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On a scale from 1 to 10 how lonely are you?

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>No Friends
>No Girlfriend
>10 Here
Don't feel bad about it.
I have a bf but no friends right now. I'm very introverted. Don't even like having Steam friends most of the time. I'm making my bf leave me alone this weekend. Last saw him on Tuesday. He lives and works one of his jobs 40 minutes away. He's quitting that one and moving in with me for a bit before our three-week trip at the end of the year. He'll be here for at least most of January, but I'll be able to make him fuck off to his dad's place part of the time. I'm a little stressed about having someone in my swamp so much.
2 i still live with my mum
u fucking boppin bitch come play soccer with my nuts u fuckin slut
It will be okay. Why don't you go out and meet some new people? It will be fun!
About 9-11
are you a normie or just retarded?

haven't had a friend in about 2 years, only interaction is with family members who i don't even want to speak to anyway.

i'm mostly numb to it though, it doesn't really bother me that much.
What? It's not like he's incompatible with every single human being.
>you slut
>not posting Suck My Dick Hoe
>not posting Violate that Bitch

2/10, see me after class nigga.
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10, and it's only getting worst and worst as time goes by. 10 years ago I still had hope but no, once you're a neet, you stay neet. Next step will be homelessness I suppose.
about a 9
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wish I had a qt gf but other than that I am content robots.
I am a girl too. Do you want to be friends?
don't fall for it OP.
>never had a friend
>never had a GF
>no family
>i still have my dog and i love him but i don't think that counts
about a 9,5/10 i'd say
For someone with social anxiety, failed attempts at interaction can be traumatic and cause them to become more reclusive for a while, and even avoid the place it happened indefinitely.
I just thought maybe we can talk about fembot feels.
I have bf but, no friends.
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no friends/gf.
just had a comfy nightwalk, listening to music, alone in the city where I'm studying, which made the loneliness "enjoyable" for a short while
That's not cool! Maybe it's possible to find like-minded people on the Internet and meet them after a while?
9 here, i got nobody except r9k, just like every other weekend. If i didnt have this place i'd be 10/10 lonely everyday
>be me
>0 friends
>never had a gf
>kissless and virgin
What's my level?
How can i get a gf?
Yeah but always remember
Life rule n1:It will never go has planned
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>I have a bf but uuuh I'm so lonely
Yeah fuck off
Have you thought about trying a course at a community college? If you're poor, you should qualify for a Pell grant. You just need to fill out the FAFSA at the beginning of next year. There's also stuff you could study on your own. It can be fun once you get a good calendar/to-do list working. You have time to fill in your math gaps before next fall semester if you don't want to waste time on remedial math classes. Start at zero on Khan Academy and work through it all. And also watch mathbff on yotube because she's a qt and Khan's videos are sometimes lacking.
I'm not lonely at all. I have r9k ;)
Lifetime of loneliness. I desperately need that intimate and romantic void filled.
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That moment when you think how still a huge normie you were when 5 or 6/10, although you already felt lonely then... Long gone now.
b8 no doubtaboutit
I met someone on /soc/. He promised it would be okay if i was frozen and silent the whole time. After getting together a few times as friends, he was infatuated because I'm a qt, and asked to be my bf. Now I have a big spoon to cuddle with.
Sometimes people bump into me on the street like I don't even exist. They shrug it off and continue walking with saying a thing.

No one to confide in, in the real world. As I sleep I like to think my life is like the movie Avatar. Maybe my host is enjoying itself out there somewhere.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/N7pCo5NFu_k" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Like 3
I don't have a gf and I don't have many friends but I like being alone.
This is the kind of success story I'm talking about! Everything will work out in the end.
try going somewhere you will be forced meeting and interacting with other people like a job or studies, a club, etc,..

Don't feel any urge to get a gf, train to be extremely open-minded about sex.
(You have to feel like sending nudes is a friendship thing)

if they ask about your previous relationships, say you were not interested in it and that you rejected offers. (make it look like it was weird or dumb girls)

Never forget to act cool and not desperate about having or not a gf.
>No family
>No friends
>No gf

I have friends
I've had a gf, and gone on several dates
But nobody has ever loved me and no girl has liked me for more than a month

I suck at everything I do. I'm ugly. I hate my friends, who all have gfs and have to bring them around everytime we hang out. At which point things are always at least mildly sexual.

I'm a failure and I'll never stop failing. Sure, I got fit, but what is it worth? Nobody cares. Nobody cares that I may have gotten more charismatic. I get anxious when it comes to important times. I've gone on so many first dates. I just wish someone would confirm all my efforts have been for something. But I just keep failing.
I have Friends but not a GF
She might be a Tumblr used or some shit idk
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Futur Gf might be suckin' a fat dick
Do your bros cuddle with you? If not, they're just acquaintances. You should tell them that and threaten to break up with them if they won't get comfy with you.
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>shit voice
>no friends
>live in a boring area where nothing happens unless you travel like 50km
>video games bored me
>anime is losing its charm

I have absolutely nothing to do during weekends, and i am too dumb and have no will to learn anything new.
24 years old
It's gradually getting to a 9 or 10. The loneliness is starting to get so bad that I occasionally get teary when out in public.
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> Girl aquintances from another city visiting where I live, asked if I'd go out with them.
> Friends from highschool gonna have a party night and asked if I'd go too.
> Sister went out with her friends and said I'm welcome to join.
> Best bro asked I'm free for a gaming night.

DENIED all of them.
Instead I'm in my flat, listening to NIN, feeling depressed and playing Driveclub.

So .. 8 I guess.

Instead I'm
No friends no gf but I don't feel lonely except for the usual monthly breakdown
10. No friends. No gf.
>go outside
There's nothing to do here, fuck

1, I've got friends, family, a wife and a kid.

Honestly, I'd appreciate more time alone.
Go geocaching? You could bump into other geocachers. Maybe play AR games like Ingress? Just cruise around on a bike? Fruitboot? Walk? Watch satellites? All you need for that is a web browser, a watch, and a compass. That's just some of the stuff you can do alone outside without spending money.
> Friday night
> No friends
> No family
> Live alone in apartment

I'm... Yeah, I guess I'm kind of lonely. Being alone so long has basically brain damaged me and I don't know what to think or feel. But I know that I'm lonely.
Great suggestions. None seem appealing though, thanks
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0. I have no one and I need no one but my guinea pig. Pig related.
a cat would legit help with my loneliness, but i don't wan to admit defeat. if i got a cat i would just take care of it obsessively instead of myself and my (no) life that i need to fix

I haven't spoken to anyone in a long, long time, but I still feel no real loneliness. Am I just a fucking retard?
very cute, what is its name

i have a flatmate i smoke weed and play melee with but got other 4 that i dont even talk to
Could you handle losing a cat? They die eventually. My childhood cat just died. Kidneys failed after 20 years. He was with my mom instead of hiding under a bed.
8. It's the first year that I've been thinking about it most of the time during the day.

I guess I'll have to commit suicide by the time I'm on 10.
>7 here
>No friends
>No gf
>barely talk to parents
>no siblings
>Have people at School, (inb4 underage b& I'm 18 and a senior) I regularly talk to but rarely see them outside of school
i dunno desu... is there any good recommendations for virtual friends? i tried jabberwacky but he basically feels like a 14 year old meme kid. maybe a nintendog or something
never had a genuine friend in my life, and a kv. Death can't come soon enough to be honest.
>at university, living in flat with 4 other people
>two other guys, two grills
>we're supposed to be having a party for bonfire night
>i'm not invited

They were so nice to me before this. The day of the party one of the girls smiled and said hello when we passed each other on the way to class.

Now they've gone home for the weekend. Going to smoke weed and do acid, maybe buy some nitrous. Maybe a good drug binge will make me forget.

10/10 loneliness right now man :(
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>don't have a single friend, because crippling social anxiety
>no gf
>all skype friends left me
>haven't left room in 76 hours
Was 7/10, but then it escalated quickly...
>Having loving gf, many friends(some of them browse r9k so its k)
>actually pretty popular cuz' hillarious
>now I don't feel loneliness
Fuck off then. Get out
hahahaha made my day
Never, r9k is source of kek
I have actually 5 friends who have stuck with me after all these years despite me being a complete failure at 26 and them pretty successful and I'm in good terms with my family better actually. However, still a HKV so I guess 4/10
With a trip like that, you deserve it.
You're of lesser age so 4 points go down there
Bye bye love
Bye bye happiness
Hello loneliness
I think I'm gonna cry
I don't need anyone.
At the moment I'm about a 4 which is pretty much the best it can get for me.

probably a 7 right now...parents and 2 dogs and a job help

have certainly plumbed the depths of 8 and 9 before though

10 for me sounds like it should be reserved for those whose family have all died and also have no friends
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10 here
>no friends
>going to waste it playing vidya again
oh wait
>favorite game is dying
>no one gets online anymore
>cant enjoy game
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>friends are out drinking
>they drunk typing on whatsapp
>alone browsing a chinese fishing imageboard
>last time i went out was 1 year ago

6/10 i guess
Have some good friends
Not alot
Some can go out sometimes
Some are chad's some are more beta
But never had a kiss or a girlfriend
no company
just feel lonely
heavy on the inside
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>no friends
>drinking alone in front of the computer
>work is the only time I'm even reasonably okay because it distracts me from my life
>browsing /r9k/ and drinking
>don't have the will for suicide
>don't have the will to live
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>checks online dating profile
>qt I fucked up with's profile is on the sidebar
>sees his profile
>he moved about five minutes away from me compared to thirty a few months ago

I fucked up because he kept viewing my profile multiple times a day but not responding to my messages, so I unfavorited him and I guess he noticed. He just ignored my messages after that. Now he put under his preferences that he wants Christian girls only and I'm Catholic
Everyone in this thread is complaining about being lonely, so why not try to meet other robots in your area? Can't be that hard to do
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>Talk to two people on a daily basis for years
>One graduated college and is too busy to talk
>The other stopped talking to me out of the blue
I'm not sure what I did wrong. I still have one more friend, but after that I'd be fucked.
i think about this every time i'm on r9k (24/7 desu senpai): how many of us robots would actually like hanging out with each other
>the usual monthly breakdown

I fucking hate that shit so much.
> weekend
> not hanging out because I only have one friend and it's very shallow because she is a vegetarian looking to convert people, though she is quite sweet
> got swerved by my beta oneitis because he probably thought it was a trap/suspicious of my sudden interest
> no bf, KV forever
> hate everyone and everything now
> becoming the fall guy at work because I'm assuming I fucked up, even when I didn't, so everyone is just following my lead
> have recently started drinking every night because fuck it
> just a miserable chubby fuck
> mom keked me developmentally so I don't know how to interact beyond pretending to care and kissing ass
rate me my friend
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Very lonely.

The only people I interact with are my parents, and its by necessity only. I have no friends; but more importantly (for me), my internet bf left me in February, and I've never recovered from that. Nowadays, I don't talk with anyone.

To be honest, I wouldn't feel so bad or alone if my ex-bf came back to me. But that's an impossibility. So I just suffer.

I'm a guy
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10, No irl friends and last internet friend cut all contact to me. I don't know what to do.

>exclamation marks
>go outside
>talk to strangers

I think you're lost, son, here you go

Can I be your friend anon?
even though I have a gf and a few friends, I'm still probably a 6 or 7.
i pretend to myself i'm a 4, but really im a 10. I cant approach women because i feel like a spectator, like im not actually participating in life.
Pretty much the same here at uni except I talk to my family quite often

My flatmates are a bunch of drunk twats and only about half of them are even considerate to me, rest are a bunch of loud cunts.

I just want to know how one makes friends intentionally from acquaintances instead of just sticking with stupid social conventions? Would saying to someone "I'd like to hang out with you some other time, would you consider inviting me out?" be plain autistic or perfectly normal?

i'm 100% alone
but i don't think i'm lonely
i do things that are reminiscent of a very lonely person
but i prefer being alone and i don't relate to anybody else and see no problem with that
might just be schizoid
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I'm alone, but I'm not sure if I'm lonely. Its possibly that I'm legitimately not lonely, but part of me worries that after all these years I've convinced myself that I'm not lonely even though I am.
On a similar note, I'm not sure if I can identify what loneliness is after so long on my own.
Loneliness is completely subjective.

Somebody may feel lonely if they only have 3 or 4 friends, on the other hand somebody may feel incredibly happy to have just 1 or 2.

If you truly feel like you're not lonely then maybe you don't mind at all.
i like the people i work with, so maybe an 8
you're just fucking dumb.
Why do you even visit /r9k?
Volunteering at a fly-in, I'll be marshalling planes and "networking" with pilots
I'll chat with and laugh with people whom I don't even remember the names of, go home and lay in bed alone with no gf.
5. No girlfriend, but I'm going to ask my crush out next week.
>On a scale from 1 to 10

Yeah, maybe he should just be himself. After all, there's plenty more fish in the sea, and there's someone for everyone!

the dog counts. :'(
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