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tall girls for for manlets only!

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manlets share your experiences with tall women 5'7 and taller post your stories positive or negative
> 5'6 manlet reporting

Knew a girl who looked somewhat like pic related tall girl. Not nearly as attractive though. She had three petit Stacy sisters. They were around 5'2, she was 6'4.

Her parents treated her sisters better, naturally. She had guy interests and hung out with my group of friends a lot. Fairly red pilled due to family. Chads always hit on her sisters and ignored her, so she was more receptive to other guys.

Got real drunk one night at one of our gatherings, pulled me into her lap and we made out. Slept together on couch afterward. Nothing more happened, but she definitely not the type of tall girl who hates manlets. Far as I know, she's only had one boyfriend. Most guys don't go for her and she knows it, doesn't seem to bother her that much.
damn so it's true? What is it that repels most men from these Amazonian women?
"True" is relative.

In general, women want to feel protected, and men want to be protectors. If you're a short girl it's east to find a tall man and /feel/ protected. It goes straight to the older parts of our brain, the primal parts.

If you're a tall girl, not only is it more difficult to find a taller man due to obvious reasons, but the tall men won't really be looking for you as much as the petit Stacys.

Of course, there's always the size queens who just want a tall chad and won't settle for anything else. But then there's girls like I described. She wasn't a bitch at all, and genuinely didn't care about me height. The other issues she had brought her standards down accordingly, imo.
I saw some documentary where 5'10 and up women demand a taller man. Soul crushing really then again others don't seem to care.
It's so annoying when people that are outside the standards of beauty preach these same standards when it comes to other people

Women in particular seem to do that because they can get laid no matter what, so even fat/tall/short/ugly girls are always talking about how men must be this or that way.
> I'm 5'7" and my boyfriend is 5'1". When I first saw my boyfriend at a party I was attracted to his personality, so when we started hanging out and I realized how much shorter he was than me it felt awkward. Before him I only had boyfriends that were taller than me. Holding hands and walking next to him made me feel like people were always starring at us and I was uncomfortable at times. The first time we went somewhere where we dressed up I was apprehensive of wearing my heels, but he encouraged me to wear them. Needless to say after five years we are still together and I love the fact that he is confident with himself and his body. I eventually got over the awkwardness of him being shorter and now I even like it when people stare at us.


Just b urselves guys :^)
My best friend used to be a girl that was tall we had a thing for each other for a while she started going bi/lesbian then just randomly never talked to me again
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why not just date a black transgendered woman, manlets
I don't have jungle fever besides not a real dwarf
Taller girls are hot. I don't have any particularly negative or positive experiences with them though.
any stories you heard of or seen? Post stories
When I lived in Gernany, I flatshared with a girl who is 6'4 (I'm 5'9). She was into me but I didnt try anything since she had a bf (5'11) who was pretty cool. She would often put things on top shelves and those hanging basket things just to tease.
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Your asking about my marriage anon.

>be me, 4'11
>my wife is 5'10
>over 6ft in heels

I am her house husband while she works full time.

>says I'm not hot
>I'm the same size as a middle schooler
>that I'm not good at sex because I'm too small
>but that she assumed all of that because I'm so small so it's not a big deal for her
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>Be too small to reach pedals without a lot of adjustments
>refuses to let me drive because "it's easier for her to do all the driving
>be forever a passenger
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>constantly goes to the gym without me
>I try to go once in a while but get super awkward around all the chad jocks
>stay out of the way while guys blatantly check out her ass
>I can't tell if she likes the attention or not but I'm too much of a pussy to say anything
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>she doesn't mind being out in public and doing stuff together
>feels awkward if people stare or if people whisper
>can't hold my hand since I'm so short
>she winds up bending way down and it's uncomfortable
>wind up walking side by side but since her legs are so much longer I'm always scurrying after her
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>be barely chest level
>not even chest level when she's in heels
>don't mind because boobs in face
>feel awkward again when I realize grade school kids are taller then me and normal sized men check my wife out
>do they even know we are together?
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>the few times we try sex I can barely penetrate without significant help
>her ass is too firm for me
>I pretty much bounce off
>it sucks because doggy is her favorite position
>don't even get me started on the fact that she loves it standing up but I can't even reach without a stepstool
>I usually finish way before she's even getting warmed up
>she is super over protective
>refuses to let me go out anywhere by myself
>will literally wrestle me into a head lock and threaten to kick my ass if I get smart with her
>feel like a kid in my own home
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>she spends more time with her chad co-workers then me
>I spend the entire day cleaning the house and cooking dinner
>she admits that they are "hot" but I shouldn't compare my self to them
>little guys like me can't be hot, but we are adorable
>literally uses me as a body pillow to squeeze at night
So basically she's going to get knocked up by Chad and make this midget care for the offspring
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>this valentines day she finally admits during sex that she doesn't really feel me
>says I'm an inch or two smaller then what she's used to
>if she tries to get into it I always fall out
>I don't have enough mass to toss her and pound her like a "normal man" could
>admitted her previous guys never had this problem
>admitted that she believes men who are taller then me are bigger in the pants
>says it's nothing to be ashamed of
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>ask her what were her favorite positions with he exes
>take pictures
>realize I'm much too small to attempt any of these positions with her
>I wonder if she's frustrated?
>she won't admit it but she does constantly make me eat her out when she watches 22 Jump Street or Magic Mike

This person is absolutely masturbating right now, and absolutely not married.
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Hey, this is a manlet/tall woman thread.

I'm basically explaining my situation. I don't know why your bent out of shape anon.
Different guy than your responder but your posts just ooze fake
Its a funny thing, the two tallest girls I know (5'10 and 5'11) are both dating handsome manlets. They make great couples though.
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These pics are pics I took myself. Sorry if my story doesn't sound believable but I'm 4'11 and my wife is really 5'10.

Which is why we have so many problems in the bedroom. It's frustrating to me but my wife say's it's not a big deal. Her co-workers are assholes though.

The one time I went out with them and they teased me because I had to stand on my tiptoes to use the urinal.

I enjoy everything about this picture.
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Well, it seems you're the only one. Oh well, if people think I'm bullshitting them then I'll peace out of the thread. Sorry for trying to contribute.
How did you end up with her?
So you have a qt mommy gf that makes money too? Bravo anon, bravo
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She made the first move. I was the complete opposite of her ex, she found me cute and adorable, and she likes the fact that she's stronger then me and that I let her make the rules.

She loves the fact that I'm her house husband and acknowledges not many boys would be okay with that.
No. You can continue to tell your story and post pictures, I have to hand it to you, just from her body, she is gorgeous. You're a lucky man.
Tell us how you two met anon, I wanna hear the story
Thanks, I would feel luckier if I could actually please her physically.

We met in college. She saw me eating a small bowl of chili in the back of the classroom before the teacher came in. She walked over to me, took my chili, and ate it in front of me. I got upset and she leaned down and told me "What are you gonna do about it small fry?"

I told her she owes me dinner. We went out that night and she admitted she recently broke up with her ex who was some douchey chad jock and she was looking for a change.
>Some women find short guys adorable

There is hope for me yet
tall girls hate manlets as much as womenlets if not more
jelq that cock.
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I'm not even 5ft tall so there's def hope for you.

On the other hand, be aware that more likely then not... you won't be able to physically please your woman. At least, I can't.
>I told her she owes me dinner

Smoother than ice
>tfw I'm 23 and when I went to the doctor for my physical I found out that I grew 2" to 5'8.
Am I still a manlet?
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Your almost as tall as my wife so I wouldn't think so. You would look like a grown man compared to me.
Most guys can't get their girls to orgasm anyway anon. Plus she's the doting breadwinner and you get to be the comfy house husband? Holy shit, I've met guys on here willing to cut their ear off for something like that.
Wouldn't all girls be tall to a manlet?
I've never been able to take the pussy by knockout. I've found that the best way to compensate for a small benis is to build up your stamina and win by decision. Changing the depth you're penetrating and the speed is one way to get her to achieve some level of satisfaction. My favorite thing to do is to do slow, deep thrusts and then suddenly change to fast, hard(ish) thrusts, I've been bitten a couple of times doing that.
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This is our height difference. She is wearing low heels and I'm wearing shoes with an insert.
I was hoping you looked more like the Turkroach guy.
Why dont you buy a strap on to pleasure her???
Do you have any wedding photos, anon?
These pics are so hot

Does she have other guys "please her"

post more please
I need more

post wedding pics

pics of her being satisfied by other men

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>tfw 6'2"
>qt girl that's at least 6'3" or taller, kinda thick
>too scared to ask her out because i would feel small
im 5'2 and went out with a girl thats 5'8

when we fought 1 time she told me she was disgusted to be with me in public and its awkward af all the time

she said i have a great personality tho...oh welll..
I was referring to the guy that posted pics of his wife
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-satanic ree-.jpg
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>tfw manlet
>tfw amazon gf never
>tfw this is your fetish and its within the realm of possibility, but still.... out of reach.

Fucking normies get everything.
>all these retards deluding themselves into believing tall "women" will give manlets a chance because chad won't pay attention to them
get real
Tall girls hate short guys
Short girls especially hate short guys
Mid girls just don't consider you

This is my understanding from my own life, 5'4
If youre good looking it can happen.

5'9" here, dated/banged a really cute 6' tall girl for a couple months last year

not much of a story, we met on match dot com and hung out for a while and she eventually ghosted me after I told her I didn't want kids.
>5'7 master race reporting in
Objectively the best height for women. Tall enough to look down at womanlets but not tall enough to look manly. Feels good.
>5' 5".
>married 6'1" amazon
go to the gym and get pumped and your life will turn around bruh.

oh and the sex was decent but her being on top was awkward because of how thin and gangly she was. laying in bed with her face to face and my feet only going down to like mid-shin on her was pretty fun.
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Feels bad man
comment original
I feel like if I ended up dating/fucking a tall woman she'd be a complete dom in bed, which I'm not down for.
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>tfw you will never be as happy as this devilish little gremlin is
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Tall girls want to be dominated more.

I dated a girl in college who was 5'5", she was awesome in bed, but the several girls I was with before I met my (now) wife were all 6'+.

Shit's so cash

The girls my height/taller than me I've hooked up with have gone nuts when I've manhandled them in bed. I feel like they're not used to being thrown around, held down and fucked hard, etc. but secretly crave it. It's obviously harder to do that with a 6' tall girl than with a 5'1" 100lb spinner, but the effort pays off.
I'd like to make love to a cute tall girl if I had the chance
5'7" guy here

I have only had one gf

She is still my gf

She is also about as close to 6' as you can get. Really JUST under.

It is really the best. She is extremely caring and really just wanted to be loved. It's obvious people think we settled for eachother but we started dating my sophomore year in high school. Also, being the small spoon is underrated as hell.
Is she disgusted by your height?
dated a 5'10'' English girl. She wasn't lankey or oddly shaped either. Literally 10/10 body and looked like a model.

I'm 5'11'' and there wasn't much of an issue. Even if you're shorter than her, just being confident makes life so much easier.
I still miss her though, she's always at fancy parties because she looks like a model and whenever I see her all dolled up on facebook I can't help but feel my heart race for a minute.
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resize 11.jpg
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I'm still here. What else did you wanna know?
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That's exactly what I go through with my wife. Stuck eating her out most of the time since sex with me is unsatisfying for her.

answer this please

Also, more pics pls

She spends a lot of time with her chad co-workers while I'm stuck home. I went out with them once and they all made fun of me for having to stand on my tiptoes to use the urinal.

I don't go out with them and my wife was so embarrassed. She still goes out because "she needs to be social with her co-workers".
But I mean does she get fucked by them?
My gf who's 6' loves me being the lead in bed. She loves it especially when we go doggy style and I just start driving her head and face into the bed.

I think whoever is the boss in bed is just random. It has more to do with the people's interests than their size and height.
Are you an actual cuck? it's blatantly obvious your wife is cheating on you.

How tall are you?

I don't know. I could be getting cucked and I don't know it. She has admitted that she thinks sex with bigger men (normal sized men) would be more satisfying because they have the body mass to really toss her around.

She confessed she likes it a bit rough but trying to do it with me is like being with cute boy instead of "a man"... whatever that means.
5'7" on the shorter side of 5'7" really. I'm not one of those compensating by working out all the time type of guys either. Just an average dude. Once I got the confidence to try and make something happen with her she became the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's like living with my best friend, and we fuck.

This is me too. >>26522233
>I could be getting cucked

from everything you're saying it sounds like she already has cucked you m8
tbqh all your posts read like some weird cuck fantasy
I want your big-assed wife to ride my virgin cock reverse cowgirl style

Where do you live

Which picture turns you on the most?
Dude, she's cucking the shit out of you. Don't deny it.

That being said, I don't think I could ever date a *real tall* woman. I feel antsy dating girls who are even an inch taller than me.

It's a good think I'm 5'4 so I don't have to worry about any of that happening though.


The ones with her fat white milf ass

I need this in my life, but Im a virgin
I want to cum but Im on no fap
don't fap physically, but fap mentally
I want to fuck your wife

Where are you
Manlet here reporting 5'6 gf is 6'1
Feels good man
Pic related
>gf is 5'9
>shes dominant

good times
tfw no amazon gf

btw whered that cuck go

I want to fuck your wife dude
Your wife is pretty fat....
He went to prep the bull
Dont say that you fucking asshole

Shes beautiful. That cuck doesnt deserve a strong woman like that
She seems cute
>handsome manlets
Great use of oxymoron anon
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Thread posts: 105
Thread images: 32

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