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Hey [s4s], I finally finished working on some oc and I wanted you guys to hear it. :^)
You guys are allowed to listen to it under one condition: donut steal >:^(/

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off by 3 u_u

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If we draw or win, we're in Winter. If we lose, we're out.
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The wiki's suffering from technical issues, so here's the stream link:

Tuning in now to /pol/ vs /lit/. Is a round of matches just starting, or is this the round right before us?
We're in game 5, our match is game 9 and the last of the group stage.

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nothing to be so angry about tbh fam
gay marriage is legal now so why not have a gay anime
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if this is another bait thread and flops faster than your moms its nothing to be angry about tbh fam.
you just need to find the right boy and then you can be a gay anime and no longer jealous
gay anime makes so mad i'm gonna spam gore like an autistic little bitch grrrrrr i sure hate homosexuals

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Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again

I think this was a beautiful group effort.
Can we have moddy sticky it to the fridgee pls so all the guests can see it and admire the wonderful niceness and festiveness of this nice board?
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I rate this picture 0/10
Reason: No Bune Raven
but that's good.

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Good afternoon, bbys.

This is

Le Radioman and I am coming to you LIVE from the internet, hosting your wonderful [s4s] Radio LIVE - This is Nice Radio.


We don't have any guests planned for this week, but who knows? Maybe someone will show up.

Heck, bby. It may even be you, if I do say so myself.

You can contact the show via Skype by adding "le.radioman" to your Skype friend list.

You can also send in your songs and whatnots to [email protected], or post them to this thread.

We'll be right with you, bbys.

Stay tuned!

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger
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hey le radioman. what plugin do i need to 'display the content' on the site? is that why there is no music playing or have you not started yet? i am confus and sorry for the confus
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Radioman what are you doing on /trash/ on a ghost thread

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Help me complet this :^)
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Interesting thread.

This for either /vg/ or /sp/
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added for /vg/
i'm sure /sp/ will have relevant ones :^)

this is also a chance to produce [s4s]-tan oc relating to boards like /p/ or /wg/
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this is nice -tan.png
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Other ideas

Lelaura as /a/
Somebody over in /mlp/ made some ponified [s4s]
The original picture of [s4s]-tan as /i/
Screenshot of her from Smashkek and the Lels for /f/

Oh, and this as /qa/

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ITT we summon Hiroyuki so he can take [s4s] off the board list and have it unlisted like /qa/
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this tbqh fam
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Let us construct the summoning circle.

I drew a line, somebody else can take it from here.
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take /r9k/ off the list too you roach

ITT doge, lets revive him!
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>picture from 2011

let the dog die.
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inb4 Gavin Mcinnes

Server: esforescraft.tk
Map: esforescraft.tk:25564
Economy: esforescraft.tk:7777
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/esforescraft
(If esforescraft.tk doesn't work, use instead)

>1,006 unique players logged (we broke 1,000 unique players, woah!)
>143 played in the past week
Live statistics: https://minecraftlist.com/servers/esforescraft.tk

This server is pirate friendly :^)

New to this thread? EsforesCraft is a server made by the players! Other than spawn and the abandoned shop everything you see has been made by funposters, including the wonderful Bury Nice Village located right at spawn and Liberty City. Build, mine and chat with the community and engage in the thrilling dynamic economy! The world is also 144km^2 meaning it's never impossible to find someone's home. The world wraps around too! Griefing is allowed but only because of our fantastic anti-grief system which makes multiplayer survival feel how it should be by making players have to earn the right to protect their homes and keep their privacy. Claimed land expires after 28 days of inactivity so there will almost always be ruins to explore and salvage! Thanks and stay hydrated bby ;^)

Last thread by AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (reached the bump limit): >>3865087

Your fortune: Better not tell you now
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The server has been upgraded to 3GB of RAM (512 for the operating system, 2,560 for the server). An additional 10 player slots have also been added, bringing the total to 30!
Hyperconomy, NoCheatPlus and GriefPrevention have been updated.
Players will now enter AFK mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. You can also enter AFK mode with /afk. In AFK mode you cannot pick up items and mobs will not attack you. After 15 minutes of inactivity you will be kicked, this is to preserve server performance. To leave AFK mode, type /afk again and you will be unfrozen.
The ability to use the /gc command has been removed because it can cause lag from when it fetches information.
Teleporting now requires a 5 second cooldown in between teleports as this was causing lag too. It is still instant, however.
Rules in /rules have been updated to accurately reflect server rules.
Increased spawn-limits for water animals from 3 to 10.

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