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anyone /drug/problem here? > be a junkie > 3 days without

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anyone /drug/problem here?

> be a junkie
> 3 days without a dose because ran out of welfare check
> getting dope sick
> literally throw up in bed all day
> can't work because addicted and drug tests
> fuck it, call up dealer
> says he'll spot me since he trusts me
> buy $100 worth
> shoot up, high as shit
> couple days later, dealer calls back
> still no money to pay him
> ignore his texts and continue to get high
> check phone
> 20 miss calls, 1 text
> read text
> "Why the fuck you running off with my money? If I don't get what's owed by tomorrow, we're gonna have problems. I know where you live, don't fuck around with my money."
> shit myself
> typing this at a homeless shelter
> don't want to go back to my apt
> dope sick again
> maybe he will forget in another week
don't worry if he beats you up the heroin will help ease the pain
Man you're hurt deep inside. I know you are. Brother you need to overcome this world and the drug addiction. I know you are trying to fill the pain in your heart and numb it. We robots know that better than anyone. But the drugs will never help, they will only hurt you more and more.
Have you considered accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior?
can you explain why you did that? i don't get it even with the addiction. you knew you weren't going to have the money, you lose the dealer cuz you didn't pay, he knows where you live, and he's going to fuck your shit up?
this is terrible advice. OP, drugs are the only way out of your drug addiction problem. you simply aren't doing enough drugs.
will he give me more heroin?

i got no more dope. the only thing i got right now is fantanyl and i'm about to shoot right now so i can get rid of this nausea.

idk what im gonna do after though, kinda worried about that
What does cooking it do? The times I've shot up they didn't do that
get cute with that fucking faggot and tell him to stuff it, then get outta town OP
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I don't mind the betas or the mentally ill but it sickens me deeply that I share this board with degenerate junkies

because when you are so dope sick, you will suck cock for some heroin. now, if someone offered you technically free heroin, and youre sick as shit, would you not take it?

call me a scum or shit to society or w/e but i just can't help it.
this. no need to dodge his calls, he's a pussy drug dealer. call him right now and say he's not getting his money and his mom has a stinky loose cunt.
Ive come of 3 weeks of using 150mg codeine a day.

Will I get sick?

>yes, I know its weak
usually with tar heroin, you cook it to get a cleaner, nicer high and to get all the impurities out. maybe you just did another form of heroin, some doesn't need to be cooked. depends on what kind of high you like.
should i try heroin?

they say its the best high...
It's every bit as amazing as people say and it will completely ruin you
if you feel like you don't have an addictive personality, give it a try but DO NOT GET HOOKED. this shit will screw your life up. ive stole from family to buy dope and not feel bad about it when getting high. it sucks man, it just slowly takes over your life and when it does, theres nothing you can do except play it's game.

when i first did heroin, i told myself ONE TIME ONLY, and it went to two times only and then three and before i knew it, i was shooting every day.

perhaps i have an addictive and weak personality, idk. just dont end up like me
i'm a degenerate as well but it's not technically free you mong do you just not have any foresight that this would be the situation? you are going to be feeling a lot worse than dope sick when you get the shit kicked out of you by some gangbangers homies when you go back to your apartment
Sort of related question. 25 years old here, never drank anything alcoholic. Whats the best way to get wasted without murdering myself? Tried beer a while ago and it did nothing. It also tastes like piss
if you knew that doing drugs hurt angels and the baby Jesus, would you continue?
Tfw no friends and no dealer
how much did you really believe yourself when you were saying 3 times only? did you say that and then were like "whatever you say cowboy"
>snorted it once
>that was nice not gonna do it again
>do it a few more times
>alright well I'm never going to shoot it
>get offered to shoot up
>eh alright I'll try it
>do that a few more times

Haven't done it in 6 months since I already saw where this was heading and I'm already dealing with alcoholism, don't want a heroin addiction on top of it
buy 350ml vodka or whiskey and mix with something you like
>tfw too pussy to do hard drugs and become a junkie
I used to do coke. That was fun until I almost died. I'd like to say I quit after that, but I kept using for a while, relapsing, etc.
I've been abusing Concerta since my freshman year of high school.
I smoke a lot of weed.
I've experimented with 2c-b and intend to use it again.
I've been huffing markers and gas since childhood. I know it's dumb, but I'll still take a few whiffs while filling up the tank every once in a while.
I refined some LSA from Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds a few times.
I'm a huge fan of Vicodin and Codeine, but only use them when I have a valid excuse. (wisdom teeth surgery, bronchitis, etc)
I have a habit of chasing my antidepressants down with vodka.
I tried tripping on bufotoxin once. Didn't get much - mostly stomach cramps.
I've tried crack (laced in weed), wasn't a huge fan.
During my sophomore year of high school, I fucked around with Benny, Triple C, and Robo with some dumb friends.

I've had fun.
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>tfw a few days ago you found out addiction to things are caused due to individuals unsatisfying life
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hey yeah, why didn't you try this OP? why don't you try not wanting a heroin addiction? just bee a non-heroin addict
This is the most facile bullshit I've ever heard. Yeah, sure, everyone's "hurt deep inside," but the thing is that dope is the most effective antidepressant / anxiolytic / anomie annihilating shit that was ever invented. The problem isn't that dope isn't going to help; it's that it helps too fucking much. Also, I've never met anyone who's been able to "overcome this world," whatever that means. You're more or less always in it. You scramble over one hill and fix your gaze on the horizon anticipating some respite and -- another fucking hill! It's always like that. The only way to get off dope is to try to become more comfortable swimming down in the chaotic muck of this world rather than trying to transcend the world.

Former junkie if you can't already tell.
The alcoholism is why I noticed and got out early, I'm aware OP would be in hell if he tried to quit at this point. I'm in hell trying to quit drinking right now.

Though not drinking would be a lot easier if I was constantly nodding out
fuck off back to reddit nigger
>hasnt been here more than four years
no, we could tell before you started talking. you've left a trail of oily diarrhea behind you all the way to the door. this meeting is for potty-trained former addicts, you're looking for the poopy-pants waah waah doo doo diaper drug support group down the hall:
Whatever. Aside from the fact that your post makes no sense and sounds like it was written by a person with brain damage, you have your way you do recovery and I have mine.
never understood bring angry at people who use drugs. it's related conservatives who find the less fortunate disgusting. the logic is flawed. deeply flawed.
fat, ugly, shitty person
currently chewing down some oxys.
I'm fucked, i started with a few grams of heroin and the hook was in. I will never not want to do opiates.
The real problem drug problem has always been running out.

Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 4

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