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Doomed to fail from the start

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>parents never together
>he pumped and dumped
>she was psychotic
>in between both their houses, all my life hear nothing but how much a piece of shit the other person is
>mom says go to college, get good grades, but never supports me financially or emotionally Didnt like my college choice or the fact that I didnt wanna live at her house while going to college (read psycho bitch, no way I was doing that)
>in high school she and her shitty fat husband scream berate physically abuse me every fucking day for at least 3 hours a day
>constantly threaten to pull me out of band and school, the only things keeping me sane
>they keep banning me from hanging out with people
>mom threw hid/spent the college fund, didn't help me, bought my sister 2 cars after my sis got pregnant and failed high school
>dad says nothing but "get a good job join the navy"
>working 36+ hour overnight shifts and not sleeping at least once a week to stay on top of schoolwork in a premed/psychology double major
>my fucking dad who never wanted me supports my endeavors more than my psychotic mom who wanted me so bad she was seducing every coworker she could find

And I'm expected to succeed. It's amazing I swung above a 3.0 with the shit Ive had to do. With the shit my fucking parents buy and how much they spoil my sister it's a wonder how I've gone 5-6 months of my life literally starving because my mother couldn't be bothered to fucking help me when I needed it.

Now I just wanna bite the bullet and join the military just to pay off my student loans, and that's fine. But it seems like going in as an officer might not be an option, a 3.026 isn't that competitive, they made it sound like. Well, they said "3.0 is competitive" but the way they phrased it made it seem like it was an "eehh".

I owe the school 6k still because I spent my loans on food because, you know, I was starving and my work hours got cut for a while, so that means I technically don't have my diploma.

I was created to fail.
Nice blog, where do I subscribe?
Nice personal blog, m8.
The moment you identify something as detrimental or "fucked up" to your development, you have complete and total control over it. You have identified and isolated what you think is wrong.

Anything else, like your whole blogpost is as stupid as saying "woe is me! I can't do anything! I can't do anything to change it!"

Quit being a fatalist faggot and change your outlook. Better yet quit everything and become homeless and live in the wild. That way we can keep you away from the keyboard.
*shrug* just trying to break the monotony of /brit feel/ and /roastyree/ even if it's /bitchinggeneral/.

Just needed somewhere to vent I guess.
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>doomed to fail
>graduates college
>implying no one else here has
Its been almost a year and I still don't have my diploma because I still owe the school 6k. Money which I don't have even working 2 min wage jobs 40+ hours a week rn
Your father knew he would do more harm to you than good. Your mother was selfish. Listen to your father he chose to be a villain rather than fuck you up more. He clearly is the responsible one.
Yea ik. It's like, one of the craziest fucking noble things I've known anyone doing irl. Dealing with that shit, me, for as Long as I've been alive.

I'm like a fucking mistake that won't go away fuck
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Just take out a loan for 6k from a bank or credit union? wtf bro you'll still have the same debt but you'll have your diploma to help with higher income.
you're right but you have to take what you can get

>premed/psychology double major
hmm, I'd major in premed and direct your education towards filling a high demand role that doesn't require as many hours like radiology or something
as many hours as a doctor
I'll do this if the fucking military thing doesn't pan out

Eh, 3.0 for premed? Is that even a thing that med schools accept?
How is him building credit with no prior history through large sum loan a good idea? He would have to start immediate payments. His rent and food would prove a conflict of interest.
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your story inspires me you autistic piece of shit
Please ruin your mom and succeed as hard as she fears you will
Yea. Her biggest fear us me joining the military. My Ultimate revenge would be getting in and never speaking to her ever again >>24054507
I can put my. Other loans on forbearance and at least pay that one off or something first before the others. Or just go to grad school or something, then graduate and just pay my debts then *shrug*
Don't do drugs. Join the military you'll thank ur dad later
If officer doesn't work out, is enlisted worth it?
I can relate to op. Especially the wanting me to succeed but did nothing to support me, infact, they impeded me paychologically. They're also chinese and have been talking about thw importance of family since 5 years ago because they're now in yheir early 50s and realise that one day someone will need to take care of them. If i weren't powerless i would've moved out and never speak to them again.
What are you doing now? >>24055228
Where are you in life?
Collecting neetbux
At home most of the time living a chill life. Ive already given up trying. Everytime i try it's just too painful and i feel even more disappointed in myself
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 6

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