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ITT: Embarrassing stories >Worked at the local zoo when I

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ITT: Embarrassing stories

>Worked at the local zoo when I was 16
>Walking home on the usual shortcut path
>Path is narrow and fits 2 people side to side
>Path is not well lit, and is usually empty
>on this night there is a woman walking on the path
>Shes walking slow as fuck, I want to get home and eat pizza pops
>Speed up my pace so I can pass her
>As a pass her she shrieks and pulls something out of her purse
>Pepper sprays me in the face and runs away
>Leaves me on the floor writhing in pain
>Eventually get up and waddle home, half blind and crying like a bitch
>Stick my face in the tub and go to bed

I couldnt bring my self to tell my family
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>first day of college
>professor reads names off the roster for role call
>a couple are called and no one responds, assume absent/dropped
>my name is never called
>professor finishes and says "anyone i missed"
>i remember one of the names earlier that got no response
>raise my hand "uhh...me" and give the name
>professor looks at me probably thinking i'm a slacker faggot that can't even bother listening during role call
>go by "adam" the entire class when we do the name-game and introductions
>never return to the course
>get an email a week later before the final deadline for dropping "anon, there was a mix up on the roster the first day, but we got that sorted, but you didn't show up all week so this will be an automatic drop"

>mfw no win situation, either confess i pretended to be adam or lose the money and have drop on my transcript
>way back in school
>have a dark sense of humour
>history class about Nazi life in Germany
>we had a combined class one day for some reason, so 60 odd students.
>watching a clip of SS slaughtering jews
>a fat woman is naked and is being beaten with a buttend of a rifle
>they then kick her into the mass grave
>her bouncing body and flab made me snort and giggle quite loudly.
>the entire fucking class turns around in absolute disgust
>the teacher pauses the video and just stares
>the lights turn on
>i am right in the middle of the fucking class feeling the eyes of everyone glaring at me
>after 30 seconds I just get up, hold my hands up "alright I er.. I'll go" and walk out
>put into isolation for a month

I'll never forget that day, if looks could kill I would've been mutilated there and then.
that's not an embarrassing story, that's being edgy and not understanding it doesn't have a time or place during some holocaust video.
Lol badass man
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What? Just... What? Why?
>be traveling in SEA
>decide to lose my virginity to a hooker
>take her back to my hotel room
>can't get it up
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Hello Reddit, please go back to /r/4chan.
IKTF, watching holocaust videos in class in High School was horrible, I'd snigger, everyone would look, and then I'd get beat up because 'they're Jewish'
>elementary school talent show
>young me wishes to be a concert pianist
>ready to prove myself to the world by playing my one-handed rendition of "ode to joy"
>kid right before me just does an incredible rendition of fur elise with like 3 solos
>realize how fucked i am
>want to leave
>"sorry kid, you're next in line"
>go up on stage
>audience is waiting
>too late to escape
>forced to live up to the hype
>take a deep breath
>i start
>starting off smootly, things are going well
>fingers twitching as i try my best not to fuck up
>about to finish the song when i hit a sour note
>brain BSODs
>audience is silent
>wail loudly
>run off stage yelling "im embarrassed" over and over again
>principal has to go outside to calm me down
>parents have to smile through it
>disappointment level: over 9000
And that's how I lost all my confidence until I was 23.
You make it sound like he paused the video started lecturing on the jewish conspiracy. He inadvertently chuckled and then excused himself when he behaved inappropriately.
nigga I'm laffin so hard right now
lmao senpai
>parents have to smile through it

Gonna be honest senpai, it was probably the best part of the entire talent show for most of those parents.

why would you pretend to be someone else?

Damn Adam you really fucked up
oh look retards still come here
>le dark sense of humor ebin maymay
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>1st day of chem lab
>sit at a table expecting no one speaks to me as usual
>a cutie girl sits next to me and starts conversation with me despite the fact that there are some chads in the room
>laughs at my jokes, grabs my arm and all that stuff
>asks me to be her lab partner, couldn't believe my luck I was so happy
>teacher arrives and ask to open our manuals
>realize everyone else's manual has a different cover than mine
>turns out I'm in the wrong lab, mine is adjacent to where I am
>start to panic, and as soon as the teacher gets distracted I grab my stuff and leave without saying anything
>didn't look back but I can feel she's watching me leave
>never returned and failed the class, I can't even remember her face anymore
Tragic story. Though you're probably a NEET so it's likely a complete fuckin lie
You must be retarded. There are plenty of students here.
> never return to, and fail, a class that wasn't yours to begin with
why do normies walk so slow?
Getting beaten by Jews is pretty embarrassing to drop all traces of facetiousness
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>Teach let's us listen to music when hes not lecturing
>I don't wanna wait in vain, comes on
>2 minutes, 40 seconds in
"In life I know, there's lots of grief"
>Oh fuck here it comes
>The best part
>2 minutes, 45 seconds
"But ya love is my relief"
>Oh god oh god oh god
>It's inevitable at this point
>I just accept it
>2 minutes, 50 seconds
>"Tears in my eyes burn, tears in my eyes burn, while I'm waiting, while I'm waiting for my turn!"
>Realize it was all out loud
>Everyone is looking at me
>Tears in my eyes start to burn, literally this time
>Grab my shit and leave from embarrassment

I mean I totally killed it, but it's still pretty embarrassing. I hate being an autistic faggot who can't help but sing along sometimes.

If somebody says something tomorrow, I'm dropping for this semester.
>turns out I'm in the wrong lab, mine is adjacent to where I am
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>Be in class
>Have to watch The Pianist
>The scene where the nazis throw a man in a wheelchair out the window comes
>Cannot contain my laughter
>Realise how fucking bad this is
>I could get isolated forever
>Still can't stop laughing
>mfw other people start laughing at it as well
This is how you find your kind.
I don't really have much. I did spend every spare period in my senior year of high school pretending to sleep in the cafeteria while actually crying quietly, but if anybody noticed they didn't say anything.
>10th grade
>few friends
>spastic nerd
>crowded hallway
>wrap skirt with a tie
>hear laughter
>ignore, keep walking
>something feels weird
>people staring at my legs and smiling
>nudging each other
>reach down to feel legs
>yep, skirt gone
>panic, look all around
>skirt is nowhere
>someone either tugged the string in the crowd or it loosened on its own, then someone picked it up
>looking around frantically
>center of attention
>lots of laughter, older girls saying "aww don't make fun of her"
>nobody helps, hot outside so nobody has extra layers
>speed walk back the way i came, busiest part of school
>running shoes, socks, short shirt, white fruit of the loom package briefs
>UNMISTAKABLY my underwear
>it was old too
>seeing so many people from classes
>head down, crying
>get to office
>have to wait in chair
>cute boy i know comes in, sees me crying in my underwear
>principal gives me gentle lecture about secure clothing
>wear old shorts from lost & found that were falling off my ass anyway
>everyone in school saw my underwear
wish i was exaggerating
>go to dentist to get wisdom teeth out
>still drugged up after
>start telling the dental assistant about how a girl broke my heart and how I've had suicidal thoughts for the last ten years and how I hate myself and just wish I'd been born normal
>pretty sure I actually said "You're lucky, you were born a normie."
Good story, but leave.
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This is a story for tumblr, "fembot".

Get out.
>in science lab in 8th grade
>9/10 that has been trying to get my attention starts talking to me
>my goggles fog up

thats the story
Wow, that makes mine look like nothing.
>always been really clumsy
>first year of high school, have a class upstairs
>wore a skirt because it was part of the uniform
>going up the stairs on my third or fourth day
>it catches on something
>trying to get it off
>lose my balance
>fall down the stairs I just came up
>hear a tearing sound as I lose my skirt
>sitting there dazed, bleeding from my forehead pretty badly, in my underwear
It really set the tone for my entire high school experience.


id do you
Fuck you, Just go back and own that shit. If some on says some thing, just wink.
>be me
>research urethral sounding
>sounds erotic and fun
>don't have any sounds
>grab some q-tips
>shove a q-tip in my erect dickhole like 1 inch
>dick hurts like fuck, take it out
>cry for a bit while rolling around on floor
>later read that need smooth metal and lots of lube
>pls kill me

>implying women have it hard in any context or situation

>>later read that need smooth metal and lots of lube

i had it done to me when i was six years old because they needed to put some radioactive dye into my kidneys to see if there were any problems.

ill tell ya whut m8, it fucking hurt and it was traumatizing.
I was too weird to have things easy. The other girls spread rumors about me or beat me up, and the guys pretty much all ignored me. My older brother's friend who stayed an extra year helped me out in my first year but then he graduated.


>see nuclear sign
>know thats not good
>go into big blue lit room but mostly dark
>bad feeling
>get put ontop of table
>women holding up a plastic tube says to me "were going to put this inside your penis"
>suddenly full blown meltdown
>running and screaming trying to escape

that was then, now you can just get fucked by chad or snatch up a beta provider robot
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>mfw I queef during sex
>mfw the guy starts laughing
That what happens when you fuck randoms guys or fuck guys in non-relationship. You have no confidence. Enjoy more embarassing moments

I used to love it when my ex gf would queef on my dick during. bit of a fetish of mine.
No, I'm pretty much just invisible now. Not pretty enough or ugly enough to stand out.

>watching Gone with the wind in class
>Two day thing
>didnt care about lame movie so I just decided to sleep on both days
>wake up a bit groggy in the middle of the movie
>Screen is black
>hear screaming ""NO DADDY NO! STOP IT!"
>thought I was just thinking to myself, but actually said out loud "whoa, hot"
>Lights in the movie turn on, the girl was actually a loli, and the daughter of the MC
>it wasnt a rape scene, it was her having a nightmare
>jock chad next to me says "dude, the fuck?"
>Start to panic and get red faced
>put my head back down and pretend to sleep
>dont know if anyone gave me dirty looks or not.

I didnt have any friends anyways, so I wasnt treated much differently and no one ever commented on it.
File: womenhaveitsoeasy.png (211KB, 986x2250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't really get talked to at all and I'm usually really quiet when I do speak up so a lot of the time people don't even notice. Probably doesn't help that I look like an unkempt teenage boy.

>Probably doesn't help that I look like an unkempt teenage boy.

muh dik
Seems like that situation is fairly common.
It has happened to a friend of mine before.

case and point
>2012 University english class gen ed
>The faggot teacher makes us watch the daily show or john oliver or some shit so it's pretty cool.
>Shows a segment from the show on Russia or some shit
>cut scene to a neon sign of Obama eating a banana
>everyone looks at me
>or some shit like that
> everyone looks at me, state school so gen eds is 80% coon.
>sit and not look at anyone the rest of the class.
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At least you didn't have an orgasm during your cytoscopy

Before you say that's a good thing

>had to try not to make noises
>teen years, first time
>shaking, trembling
>try to say it was from pain but it was obvious
>urologist visibly disgusted and uncomfortable
>'Take some paper towels, there's a lot of moisture down here'
>never return to office ever again

I have a condition that use to cause me to get cathed a lot as a kid, so maybe that's where it came from, I don't know.
Did you cum on your urologist a little? I really hope you did, this story is making me diamonds.
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>family doctor retired when I was in high school
>only doctor in town now was my cousin
>she was older than me and I had the hots for her
>had a weird lump on my testicles, was scared
>bring it up, figure she'll just know what it is and tell me
>she has to feel my balls
>she's cupping them and feeling around trying to find it
>I feel something
>beg my cock not to do this to me
>cock disobeys me and goes renegade
>rock-hard boner
>it's roughly at her eye level so she definitely sees it
On the bright side the lump was benign.
At least you didn't make noise
>Have to get a finger shoved up my fucking ass
>I don't know if it was just instinctual but I started wriggling and spouting nonsensical stuff like "Oh golly, gee wiz."
>Few times ive ever been disgusted in my self
>afterwards doctor just tosses me a box of tissues like I'm a dirty whore
Well at least she could see where you're coming from.
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I might have. Her assistant refused to make eye contact with me, and she didn't come back to 'follow up' after I got cleaned up and dressed. It was extremely embarrassing.

I haven't experimented with sounding since, however. I'm too scared of fucking something up down there.

also I'm a grill. I can't imagine what it's like having MORE urethra to cath.
I see what you did there, and I'd probably laugh if I wasn't still mortified about almost poking my hot cousin in the eye with my erection. If she'd had to look much long I definitely would have cum, too.
>so she definitely sees it
ya think? she is cupping your balls looking for lumps
File: 1441327743930.jpg (23KB, 620x670px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Holy shit, I can't stop laughing. I'm so sorry, but you made my fucking night.
probably doesn't help that you keep trying to hijack this thread.
Yeah but that doesn't mean she needs an erect teenage dick in the face, you know?
So what's your relationship with your cousin now?
I think we should experiment together. Officially diamonds now.
Fine, really. She's still my doctor. Don't really have the hots for her so much anymore because she's started to resemble her older sister, shapewise, especially since she caught her boyfriend banging some other chick or whatever. What I'm saying is she's fat. Like really, really fat.
>used to masturbate at the back of classrooms by rubbing my tip
>people probably noticed
Had a similar experience. Hot blonde was all over me, teacher introduces himself and the class were in. Realize I'm in the wrong class.
>just out of high school
>nerd but had poor grades because games
>attend community collage
>lot of girls and new people who don't know me
>cool, time to make a fresh start
>teacher asks us bring in music we like and expresses us as a person
>next day
>bring in coolios gangsters paradise single on CD
>play it to whole class
>class listening
>release how stupid my choice was half way through the song
>I just want the it to end.
>people looking at me like some loser
>dropped out the next day.
>high school sweetheart is a studious girl I'm captain of the football team
>she told me a story about a teacher
>tell teacher the story
>teacher tries to remember but can't
>ask her about it she told me the wrong teacher by mistake. We kek.

>see ex fwb on POF
>tell my boy about it
>he says lol what's her name bro
>tell him his gfs name by mistake
>we both laugh about it and I remember the proper name but I was red in the face for 10secs was hella embarrassing

>fucking hot Persian girl with big teddies and round ass
>she gets her period on my dick
>she sucks the blood off my dick and I come in her mouth

Most embarrassing things always happen to me I'm socially awkward bro.
>get on bus
>listen to sexually violent raps by necro on my phone with headphones
>headphones unplug phone drops
>some really hot girl picks it up and giggles "looks like I just found a new phone"
>automatically stopped music after unplugging headphones
>get tongue tied mumble something halfway polite

Life goes on. Phew what a near miss.
you tried real hard
Laughter is also an escape mechanism when in front of something horrible that a lot of people have. Does not mean they enjoy others suffering, its just a way of dealing with it without succumbing to despair themselves.
>pretty sure I actually said "You're lucky, you were born a normie."

I had to watch that same movie and also thought that scene was hysterical. Thankfully I was self-aware enough to realize that if I audibly chuckled I would be seen as terrible.
Shit movie, by the way.
File: 1307716993484.jpg (301KB, 702x524px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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They must hear all kind of fucked up shit in that job but that day had to give them some abstract kind of feels.
In 5th grade this girl was crying in class, and the teacher asked her why she was crying, and she lifted up her finger tips that were covered with blood. The teacher came over and looked at her orange chair that had a tiny pool of blood on it.

no one sat on orange chairs for the rest of the year.

No no I genuinely found it watching her fat body bounce about.
File: amish.jpg (32KB, 487x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 487x700px
Should have walked in like this dressed up and played "Amish paradise" instead.
Can't not think of this and laugh my ass off:
oh geez anon i feel really bad for you. that is worst case scenario
>sat by myself all four years of high school
>did homework, read or put my head down

Even the kids who wore trench coats and Naruto headbands had friends. I'm just different. I don't fit in anywhere.
lol fucking loser
You fit in here, anon.
File: 168dkk7.gif (882KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
882KB, 320x240px
What the fuck are you, Mr. Flanders? Oh lord my sides are orbiting Neptune.
Fuck off Zach Hadel
>that whole post
Top fucking kek m8
Wind your neck in, mate.
oh geez
It's alright, girls do that too.
fembot BTFO honestly
i cant tell if the women hate is a meme or really actually honest on this board
Go away cumdumpster. I'm sure you recovered from that and went on to have intimate relationships and friendships with those peers. Your story isn't embarrassing, what's embarrassing is that you think you can fit in or relate here.

Fuck off.
Too bad you didn't get raped
how do you not feel your skirt fall off?
I did this in high school, i pretended to be a girl named taylor since she missed a few days of school, it was near the beginning of the year so the teacher didn't know our names yet, it was really awkward when she finally showed up.
Jesus Fuckin Christ! Is this what americans are being taught in school?

Let me guess, they told you it was a genuine WW2 movie captured by allies?

Holy shit, and you actually got isolation for laughing at the most ridiculous form of propaganda. I have no words.
but why? BOT=FAG
I thought the people on my table would find it funny since they knew my name from middle school and i didn't think she was ever going to show up, the worst part is that when she did show up, her seat was right next to mine.
I dropped out of university because I couldn't find the rooms to my classes
What kind of a shirt was it?
i think i can top this

>8th grade
>period comes out of nowhere
>bleed ALL THE FUCK OVER my pants
>like all the fuck over
>very obvious
>try to just pull my shirt down but its too short
>go to computer lab, have to get up and move seats
>boy that takes my seat goes and tells teacher theres blood on it
>teachers slips me a note to go to the office
>go to office and get huge shirt from lost and found that covers pants
>literally everyone laughed so much at me
>one of the most embarrassing moments of my life
I'd probably do the same thing.
>that one guy flying in
Every time
Top lel
>hook up with coworker
>fall asleep
>wake up
>get ready to leave
>she comes with me
>her mother is sitting there
>asks me some bullshit
>just say 'thanks for having me'

stillcringe at it jesus christ, but in hindsight is fucking hilarious
Know how I know you're new?
>you will never be a turbo autist with his own group of autist friends who is too lacking in self awareness to feel bad about himself
These kind of people probably do well in school too and can achieve something useful like a degree in CS. It doesn't matter how much everyone laughs at them. I can laugh all I want, but in the end, they are superior to me. They are happy and probably contribute more to society than I do.
Being a robot is laughing at people who are better than you and deep down hating yourself for it
bit a guy's dick on the gayground
>7.5/10 small cutie my age likes me
>She wants to date me
>I get all sort of berserk because she doesn't want to meet so often (didn't make an effort for us to go out regularly and shit)
>Doesn't really stay too long talking to me, escapes for 5-20 minutes after every message
>Too beta to realize she is busy with some school stuff through all this weeks
>one day get angry through my day and feel bad because it's like she doesn't want me at all by the way she is being
>Tell her i don't feel anything for her
>After some days she tells me she has moved on and blocks me on social networks
>Still miss her because she was the closest i got to a kiss or gf
>Got rejected by 2 girls who could have been interested in me if I wasn't a fucking beta when I was 15
>Then rejected a 5.5/10 girl with a great body who was interested in me because I didn't want to settle down
>In the summer we hang out a lot and actually ask her for a kiss
>We then kiss/foreplay for the next few days before I move out of town with my family
>Never integrate
>Never had sex/relations with girls at 23
fuck the feels are back
You're a guy, I take it?
Such judicious application of a buzzword 10/10
These make me want to destroy the entire world
fuuuuck that would be horrible

and ignore the fags getting mad at you for being a fembot btw

no im not female
>watching boy in the striped pajamas in highschool
>gets to the part where nazi guys kid goes into gas chamber
>lose my shit and start laughing
>people give me dirty looks
>just keep laughing and tell them to deal with it

don't act like a pussy
>go to pizza hut
>have stomach flu freshly
>eat pizza anyway
>vomit all over table
>piss as a result
>our family is ushered out
incase you didn't notice going against the hive mind on 4chan doesn't win you many arguments so people tend to just repeat the same shit
>at high school
>with friend sitting by lockers
>I start to laugh really hard
>smell like piss for rest of day
>at high school
>in lunchroom
>laughing with people
>suddenly alarm goes off
>everyone spooked
>dead silent lunchroom
>almost immediately
>I yell "AW SHIT"
>it literally echos
>a whole lunchroom looks at me
>I just leave
>at a party
>get offered dabs
>I don't even smoke weed
>take a fat rip
>everyone in the room turns
>"oh my god that was beautiful"
>everyone is stunned
>I proceed to lay on the couch
>nobody touches me at the party
>"she just looks so comfortable"
>at a party
>someone closs enough to offer you weed
you wanna lick her ass beta buxxx??
Read the rest of my greenposts.

Fun fact: I still am not a virgin, been to parties, done drugs, and have friends.

Poor robots. You'll never be as good as a woman.
i dont know if this is an elaborate attempt at bait or 'female intelligence'
It is a female that is baiting.
File: 1445142207158.png (51KB, 512x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 512x512px
>be closeted fag
>collectively playing the sims 3 with two female friends
>making the sims do retarded shit, having a good time, etc.
>we get bored, choose a different game
>one of them suggests skyrim
>"uhh... isn't that one player"
>they say they don't mind watching me play
>being smart as fuck, i prepared for this eventuality by uninstalling all my nude/sexual mods beforehand
>make some character, so far so good
>escaping the intro area, kill a guard
>see if he has any good armor or weapons on him
>take his armor
>his giant dick flops out
>mfw the mods weren't uninstalled
>complete silence

I ended up saying "haha, I guess those mods my friend installed as a joke are still there"
>not just owning it
If they were anything like several girls I know they would have thought it was funny.
>go to bubble tea shop
>tea is sealed like pic related
>have to puncture it with straw
>somehow the angle/speed i try to puncture it with ruptures the side of the cup
>milk tea spewing everywhere
>girls at a table say "oh my god" and get up and leave
>nice asian server insists everything is ok while her coworker goes to clean the flood of tea off the floor
>makes me another drink
>"here, i'll put it in this time"
Caught me off guard. I know it would have been better to wink and say "like what you see?" etc. but I was not prepared.
Yo I'ld be laughing my ass off if I were you too mate.
>4th grade
>Need to pee
>Ask teacher
>Says wait
>Can't. Pee all over my pants
>Get up to ask her i can can finally go to the bathroom
Had to wash myself in the sink and wear the pants i had for gym commando style.
Needless to say my bollocks were in full view for the rest of the day
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>"Don't you guys hate when you rob someone and their dick flops out? Thank god mine looks better than that".

I love shameful orgasms with doctors stories
>be me at primary school, 10 years old
>big kid 4u
>playing british bulldog, you have to run from one side of the field to the other without the people who are 'on' catching you, once you're caught you're on
>try to be sneaky, will walk half way and when they see me il run
>start running, girl chasing boy on my left, don't see them
>boy runs past me
>girl runs straight into me
>bounces straight off me, falls on floor
>i keep running, dont want to get caught
>next day in maths
>shit at maths, on table by myself because no friends
>old lady teacher comes in, says "is annon anonson here?"
>put my hand up "oh so you're anon, ive been looking for you. don't you know you broke femanons shoulder yesterday when you pushed her over?"
>"n..n....i...coul,,,,couldnt have"
>"you did, and shes in hospital now, just letting you know" "thank you miss (to the other teacher)"
>everyone mutters, i go bright red and put my head down on the desk, want to die
>already get picked on
>life made a living hell from here on

Old lady teacher got in trouble for this, and she died of cancer a few years ago so i win i suppose.
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>Go downstairs in the morning to make breakfast
>Sister and her friends sitting around the table
>Get really nervous
>Obviously decide I will no longer be having breakfast
>Nervously start to make tea
>Ask if they would like tea
>They all say yes
>Have to make tea in front of my sister and her friends
>Think of a really funny joke right there and then
>Make them all breakfast tea
>except the fat one
>make her green tea
>put the teas on the table one by one
>''hey, why did you make me green tea?''
>''bbb-bbecause that tea isn't green with leaves it is green with envy because I ejaculated in all the other teas''
>try to laugh
>notice nobody is laughing
>apologise and go upstairs by myself
>come back later and there are 6 full teacups
i dont even know what to say...
have a steve
>Even the kids who wore trench coats and Naruto headbands had friends.
This is the worst. Even among the losers I'm an outcast.

We cyborgs are trapped in the purgatory between the losers and the cool kids.
He never returned to class at all idiot, he didn't want to be seen in the hallway.
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going to gensokyo.jpg
185KB, 1012x750px
This happened to me on Oblivion with my 11 year old cousin. I managed to whip the camera away at lightning speed but she burst out loud laughing and saying "Go back, go back, that guy looked like he had a willy!"
I made up some bullshit about his arm clipping through his leg and immediately switched to another game. I hope to god she never told her parents thinking it was funny.
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C64 mustard race.png
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>mfw the mods weren't uninstalled
Mein sides
hee hee
>I'll put it in
>people getting upset over something that never happened

good violence against women story. here's mine.

>be me
>watch lots of "violent" cartoons
> e.g. GI Joe, Dino Riders, etc.
>As you know in all these sorts of shows women are always captured and pushed around by teh bad guys before being rescued
>at school play ground
>playing by myself that i'm a bad guy
>walk up to closest grill
>"We don't need weak women on this starship"
>push her to ground
>She scrapes knee
>is wearing white leggings like little girls do
>tons of blood
>walk away
>feel bad
>later my mom, who is a teacher at the school, asks why i pushed her
>say something dodgy and mutter
>she never mentions it again
>i continue to watch "violent" tv
>become friends with girl
>turn out to be ok person and never abuse girls except in bed with explicit consent

tl;dr do not believe moralist hysteria
what were you thinking? seriously? pls explain
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Violence against women is always fun.
>Be me around 10yo
>Chill alone in the schoolyard
>Girls come up and ask if I want to play with them
>Sceptic as fuck
>Ask what they are playing
>They just stand in a circle and toss a basket ball to each other
>Sounds lame but join in any way
>Get the ball after a while
>Look around to see who I should toss it to
>Decide for the most annoying girl
>Make sure that she's not prepared
>Throw the basket ball full force right in her face
>tfw I broke her nose
>tfw I get away with it because it was an accident
>tfw the girls get yelled at for playing such a dangerous game
>be in 2nd grade
>at a birthday party
>party coming to an end, we were sitting in his room
>im sitting at the tip of his bed apparently
>really have to shit
>cant hold it, literally shit my pants
>awful smell in room and a brown stain on his mattress
>have to leave

jesus christ
>be in elementary school
>would cry whenever I couldnt solve a math problem

I also now cry pretty easily under pressure, its not even that I'm really upset about it, my body just goes into crying bitch mode when stressed.
Like I started tearing up a couple days ago when my boss was telling me things I could do better.
>accidentally laughing at a viscerally funny thing =/= actually condoning murder.
Got caught taking creeper pics of my classmates feet because phone wasn't on silent
>not the right time and place to be edgy =/= accusation of actually condoning murder
That means it's hot, ya dip
>year 4
>big spelling test
>prepare extensively all week, ready to be the best
>cry in front of everyone
I know that feel 2hard. Even the spergs disliked me and refused to engage with me.
haha you dummy. you deserved it. i don't know why you people wear those things.
i witnessed something similar in high school. these 2 girls were play fighting, like pretending to box and talking girly shit to each other. it was pretty gay. it was all fun and games, just 2 girls trying to be cool and get attention, but then one girl (stupid wraparound skirt girl) grabbed a hold of the other one's shirt. the girl said "stoooop, you're stretching iiiiit" but i guess she thought the girl was just playing so she didn't stop. people were laughing and egging them on. stretchy shirt girl was saying "seriously, stop" but skirt girl wasn't getting it and for some reason wasn't letting go. so the other girl just snatched her fucking skirt off. it worked, she let go. people were pretty surprised, there wasn't a lot of laughing or making fun of her, i guess because she was popular. she looked incredibly embarrassed though, she was wearing granny panties like the dumb girl in the story. i was too far away to hear but she was whispering something really seriously to the stretchy shirt girl, who gave her skirt back after a few seconds. then i got to watch her put it back on. pretty sexy watching a girl put clothes on in public, honestly. she didn't say anything else and kind of left the area, she was beet red. saw her later in the day, she didn't look upset but she was way quieter than usual (she was kind of annoying and chipper most of the time). didn't see her get shit for it but i heard a lot of people talking about it behind her back later that day, myself included. whoops looks like i forgot to greentext.
I learned how to repress that feeling by blocking alot now I don't even have to blink I just do a stone cold face.
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