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I really want to get pegged by a woman, I've been looking

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I really want to get pegged by a woman, I've been looking for someone to do it with for months, mainly on craigslist but so far no luck.

I suppose there's no harm in trying here, if there are any women here in the north west england/liverpool area who like or want to try pegging with a slim built, attractive 20 year old male reply here and I'll give my email.

Also if anyone has tried it before how did you find it? Did the person you were doing it with enjoy it?
>getting pegged
So muchfor being the rulers of the world

But realistically your best bet is to get a grillfriend and slowly get her into kinky things. Or be fucked by a guy.
Why not just stop denying it and go straight to men, faggot?

Are you still around? 24/f/UK here, pretty nuts about pegging. I am originally from the n/w, though not there right now.
Ye this is OP, the ID is different because I'm on a different internet connection. My email is jamesfinch303 at yahoo dot co dot uk if you want to message me.
You lucky sonofabitch, been looking for ages and 4chinz serves you up a chance. Come back with story if everything works out.

Emailed you : )


It can't be that hard to find people here? Look in fetish threads more often. Granted it's relatively rare, but femdoms/peggers do post. Especially when we're bored and lost someone we used to play with.
But you all seem to be in the UK.

There's never any American girls into it. :(

I was standing in line at Tesco's earlier behind the most annoying pair of Jewish American princesses on the planet (I live in a city with many foreigners), rambling about taking selfies while drinking prosecco on a train or some shit. Do you really want to get pegged by them?
Emailed you back :)
Not a Jewish one, at least.

There are plenty of fine women in the US. I just can't seem to find any of them that are into pegging. :\
London based 22/m/uk here.

Would be very up for trying this. I even have in my possession a strap on, but have never had a chance to find someone to use it with.

Email (for 4chan kink stuff) is handcuffs69 at live dot co dot uk
Ahh, it's so fucking fun to peg dudes.

Where you from?
I don't know why the thought of pegging sounds so awesome. My brain says it will be awful but my dick loves the idea.
London? I was listening to some Americans telling a similar story earlier.

Honestly, would probably let them peg me. Especially if all of them wanted to do it together...
Where are you from? Please say the US.

Please say UK
>tfw in arizona
someone start a pegging hookup thread in main then?
Can't we just use this one?
sucks to be us
>blond gals everywhere
>only want booze no kinks
>be engineer
well fuck me right
Anyone in here actually been pegged before?
No, but I really want to try it desperately.
Same, had a ex fwb sneak a finger in during a orgasm and its been a secret fetish ever since. Jokingly brought it up with a few girls but no luck.
Yes, current GF likes toying my ass as much as I enjoy toying hers
>living the dream
Everymans dream
I've been pegged before, its wonderful. Would do again in a heartbeat.
25/m/410, if any femanons are interested skype me at bradley.nolastname
Super jealous. What kind of a girl did it? How did it happen? Spill the beans, man.
Where in Arizona? 27/m in Yuma, always wanted to peg.
Get pegged, rather.
Ha, I actually tried to get my ex fiance to let me peg him for like a year, never budged, every guy I've been with since is against it as well.
Where do you find guys that are up for it ?
I'm a guy dumbass all the girls are boring drunk sluts here there is no kinks
I had 1 girl peg me and it wasn't what I was looking for at the time or from whom I thought it would happen. I wasn't in line at gas station for Powerball tickets and some bitch came up & just fucked me with a strapon but...

>Be me 30 chubby guy (5'10" 200 lbs) on OKC
>Messaging bitches
>Message 34 y/o blonde who looks so/so
>She responds back & few messages later I get her #
>Nothing of sex or pegging in my profile or messages at this point
>We text & setting up first meet
>Tell her we should meet to get her hair dyed red cuz I have thing for redheads
>She dyed her hair red before and didn't like it
>Floors are bare she says
>I admit "coy" that got me hard but really shaved pussies are so... EVERY FUCKING GIRL DOES IT! LAME!
>More text and have her send pic of face right now
>I do too
>She pretty cute with no makeup so ask for side profile booty shot
>She text back she knows I want to see if she fat and sends pic with panties slung down a little bit so I can just barely see butt crack
>Asks to see my booty shot
>Pose in same way she did with boxer briefs down
>Says she would love to tie me up & fuck my ass with strapon
>Says she was joking
>We talk on phone & no sex on 1st date
>Meet up for few margarita specials part ways
>2nd date down for sex as she tells me deepthroat skills. I'm 6" so not much skill needed I tell her
>2nd meet she coming to my house to purely fuck
>We go 2 rounds, she has 3 kids so has to get back home
>Meet 2 more times=SEX
>Pick her up for "date" we have beers then porn store for toys
>Go by pegging strapons
>She says you know you want it
>be coy again, IDK
>It's 32 bucks
>She says she wants to ram me with monster
>I tell her I will buy 4" if she goes "easy"
>She grabs it
>I pay for that and bullet


>back to my place and 69
>I lick her ass, she licks & fingers mine while blowing me
>Play with bullet on her vag
>Switching positions then she forces me back to missionary for soul purpose...
>Grasping my ass and thrusting me in and finger slides in butthole
>I cum a thousand bandz
>Laying talking drinking
>Time for me to be her bitch
>Will lick it before she sticks it
>I'm on my back and she lifts my legs (socks still on)
>Shit feels amazing she has vocaroo tongue mode on/in my asshole
>She lubes finger sticks it in and toying with my dick
>Gets up and puts strapon on
>She puts some lube on and enters
>Stop I don't like this I tell her
>She grabs my face and tells me to take it like a good little bitch
>It hurts take it out I exclaim like a bitch
>She smacks my face and gives me finger to lips SHHHHH
>I try to squirm away and she pushes it full in
>All of sudden euphoric feeling comes over me
>imaginary fedora pops on my head and she is slowly thrusting
>I like this feel
>Let put subtle thrusts of air
>She starts pumping harder
>I start grasping her ass & throwing her harder into me
>She is thrusting and calling me a sissy faggot
>Who owns your ass faggot!
>You do ma'am (no time to tip fedora)
>My fucking shit she put me in 3 different positions & I came while not touching my dick getting drilled doggy by her

We were fuck buddies for 6 months then she got b/f. She was pushing shit but I kept her away from relationship. Feels bad man,
You lucky bastard. If theres any other girls out there that want to peg a 22y/o young professional living in the city centre (Manchester) my kik is gco91.

Worth a try at least, though im not holding out much hope
Might as well drop some info. M/22/ga
Athletic and currently a student if any close femanons into pegging send a message to [email protected]
Male from same kinda area, north wales/Wirral.

Very interested in this also if any FEMs want to givr me an email.. It's [email protected]
Been pegged a few times and it's awesome. Hottest was when I was 18 and skinny twink before putting on muscle in college, used to trap and stuff. A bi girl couple spitroasted me with strapons while I was in a miniskirt, stockings and collar. They owned my shit, gave me atm and swapped holes and finished me off fucking me piledriver and jerking me to make me bust my load on my own face.

Where was this?!
Pretty much everywhere.
Any girls into this around the 219?
Kik is 79tall
Why not try trannies then?
Because trannies are normally pretty gross.

I want a cute girl that likes butts to mess with mine.
How long ago?! Do you still talk to either of the girls? Are they still in the area? Did they really like it? I'm in Chicago and would love to do this!

Sorry for all the questions, but you've given me a glimpse of hope.
Almost 4 years ago, dunno they're probably still around but they were kind of friends of friends who just flat out said they wanted to own a sissy boy and I was like...I'm down
Awww dang, so no hope at all pretty much.

A guy can dream...
Thread posts: 52
Thread images: 1

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