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I posted this on /adv/ but was recommended to come here. So i'm

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I posted this on /adv/ but was recommended to come here. So i'm just gonna copy and paste what I said.

"hey /adv/ do any of you know anything about cannabis?

I should explain. Iv'e had chrons disease since I was 10 years old. When I first contracted it I nearly almost died from pancreatitus.and just recently(back in February) I almost died again. I was bleeding for a good 2 months before it happened. But it got steadily worse and worse. Long story short, I almost went into a coma and died.

I was first given Salafak as a treatment originally. (as a child) but I was told by another doctor that "that's ineffective I don't even know why they gave you that." But I tried explaining to the doctor that when I was a kid I often missed a lot of my medication and at the time I was living with my mother who was on welfare. And we didn't have any good or much to eat..

So I am taking remicade now. And I am aware it can have some potentially really dangerous side effects. A friend of mine actually died as a result of medication he was taking for his chrons disease. My cramps and pain have started up again. And I am really concerned to start taking my medication again. Long story short it can cause Lymphoma(among other horrible things.) and that really scares me..

So iv'e been taking cananbis(indica strain. And pot edibles.) and I always end up feeling a lot better the next day. My appetite goes up and I feel very relaxed/comfortable.

I have been trying really hard to look for research pertaining to it's effectiveness. I have a very very severe case.(All the way from my mouth to my anus.) is pretty much inflamed.

I heard that smoking only relieves symptoms. But edibles have supposedly been shown to suppress something called an alpha TNF blocker or something(which basically makes my immune system work overtime and that's when I get the pain.)
But I can't seem to find any info regarding edibles and specifically indica strain. It's difficult to find help because my doctors don't give two shits about me and don't want me smoking cannabis because it can "mess with the medicine.
I know next to nothing about marijuana in the context of inflammation, but I as well have had a chronic pain condition (type 2 trigeminal neuralgia and peripheral nerve issues that resembled MS) since I was ~13. The peripheral nerve issues I resolved, and an MRI shows no lesions or evidence of demyelination. To this day I don't know what or why.

Reluctantly, I'd suggest looking into cocoa beans though. They can be a fairly potent anti-inflammatory, and helped my trigeminal nerve pain from a number of angles. Part of that is due to flavan-3-ols, part of it is due to the anandamide / endo-cannabinoid reuptake inhibitors which influence immune system function. Some of that might be due to systemically liberating histamine from mast cells, which probably net reduces specific immune system activity. The compounds that directly inhibit the chain of inflammation escape my memory though.

Ginger root is also a potent anti-inflammatory, though I know Crohn's entails much more than typical inflammatory processes. I assume you've also had your gut flora checked, and been checked for things like an active H. Pylori infection. It's amazing what tests slip through the cracks. Trigeminal neuralgia showed me that with startlingly blunt clarity.

Good luck anon. Sorry I can't provide anything about your actual question.

I read what you said. Sadly I don't understand science that much but I get the basic idea of what you said.(that's on me though so I apologize.)

The medication my friend took was Humera. Which has been supposedly linked as a very VERY dangerous medication...

I take Remicade which is a fairly newer drug. Thank you for the suggestion though.

http://www.drugs.com/sfx/remicade-side-effects.html this is some information I found on remicade. Iv'e found a lot more but I think this would be a good source.(as iv'e been TOLD anyway..drugs.com is supposedly a good source for knowing about certain medication.)

And from what I see this does not look good. I'm also a young male.(24) and it mentions how this medication has a higher risk of giving something called uh...T lymphoma or something. I forgot the full term sorry. Anyway it's usually a very fatal disease(I should know. My friend died of Liekima which i'm not sure if it's the same thing or not.)

My doctor would say things like "Oh well the medication can cause issues with the spine and thus cannabis is not good to go with remicade."

I am paraphrasing there though. It's hard for me to remember all these complicated medical terminology.

If cannabis doesn't work I could die. My "Doctor" also says that cannabis can cause psychosis and memory loss. And from what iv'e researched there's no real proof of that. But even if that was the case? i'm pretty sure that having psychosis(which iv'e experienced in the past from cannabis yes. But it usually goes away after a few days.) is still a better negative side effect than getting some horrible cancer and dying. It only took 11 months for my friend to croak. So I don't want to be on the chopping block next.

Also, from what iv'e read.(I may had said this already if so my mistake.) cannabis, especially in high CBD levels has supposedly been shown to supress alpha TNF blockers. Which I read is used to increase the immune system or something. I assume it has something to do with white blood cells? regardless if that's true that would be great. My body is already severely damaged but perhaps it could be salvaged if I do something about it.

I got a recent blood test that showed some of my red blood cells shrinking along with "issues with my liver." another doctor told me that it's signs of active Chrons and not the remicade(but honestly at this point I have difficulty believing in them now....)
Well, I'm reluctant to say too much about the average physician as I have a heavily negative bias that is apt to not be universally justified. I went through many doctors and none of them had a positive impact on my life.

Either way, weed doesn't cause memory "loss" but it can cause a reduction in how well memory systems work. Although I know nearly lifelong daily smokers, people who have smoked for 40+ years straight, and have yet to notice a deficit in their memory that I haven't seen in non-stoners. The brain is composed of many feedback leaps that perhaps adapt over time, I don't know. The psychosis angle as far as research goes is a mess, but I can see how it would trigger it in someone predisposed to begin with. Though I think it acts less like a trigger, and more potentiates or worsen "psychotic" symptoms.

TNF stands for "tumor necrosis factor", which like many things in biology is a bit deceptive when judging how many function it's actually involved in.
However it's one of the things a component of cocoa bean modulates, among other aspects of the immune system. There's a bit too much to say about inflammatory processes and the myriad ways signalling and feedback occurs. Reading up on it would probably be better than any (decently limited) thing I might try to regurgitate from memory. There's probably people around that have more meaningful feedback than I.

A starting point:

Thanks. I took a look and from what I understand, these TNF agents are what cause imflammation?
What do you guys think of this?

I'm not sure if one single agent actually does the ultimate initiation of inflammation, but there are a lot of points in the signaling chain to inhibit it and a lot of mediating agents. COX-1 and COX-2 for example, are targeted by things like aspirin, ibuprofen, prescription anti-inflammatories, etc. However, targeting this particular pathway only prevent further inflammation, the body is often still left to clear any sort of inflammation already occurring. Just to show how multifaceted it is.

The best approach is to read about inflammation in the context of Crohn's itself. That's the quickest way to find exactly what will have the greatest effect.

Iv'e tried but trying to avoid bias is difficult. I have been trying to find actual studies/evidence.

What i'd like to know is how it is effective with someone with my case. Young adult male, severe case. And if cannabis did anything. But it's very hard to find information..

Marijuana and anything related to cannabis in general is a very polarized topic. It's difficult to find reliable and high quality information about a range of topics. So you're apt to have to piece together what you want to know by indirect means.
Have you ruled out the effect of intermittent fasting from cannabis?

Are you refering to the effects of when you use it you gain weight and when stopped you lose weight? if so yes. But I probably don't have to worry because I actually weigh too much as it is right now.
crohns bro here

smoking marijuana alleviates inflammation.

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