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Who /hypochondriac/ here? >Constantly scared of getting

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Who /hypochondriac/ here?

>Constantly scared of getting a DVT
>always checking the temperature of my calfs seeing if they are hotter than the other
>any slight calf twitch or pain scares me

Also this one is really recent
>pet a stray cat 3 days ago
>scared that im going to get rabies even though it looked healthy
>contemplating calling animal control to test the cat

Fuck anxiety
I used to be terrified of having a heart attack. It happened when I smoked too much weed and I felt my heart pounding in my chest. Couldn't stop checking my pulse for weeks
god that sounds awful, I cant smoke weed since it makes me even more anxious than i already am
I had night terrors about having a heart attack. I had a heart attack in my dream, everything went black and I was dead. Then I woke up fucking terrified. It went on for weeks. .

True. Fucking cunts that recommend weed. Made my mental health way worse too.

How is your calf temperature relevant?
Im checking my calf temperature to see if one is burning hot, which is a sign of a DVT. Im honestly more scared about the rabies more than anything even though its so rare around my parts
How long does rabies take to develop though I thought it would be here by three days.
Apparently it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to even years. The thing is though it didn't even fucking bite me. You know when cats kind of give you a love nip? It did that and it didn't even break any skin. My mind refuses to see reason though
Na bro you're right. You should call an ambulance because rabies needs to be treated before symptoms appear. If you get symptoms you are dead, it's too late.
You're probably going to die.
I had a subclavian DVT while working in a remote camp, had to wait a few days before I could get back to civilization to get a cross sectional ultrasound. 5" long clot in my right shoulder, partial blockage.
It really wasn't a big deal, had to take some expensive blood thinners for a few weeks, flew back to work a week after I got diagnosed.
Calm down on the rabies, it's exceedingly rare and there has to be a fluid transmission. Just wash your hands after you pet strange animals.
maybe, hopefully its quick

Idk man the cat looked fine. And plus isn't rabies super rare? I don't live in Africa
DVT in the shoulder sounds really weird? How did that even happen?

And yeah im trying to calm down on the rabies. Imma just watch the cat and see if it shows any symptoms before getting a shot
Not to be negative or suggest harmful things, but if you're really freaked out by such irrelevant things how do you enjoy life at all?
If I was in the position of being so wrapped up in my fears that I couldn't enjoy moments of relaxation without panicked thoughts creeping in, I'd off myself.
Rabies and DVTs have you fretting? What else is on your radar? Do you ever have moments of tranquility?
How would you rate your quality of life?
My health anxiety always comes and goes. Usually ill be ok for a few months and then ill have a couple of weeks of dealing with this.

Quality of life is honestly shit, since this is always on my mind
Nobody really knows. I'm prone to blood clots (hereditary), and I sleep with my arm in a fucked up position. Doc thinks I created an impingement, kinking the vein. Blood pooled behind the kink, now it's s clot. You know to test the cat the gave to kill it and behead it, right?
Sorry about your luck anon, I hope you work on controlling your anxiety. Do some scary shit, will yourself to go bite a strange cat or something.
That sounds really unlucky, sorry you had to deal with that

And yeah beheading it is one way of testing for it. Another is to incubate it for 10 days to see if it shows symptoms? Also the cat has been coming around for weeks so Id assume it wouldnt have rabies
I appreciate your concern anon. Fortunately i'm not like this all the time, I'd prolly kill myself if that were the case.
Thread posts: 18
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