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whats ur fav anime? I wanna watch a cool anime but idk ive seen

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whats ur fav anime?
I wanna watch a cool anime but idk ive seen the good ones like Umaru and YuruYuri but dont know what else to watch..
I was thinking of starting Love Lab
Is that [s4s] approved?
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The one with the unpopular girl
idk it seems kind of emo... i mean the opening is literally a screamo song
im more of a happy guy
for you
Idk senpai but Onegai my Melody is a nice anime, it even has beary pink sheep so that's gotta be worth something by [s4s] standards
Nugger, love lab is what cu*ks watch tbh fam

If you can stop urge to fap to little grills card captor sakura
If you want weirder mariaholic
Or like whatevs fam tons of generic 4 or 5 grills having a banter tbh
I like it though. Not as good as the ED, however.
I think the OP is what Tomoko would want to be, and the ED is what she is.
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is that cry?
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Then i'd also suggest kiniro mosaic and non non biyori. Kinmosa was literally the show that got me into anime
besides kiniro mosaic
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My favourite animeme is Azumanga Daioh.
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Watch Lucky Star
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Did you say Lucky Star?
dude.... nice dubs......
nice dubs
this is my approved, cute, realxing anime
>non non biyori
>hidamari sketch (this is a good one)
>love live
card capter sakuar was a nice anemi
nice dubs
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cowboy beepboop
chlorine-based cleaning product
one piece of sh*t
dragon's balls
murder notebook
king of gets
serial ayylmaos lain
cory in the house
[email protected]%#@@&gate
code gays
usagi dropped
meduka meguca
Chaika on the front page!
kirino mosaic (pic related xD)
poker-playing cherry blossom
pocket monsters
assault on colossus
love and live prosperously
snort me baby
that one animay with the wide faces
kirr ra kirr
a certain shitty franchise
le unpopular /v/ gril
le squid
le smug wolf
dick x dick

lol I could keep doing this all day
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K-off is literally god tier animu
Bumping for interest
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Nichijou is [s4s] approved
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you are missing pani poni dash
Boku no niggers
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"I don't say who I'm quoting''
who are you quoting?
excuse me gentlemen, but I browse [s4s] with my daughteru and I would appreciate it if you wouldn't use such foul language in front of her
pani poni dash is the only acceptable moe crap :^)
lol im gonna watch it
if its not good im going to come to your house and RAPE YOU
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love lab is good. I also like gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun
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Unchecked trips is a federal offense punished by a 1,000,000 lel fine, or 12 years without keks.

Really nice digits, anon

Unchecked digits has been a reoccurring phenomena [s4s] wide. Users are left without checks, children cry themselves to sleep, digits are lost in the void without ever realizing their singular purpose: not to be singles. This is the biggest tragedy to ever befall our great board. Much more worrisome than any of the worst dumb frogposters, or #rude posters. Help combat unchecked digits today and help a brotha out ok fam? Smh tbqh :^)

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
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Hi picture of me. I would suggest Haibane Renmei because I am just that kind of weirdo.
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Welcome to the NHK
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Mirai Nikki
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Non Non Biyori
Log Horizon

These are my favorite. Watched some like Code Geass, Desu Noto but I think they're overrated

Currently watching Shinsekai yori, 12 episodes and considering it 10/10 already

I will watch Chuuniyou next
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It's getting better with happy flare merchants appearing

But Team Magma is the original FIRE (and ground) team
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how about toy story?
the soundtrack is nice
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That picture anon
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kindly fuck off back to >>>/a/
Thread posts: 40
Thread images: 21

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