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"Freedom" of software negates rights of property owners

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"Freedom" of software negates rights of property owners and is inherently inconsistent with capitalism, both on principle and in the more practical sense that the system could never adequately provide for software programmers.
programmers by the right dictated in the constitution have a right to sell their intellectual property but Stallman seeks to undercut this with a license that directly negates these right and promotes a monopoly by not allowing directives to change the license like bsd.

Stallman is a known communist and Linus has been known as an abusive employer who discriminates against women and minorities.
Linus did nothing wrong
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he continues to break down emotionally unwell people instead of helping them like a good boss.
he often targets women in software, an already underrepresented and unfaily criticized group and on a few occasions his sexist onslaught forced women to step down from kernel development over the emotional trauma.
Nice dub

What if they deserve it though. You don't knew the hole store.
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I dont appreciate this completely unwarranted victim blaming conjecture!
there is no excuse for knowingly causing trauma and thats doubly so if you are in a place of authority relative to your victims.
it may not have been sexual (that we know of) but Linus's actions mirror that of sexual predators.
There's no excuse for being a woman either.

Atheists: 1
Me: 1
You: 0
are you the same guy that claims /jp/ is a feminist board?
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good double
no im pretty new here(reddit) but im just very passionate about civil liberties and capitalism :D
I know you guys aren't the most open minded people but I hope we can all be friends and come to a greater understanding together through discourse and debate!
Will you play with my willy? :x
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*tickles your willy sliding my index finger under your foreskin*

Holy shit O-o
The problem is, Trips, that you probably aren't seeing all the posts. If you are just viewing [s4s] through the /s4s/ board, you don't see the green posts, the posts with letters in their ids, or anything numberless. Together, those make up about 40-70 percent of [s4s], depending on the day. So conversation will appear disjointed and spastic, because you won't be getting the full picture.

I actually just flipped over to the /s4s/ interface to make this post, and it's pretty funny how unintelligible [s4s] is like this
What a good awoo
*pats head*
Pat my head?
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patted to be perfectly honest with you ;)
you cn’t see it. but im flipping you off. i am flipping you off with both my hands. im typing this with my middle finger. i am flipping you off right now. flipping you off so hard right now. you can’t see it, which is a true pity, but take my word for it. i am. i am flipping you off right now. because you can’t see it, let me describe it for you. my pinkie and ring fingers are folded down on both hands, a little past the second crease in my hands. my middle fingers are extended. they’re pointing to the sky. then my thumbs are crossed over my index fingers, also folded down on my hands, but to the freckle on my left hand. my thumb nail on my left hand has a black triangle on it. now, i’m waving my both my hands vigorously, still flipping you off.
>intellectual property
This should not be a thing. The very notion that you can own ideas is laughable.

Intellectual property should be illegal.
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Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 10

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