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> be 14
> be mean to girls in general or not talking to them.
> claiming things like "I will never cook, my mum or my gf will cook"
> never said sorry, never had real female friends
> be friends with other socially retarded people, playing board games and vidya.
> 22 in 4 months, KV, sitting alone in class and only thing I got going for me is vidya night over teamspeak with the last 3 sperglords every weekend.
Biggest achievement in cooking was a fried egg.

What about you?
cooking is not hard, just google detailed instructions
i fuck up mostly by doing something else at the same time and burning shit by not paying attention
thanks for replying, man
i like the image for some reason
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>10th grade
>big dance coming up
>standing outside waiting for my bus
>a girl from the stop approaches me, and starts talking to me
>she says that a girl she knew had a huge crush on me, and was hoping I would ask her to go with me to the dance
>I kinda knew who she was talking about and she was actually really attractive
>mfw I decided not to go to the dance because I wanted to go to a lan party that night to play Day of Defeat and watch anime with my friends

just fuck my priorities up fam
I guess it could be seen as valid, since LANs are a cool thing and dropping them for a girl is considered a dick move, but you should've reconsidered offering to take her on a 1on1 date.
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>met the most beautiful 10/10 Stacey online
>talked for a while and decided to meet in person
>she was 17 and me 22
>we met close to her place and chilled under a tree in the park, it was summer so it was hot af
>we talked for a while, about tons of bullshit and personnel stuff
>figured out that she is actually the prefect match, liking the same stuff, feeling the same feels
>still figured that she is WAY out of my league
>suddenly, out of fucking nowhere, it starts to rain
>we get all wet and soaked
>she proceeds to take her shirt off, wearing a bikini, revealing her perfect, firm and perky b-cup titties.
>get diamonds in seconds
>we kept talking, during that time she clearly shows interest in me, giving all kinds of hints and shit

At the end she asked me if I wanted to come over to her place to get out of the wet clothing, but I told her I didn't have time since some stupid ass new show was airing and I didn't want to miss the first episode.

We stayed in contact though, and she tried to get me over for atleast half a year until she gave up and got Chad instead. I never thought much of our conversations until I read them over a few weeks ago. How could I be so blind?..

At one point she literally asked me to come over to help undress herself since she had a sunburn, and that it would be alright cause her parents aren't home. I once again declined, just cause I bought a fucking new smartphone that day and was all busy customizing that piece of shit... What the fuck was wrong with me??? Now all I have is Masturbating to her fb pics...
>browse 4chan since I was 13 (2006)
>indoctrinated by the normalfag memes and /b/ greentext stories
>end up rejecting other people when I got into HS even though they were friendly and kind
Has to be fake
I fucking wish it was...
No. It's fake. I have to believe it's fake. Nobody could ignore their own masculine instincts to that degree. There's no way autism could so thoroughly prevail over millions of years of the evolving of man's insatiable drive for love.

I mean, what are you waiting for? For her to pull down her panties, undo your clothing and then pull you inside her? Hell from your description sounds like she would have done just that if you accepted one of her invitations.

I'm a hopeless miserable KV praying for a situation where a beautiful girl just throws herself at me. But everywhere I turn I am assured that that's not how it works. Men have to take the initiative. I need to get fit, style myself correctly, get a good job, practice my social skills. Then I may have the confidence to approach indifferent women staring mindlessly at their smart phones and that's my only hope.

You had a literal fucking miracle happen. Hot PTP throwing itself at you? No. 10/10 tailored bait.
>cucked by a TV show
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 3

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