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who /premed/ here

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who /premed/ here
*cue laugh track*

but no, seriously, /sci/ is mostly a haven for the people who enjoy solving problems using quantitative hard sciences like chem, physics, and math. biology and medicine is just horrifyingly brute memorization.

I make this generalization about premeds, and you, because its something like 85-90% are biology and psych majors, the rest are biochem and chemistry. anything else is pretty much negligible. If you are already in a hard science with plans to enter med school, you are setting yourself up for a degree in memorizing concepts. i personally could not imagine the transition from actual problem solving, to memorization memorization memorization. its just not nearly as interesting or fun.
>start uni recently, obviously majoring in math+cs
>see old high school friends over the weekend
>some /premed/ is taking classes that teach you how to use microsoft excel for "easy marks"
I thought this was simply a meme but these people should never be doctors
I'm premed and a physics major, it's just as interesting to me tbh, still problem solving involved connecting symptoms finding solutions
If it were the US, they wouldn't be
>its just not nearly as interesting or fun
I want to see myself in that white coat, treating people
that's a weird reason

it just sounds like you've conditioned yourself into wanting something society has told you is desirable
>mfw third year of medschool
> :^)
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>I hated organic chemistry so much ughh! It put a dent in my GPA and I'm not even gonna use. Gonna take a course on plant biology next term for an easy A *slurp* *slurp*

/premed/ in a nutshell.
>medicine is just horrifyingly brute memorization
I wold never go to a doctor in your contry with such a focus.

Medicine is a profession where you apply the knowledge, make observations, formulate a hypothesis etc. Then and only when you have a good working theory do you progress to treatment. Otherwise you end up giving painkillers to everything including broken bones.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle studied medicine and one of his professors was the model for Sherlock Holmes.

I have seen this done IRL by a very experienced GP. It was impressive.
Ochem ain't shit.

It's the 101 level chemistry and biology classes that will fuck you up.
They gotta weed out all the hopeless wannabe premeds early.

I took 500-level neuroscience and ecology courses at the same time as biology 101 last semester (I'm a transfer student, shit's funky).

I aced the first two, but fucking struggled with 101.
It's intentionally bullshit. This whole thing is bullshit.
3rd year Md-PhD here, ask me anything.
I don't live in the USA though, so I probably can't say much about your system.
>mfw a premed struggled with basic calculus near me
>quantitative hard sciences like chem
implying chem isn't grouped with the brute memorization
>tfw pre meds consistently make better grades than engineering/math/science majors
What's your guys secret??
their undergrad course work is pretty casual. shit doesn't get hard till after you get into med school.

undergrad for engineers is the most difficult part. masters is ez-pz for engineers.
>tfw mechanical engineering pre-med

While I cannot speak for even third year courses in the pre med program, this is my first impression regarding the beginning of the curriculum. Our med terminology class was literally 100% this. Bored me to tears, ended up transferring.

>med terminology

Well no shit a terminology class was memorization you retard. Were you hoping for critical problem solving when you took a class to learn vocabulary words?
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 3

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