room, and tried to suck off my dad.
I used to think about it a lot to cum to in high school.
Do you think about your uncle? Do you cum to your stories, on replay in your mind?
...and failed, I presume?
Well, he was sleeping, so every time I started sucking him off, he'd get hard, super erect, and start waking up.
That's when I'd bounce.
How old were you? And what gave you the idea to do that?
I was around six/seven/eight. I'm really fucked up, anon. Where do I begin?

I'm a leo. Attention whore. Super affectionate. Sheltered.
When my brother was born, and the first night he was brought home, I ate dog food to get coddled by my parents.
Was no longer the baby, I had a fit.
My parents were going through a bump, and my dad had VHS's, magazines everywhere, etc.
I concocted this concept that sex was like, the "ultimate" way people show love.
Watched a couple of the videos (straight porn)
And became overtly sexualized.
Wanted attention, lalalalalaaaaa.
>even blew my older brother's friend around this age
Goddamn, dude.
>even blew my older brother's friend around this age
I'm interested in this story.
Man, this devolved into some really rapey shit.
I'm assuming middle child syndrome?
I'll say it really fast.
It's getting old for me.
>be 8
>brother's friend staying the night
>we all downstairs in the rec room
>brother goes upstairs to make his friend breakfast
>door left open. just me and this sixteen year old.
>i'm trying to be cool, and hang. i was always "that" kid. refused the kiddie table, you know.
>asked him if i could suck his dick
>he hesitated. and then got hard super fast
>blow him really good; about ten minutes is all it took
>we left the door to the basement open so if we heard my brother coming, we could bounce.
>brother didn't come for a while. making pancakes?
>takes me by the hand, walks across to the bathroom
>makes me watch him cum in the toilet
>brothers friend stays an extra night
>cums in my mouth when he let me blow him again.

I was thirsty for it the second time.
>CAN I SUCK YOUR DICK NOW!? Can I blow you now!?!?!? :DD
And he'd be all
>STFU anon!

I'm the perfect child of four, now.
I think I'm over it. It's just a lot for a child who was THE baby.
>syndrome? not at alllll.
Are you still a cocksucker?
SO you're either a faggot or a liar.
And now I'm hard.
For you? Yes baby.

I got hard to the faggot stories. What the fuck you think, dumbass?

Show me baby. <3
There's a small part of my brain telling me "No. Just no." And the rest is saying "That's kinda hot." Of course, my cock just wants to cum down your throat.
A mouth is just a mouth.
That guy I blew?
He's married. Was at my brother's wedding.
Soooo incredibly awkward.
>hes in collage now
>spends all his time scrapbooking
>no time for incest
Yeah, the "Just no" part isn't because it'd be gay. More because this is all just a few a posts down from a story about an 8 year old giving a blowjob.
Gotta love the 90s.
>>i'm trying to be cool, and hang. i was always "that" kid. refused the kiddie table, you know.
>>asked him if i could suck his dick
really? You were like this at eight?
maximum keks
My brother had a sega genesis and jurassic park. Can you blame me? Cmon nowwww
Nothin' but hookers and blow and adolescent homosexual fellatio

On the upside, starting that early, he probably gives great head.

>sega genesis
Fuck yeah. Still got mine.

Same poster as >>20548017 BTW; switched computers.
What's your kik already? Fuq.
I'm bored. :/
>born into free-spirited family, growing up in the 70s and 80s
>have adorable little sister, 4 years younger
>often run around naked
>exploring each others bodies since very small
>she wasn't very old when I first licked her to orgasm
>she liked me licking her pussy and asshole
>she didn't like to suck me, but she gave awesome handjobs
>we could never fit my dick into her pussy, but when she was about 9 I started fucking her in the ass
>after more than 30 years we still meet up for some "sibling time" every once in a while
>I still fuck her ass, never her pussy
>EXCEPT when she and her husband wanted kids, but he turned out to be infertile
>her husband still isn't allowed in her ass

mfw we were never discovered
mfw it's still the best sex we have
mfw all u niggaz gay
mfw im secretly gay
mfw im not actually gay
Apparently I'm still stuck in the 90s in some ways.... no kik or snap or whatever
Sad, sad day.
Yeah, not the first time a convo has stopped at "what's your kik?"
Guess it's about time I made one.
Wait, so you knocked up your sister in place of her husband? Does he know about this?
Update yourself nigga

i'll show you mine if you show me yours
No. Obviously not.
Nobody knows except for me and my sister.
Theoretically he COULD be the daddy of their kids. We never checked
Just have, bitch.

Late as fuck for me now, but kik = thrownthru
I used to fuck my half brothers half sister. Is that incest?
What's your kik boyfran?

This is some game of thrones/jerry springer shit.

I would say yes.
woops. onlythebestvibes*
>This is some game of thrones/jerry springer shit.
Their oldest is 21 now, so it would appear that we preceded Game Of Thrones (Not sure about Springer though, not American).
It's okay, anon. I'm a spelling champion.
I figured that shit out. :)
Oldest? Implying more than one?
Feel a connection to them?
Awkward ever?
Truth will come out eventually.
>Oldest? Implying more than one?
Yup. there are 2.
>Feel a connection to them?
Of course! They are my lovely niece and nephew!
>Awkward ever?
Never. What my sis and I have together, we have always had. To everyone else (including our spouses) we are merely very close siblings.
>Truth will come out eventually.
You think? Why/when?
Wait, so "no, obviously not" to him knowing?

I'm assuming that's a "yes" to you knocking up your sister though.
>You think? Why/when?
If anyone ever does a DNA test on them I assume it wouldn't be hard to determine that their mother and father are related.
My sister and her husband couldn't have any children, even though they tried for several years.
She got tested - nothing wrong
He got tested - bad sperm. Not sterile but very low fertility.
She asked me, and I eventually agreed. (still prefer her pooper)

>If anyone ever does a DNA test on them I assume it wouldn't be hard to determine that their mother and father are related.
Yes, that might be a problem.
But noone ever questioned who their father is.
If the oldest is 21.... that makes you...?
Why hasn't her husband bought a clue? Is he stupid?
You fucking fag. Successfully gave me blue balls
>If the oldest is 21.... that makes you...?
>Why hasn't her husband bought a clue?
He wants to believe in his glorious power sperms, I assume? Also:
>Is he stupid?
Personally I am not impressed with his level of intelligence. But they have been together for 26 years now and my sister loves him very much, so I live with him.
JoacimHj on kik, you better hit me up. :O
Yup. Too bad finding a girl whos into/ok with that and is not taken is ridiculously hard.
Probably because the ones that are into it are taken by their family :^)
That and they would have to be bi as well as being into young girls. Well, maybe one day. Maybe one day.
Can;t help you I'm afraid, I'm a brotherfucker.
How unfortunate being an only child. Oh well. Like I said, maybe someday.
I've had several svexual encounters with my aunt(father's sister) before. it started when i was 14
I like hearing how these things start.
Do tell :O
Dunno why I enjoy these. The thought of banging my family is gross. But reading these turns me on like a cops lights behind a black driver.
It all started at a small party at one of her friends house.My mom was there and I had some friends over and we were drinking. As time passed only my aunt, her friend and three of my guy friends remained. My aunts friend's children where in the room so they where not a factor. Anyways we kept on drinking and drinking. Soon we were all huddled together and she said i reminded her of her ex-bf which was kind akward and proceeded to peck me by my lips. soon we started dancing and it became more and more erotic. After dancing she went into the bathroom and i went inside to the living room. my friend accidently walked in on her and she told him to get out which he did, and apologized. He then looked at me and told me to walk in because it was unlocked.I did nervously but she was washing her hands and simply told me to do what i had to do. So i walked past her and began to pee. She just looked over at me and when i was done i walked towards her with my cock out and began to make out. After she turned of the lights and gave me a great blow-job but we then heard knocking and i panicked and left the bathroom a minute late. She told me to tell everyone that she was throwing up. Were all hanging outside after and after five minutes i go in the living room. She comes in, walks past me and turns around and silently tells me to come. We go into the restroom and i start making out with her. She then pulled down her pants and bent over. I was honestly nervous and she took my virginity. When she bent over i didnt know what to do, but then i just put myself inside her. It was one of the best moments of my life. Want to hear what happened after?
Sure, go for it.

That wasn't safe sex though you silly billy!
So hot.

Who cares!? No accident like a happy one. :D
Yeah i know it wasn't safe sex.

So i kept banging her in that same position for a few minutes. Someone tried to come into the bathroom but she shut the door close and told me to keep going. When i walked out my friends knew what happened and didnt judge me they were actually jealous and her friend was like whatever about it.

We continued outside and we just went down on each other.

However the next day she ignored me and for about another month. Till i was able to talk to her. She told me to not tell anyone and i said i wouldn't because i enjoyed it. From there we started having casual sex for a long time.
If you guys have questions i will gladly answer.
Would you post your dick?
How old are you now?
When was the last time you fucked her?
Are you a neckbeard?
Lol no my dick is only about 5 inches?

im 21 now so its been about 7 years.

The last time i fucked was about a month ago before moving away to college.

I have a small beard somewhat of a mustache too. i try to shave it off.
top fucking kek
She hen.
I have a twin brother and we're identical (both male) we were split apart from birth and I found him again when I was 17.
Anyways we have done stuff together and ngl it feels amazing
I did something with my mom and later on w my cousin
story pliss
Nothing special, but I guess Id be nice to share anyway.

Well the mom thing was short-lived, who I did mess around alot was with my cousin. I was in like middle school and I was sleeping w her since my parents were divorced. I had my own room but yeah, slept w mom. Idk how it got to my head but I guess my hormones took the best of me and I took one of my moms hands (when it was relatively free) and made her stroke me while sleeping. I would be doing all the motion really but it felt really good. I never came though, I would jerk myself off later but one night she woke up on me and I never did it again.

Feel free to ask anything

Will post my cousin story soon
what's your kik?
Wait, I've red this before. You lurk these threads as often as I do.
did she ever wake up when you were doing that or catch on?
Same here. I'm mostly into sister stuff and I think thats because I don't have one so its taboo but it doesn't weird me out like it might otherwise.
she woke up on me, she said "my hand wasnt there" but like in a really drowsy way n she went back to sleep, we never talked about it
That's incest for you.
my Kik and Skype is Mikepixx3
My older sister would like me to sleep with her. She wore leggings one night so I kept rubbing my dick against her ass. I eventually pulled her leggings down I like licked it and then kept pressing my cock against her ass
My kik? I don't give it out.
I'll add you, however.
Pretty lame compared to others in here but I'll post

When I was young, around 6 or 7, I thought it was unfair girls could wear dresses, so I had my aunt who would do anything for me make me one that looked like a character from some kids show (forgot the name). I would wear it to sleep with no underwear whenever my family went to visit her and my grandmother and I would get to sleep at their house instead of the hotel. One time my aunt flashed me her vagina. I still have that picture in my mind and now I'm disgusted by it. My parents never found out about this.
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