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>tfw raised by single mother >tfw older sister >tfw

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>tfw raised by single mother
>tfw older sister
>tfw constantly around women growing up
>tfw taught to "respect women" constantly
>tfw I was moulded into a beta pansy before I even had a chance
Iktfb all too well. I'm fighting to make myself into a real man now (I'm 20), doing nofap, lifting weights, trying to be assertive and shit

It's fucking difficult, I'm having to completely change rhe way I've interacted with people over the last 20 years. If my boss talks down to me or a co worker makes a joke at my expense infront of a qt at work do I stand my ground and tell him to fuck off or do I not to anything as not to look like a crotchety moaner
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Make some assertive guyfriends and peel off of them. People are social parasites - you need a host. If you try it all yourself you'll probably come off as some half-cocked still-a-patsy type who just happens to be a little swole.
single moms are why this generation is so pathetic. It's actually more of chads fault then roasties desu. At least they stick around to raise the kid.
Why do single mothers raise their sons to be beta c u c k s ??

Are they not interested in the continuation of their genetic line?
>just be nice to girls
>just do as they say
>just be a good boy

They don't. Statistically they raise them to be criminals, especially the black ones.
Children need a father to learn balanced masculinity. Boys tend to be a weird combination of beta and aggressive, while the girls become sluts desperate for affection but unable to earn it.
Why did your parents raise you to be a beta?

either something went wrong or a random mutation made things end up this way, same with single mothers, it is probably why they are single mothers
If you were raised without a dad you become overly masculine, for compensation
Why can't you respect the word filter and not use your favorite buzzword at any given opportunity?
My mother hates me since I really look like my dad now I'm in my 20s. I don't talk to her, since she threw me out of the house when I was waiting for my job to start in another city. The contract for my new place hadn't started yet.

My brother gets off easy as he's obese, so he doesn't look human, let alone like my dad. He also has no backbone and does everything my mother says. He finally left home at 28, whereas I've got a decent career (no social life though.)
There's many of us. It's a sad fate. Probably best to go into self destruct mode. Pull a Lanza, or a Dorner, or even become Supreme Gentleman. Maybe go to war or something. Your country not at war? Go volunteer. Plenty of people who need grunts. Pretty easy to research how to do it. Or I guess you can go Trainspotting or Breaking Bad and stay in your area and go on a drug spiral.

Feels like we were given a bad roll. Maybe throw the dice back at life and try to hit that fucker in the eyes.

>inb4 FBI
They probably already keylog and monitor my shit. I write too much terrorist-y shit. Those fuckers.
>tfw no militaires sans frontiers to join
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>Raised by single mother growing up
>Older sister acted friendly for a while but just acts annoyed with me now
>Mom leaves me with my Grandma to go live with her boyfriend who wants an empty house to fuck in all day
>Grandma ignores me unless my Mom's visiting
>Mom takes me back when her bf leaves her
>Couple of years where she just lies in bed ignoring us until new Chad shows up
>New Chad beats me (Sister uses the word "us" but he never really hits her)
>This goes on for years until new Chad hits my mom for the first time and she fires up that divorce
>For the next couple of years my mom wonders what could have possibly affected my grades and made me asocial
>Brings me to EEGs, many psychologists, asking about autism or something else you're born with like none of this shit went down
>Meanwhile my sister is bringing home and fucking all the guys that bullied me
>Finally go and visit Dad for the first time in my life because he was poor as shit after child support sucked him dry
>He'd been writing us letters every week since the divorce
>He's almost 50, walks with a cane, skeleton-like body from Chrons Syndrome and Marfans, could barely see and lived in an apartment complex for the disabled in a plain-white studio with just a TV and empty aquarium for entertainment
>In the two weeks I was there, he taught me to hunt, fish, work clay, play chinese checkers, and all kinds of other shit
>Basically made me feel like I was wanted by a parental figure for the first time
>Went home and over the next 5 years became a worse emotional wreck and failed high school
>Didn't drop out, just lost
>Gradually abandoned by my friends because I'm a colossal fuck-up and sometimes because I just plain deserved it
>Can't make new ones because there's something seriously wrong with me
>Can't trust a single female in the world and have to sit through old friends asking me if I fucked a girl yet every time even though I can barely look one in the eyes without getting pissed off
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They either pay attention and raise them to be c ucks, or ignore them and they gravitate toward crime or depression.

/k/- A Magical Place
>5 half sisters
>divorced parents
>only friends growing up were girls
>sexual exploration started at 8 with friends and sisters friends
>because well adjusted womanizer
>learn from my dad
>few guy friends and bros
>hate self
>hate life
>can only talk to girls
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>i'm going to blame my mom rather than take responsibility for my own personality and behavior
>respecting women makes me a pansy
>being around too many women gave me beta germs
>the women have RUINED ME as a man
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>be raised by single mother
>don't even know my own father
>not even his name
>nobody ever talks about him
>I never ask because I don't know how and it would be weird
>tell myself he died in a war until I was 12 (I live in the EU, what war? lol)
>used to beat the shit out off any classmate who would insult him
>realize he was probably some chad
>become beta as fuck
>become nerd, play videogames and watch anime
>get bullied
>grades get worse
>at some point turn into the funny guy
>bullying mostly stops
>still depressed beta
>no idea what to do with the future

I blame everything on my father.
If I ever meet him I'll cry and punch his teeth out.

It's somewhat true.
You always have to do shit for them because you are male, that's just how it is.
Without a father figure to balance that out by teaching you to show dominance you'll just be a bimbo.

>be me
>be at school
>be the nice guy
>sit next to some girl
>from the corner of my eye I see her drop her pen
>she looks at me expecting me to pick it up

>realize that she intentionally dropt it to fuck around and see if I would pick it up for her
>Dad cheated on and beat my bitchy mom, marriage fell apart
>She took it out on me by "trying to keep me from becoming my Dad"
>all this BS about "what men are not allowed to do to women"
>all this BS about "why women are special and fragile and so men have to be subservient to them"
>all this BS about how "women want kind, gentle, and caring men"

I really got into anime when I was like 14, too. So from both those angles I went into my teens believing that women really do want romantic, caring, devoted men. Holy shit, was I wrong.

While it's not true that (most) women prefer those obvious douchebag types, it is less true that they like emotionally sensitive romantics.
also see>>24054147

You're one of those people that think parents have no responsibility in raising their own kids. No wonder the west is having the government raise their kids. WHat a mess
Basically, if you have actual confidence, you can be whatever "type" you want, and some women will follow you.

It's paradoxical, but if you want to be successful with women, the best way is to completely stop wanting anything from them. And not "acting like it" because you're actually afraid. People will see straight through that, especially women. Live for yourself, not for women. Don't hate them or blame them for you're being a loser. They've got nothing to do with that. They're women. It's largely your own doing that you're a fear ridden loser with no direction.
The moment you realized why are a certain way, you have power over it.
>woe is me! I cannot change the fact that I am a beta male ever ever!
That seems to be the case for most, so why are you shitting onto your keyboard and posting the results here?
>raised by a single mother
>nothing but brothers
>shes always taught us to be wary of women
>Told us to never date a women with kids
>Said always use protection so a woman could never trap me
I got lucky i guess
Because I'm tired of faggots feigning fatalism
Not him but
>It's largely your own doing that you're a fear ridden loser with no direction.

That's bullshit.
Get bullied for a few years and you'll automaticly be beta. Sure you can change but that takes a lot of time.
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Why are boys raised by single mothers such complete failures? Should they be put down at a young age to save the society and themselves a lot of trouble?

>tfw also raised by a single mother and failure
>raised by a single mother
>don't know my dad
>had some premature sexual stuff at the age of 5
>never did anything sexual ever since
>stopped caring about girls at the age of 17
>been single all my life
>first proper kiss was last year
>be 20
>be the funny guy that secretly is mildly depressed
>be both skinny and beta as fuck

I used to feel bad about myself, now I don't even fokin care anymore. I just get home and have a stealth-wank to some skinny-girl porn, then move on with my day with no sexual drive/interest for women/girls.
Become the Supreme Gentleman. Seriously, there's no way out of that.
Honestly, their genetic line shouldn't be continued if the mother isn't single because of an accident e.g. the father passed away. Choosing a deadbeat mate in the first place suggests poor decision-making that may be in the family.
>Tfw raised by in 2 parent household
>mom, dad, older sister and brother
>dad is a childish alpha male
>crude, rude, sensitive, but assertive
>brother and I have to deal with his shit all the time
>learn to be assertive and self dependent
>still believe females are special
>just want a guy who treats them right, respects their decisions, makes them comfortable
>put females on pedastal
>beta bitch to females
>alpha among male friends
>KV into college
>start dating girl
>treat her well, make her feel comfortable, respect her space
>fucks people on the side and doesn't respect me but "cares about me"
>feel burned
>emotionally wounded
>end things with her
>"Anon can we be friends"
>not gonna happen
>find /r9k/
>learn what makes an alpha
>decide to change self to get the respect I deserve
>start lifting
>change body language
>take what I want and apologize if someone had a problem (most don't)
>girls now flirt with me pretty commonly

That's my story. You can be a beta with a dad if you buy into the propaganda.
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Thread images: 7

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