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Just thought I would give you guys a taste of the failed normie

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Just thought I would give you guys a taste of the failed normie life.

>5:30 in the office, getting excited to leave since its the weekend.
>Ignore texts from friends and family that want to make plans.
>Get out of work play league of legends for a few hours and drink.
>Contemplate how to break up with 4/10 jewish gf (who I might add gave me herpes simplex 1)
>Hear people partying next door and get jealous.
>getting drunk
>GF texts and wants to hang out, go over and fuck (only lasts ~2 minutes)
>Lie and tell her mom is visiting early in the morning so I have to go back to my apartment
>Play more vidya and drink more beer
>Get home and shit post on 4chan.
that's nice anon, wanna hear a day of a neet?
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Yes please do tell!
Did you go grab some of those bread sticks? They're great
>wake up at around 3 o'clock
>my dinner is also my breakfast.
>try to play vidya, no fun
>try to watch chinese cartoons, no fun
>no friends to talk to or go out with
>browse 4chan for 12 hours straight
>go outside in the middle of the night, coz no people
>walk aimlessly for 2 hours, return to appartment
>exhausted myself physically just enough for the day
>get in bed, tear up a bit, fall asleep.
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>>24071405 "Chinese Cartoons"

Although your potentially trolling, ill bite.

Have you tried exercising consistently, like walking 2 miles a day?

Although its extremly hard the first few weeks, once you do it. Trust me your outlook on life, how you feel, and your motiviation changes.

As a side note , your story made me sad. I wish you lived in my city I would come hang out with you.
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I wish I was trolling, to be honest, the days when vidya or anime are fun are not much different either, it just means I will waste more time on those, but as long as they keep me distracted from reality, I am content. Everytime I finish another anime or game I feel miserable for a couple of days, I feel like the world that I has been living in for the past couple of days has died and so I search for a new one.

Thanks for the kind words anon.
But it's bait.
Don't bite
> surprisingly accurate

muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.

fucking hate the robot
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That made me feel really sad
Ever considered finding a hobby you can do at night? This doesn't really feel like bait to me.
Pic related
my drawning skill has forever remained at the level of a 1st grader, I do like driving though, have a car too, thinking of it now, I would hate driving people around, but I would not mind delivering goods at night.
This desu senpai. You have all the time in the world as a neet. Go out and MASTER something (preferably something that might make you money), although it seems foolish/ silly because not many other people take one particular thing serious. The gratification of knowing something and mastering is cannot be put into words.
Listen pal because I've done the normie life.
1. Break up with your GF. She's betrayed yu once already and you will just resent her more and more. Don't let her dump you because you're not exciting to her anymore.
2. Find a new job. Keep your current one but find a new job you can be proud and excited about. Your job influences who you are a lot, don't get comfortable.
3. Stop being so bitter about parties. You can introduce yourself as the neighbor with some beer and make a friend. He may be a filthy normie but it's better than making friends in your crappy game. He might hate his job too.
4. Go out and meet people at meetups or city events. You are a good person and it's not right to isolate yourself out of fear, boredom or sorrow.
5. Be honest with yourself. I had a job I hated and it stressed me out, now that I left it and my ex I'm happier. Your subconscious is hiding facts from your conscious mind that you have deemed inconvenient for your current life. Make a new one that you can fully accept.
6. Don't bee yourself, be nice and not mean to yourself or others.
>tfw lose interest in things quickly
>tfw no passion

i would love to become a master of something but nothing has ever really "clicked" with me
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Well you kind of hit the nail on the head except for a few things.

My gf never cheated on me, I just got bored with her. She gave me herpes early in the relationship.

I am actually looking for a new job now as we speak. (Actually have an interview, If I get it I will be going from 65k to 80k and be alot happier)
Like I said bro, you have all the time in the world, keep trying shit. I would advise you keep just for walks (given the weather is nice where you live).

I hate to pull out normie sayings, but its true. There is a point where things are not going to get better unless you really convince yourself that you want it.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 6

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