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Do "tomboys" actually exist? In anime and other media

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Do "tomboys" actually exist?
In anime and other media you see girls that fit that "tomboy" mold, but I've never seen any girls like that in real life to any extent.
I had a crush on one back on hs, she was basically a man with a vagina and a cute face.
I've seen it.

I can't prove it to you, though.

You gon' believe my word, bud?
I'll believe you. What was she like?
Real tomboys are the result of a girl growing up on a mostly male enviroment. They have no clear female role model so they just end up trying to be one of the guys.

Nowadays it's pretty much an urban tribe, like those so nerdy girls xd lmao
Authentic ones are extremely rare.
Sometimes I see girls who look like tomboys but are actually just tumblr chicks.
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Chadbro reporting in.

They do.

But dealing with them is like walking a tightrope.

On one hand they're often just sluts who want less competition by surrounding themselves with a harem of Chads and Betas.

On the other hand they're usually hopeless genuine romantics like guys are, emotionally innocent, and they're awkward/embarrassed about love like many young men are. Actual tomboys are some of the only women who will despair and pine over a breakup, unlike the average bitch who ALREADY has a "backup plan". Tomboys tend to be clingy as fuck when they realize their love is reciprocated.

Now of course there's also fake tomboys who think "climbing trees as a kid" counts as tomboyish just to have some fetish appeal.
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That's interesting, thank you for your insight.
What are some other common traits surrounding these "genuine" tomboys?
I've seen three.
>be in highschool
>class with qt asian girl
>she worked out a lot and was a little tomboyish
>hung out a lot
>took her to the shooting range a few times
>she offered to work out with me
>finally asked her out
>she turned me down
>now she's dating a nigger
I only spoke to her once or twice since then.
Tomboys tend not to get along well with girly girls for the simple reason that "girly" things such as fashion are largely alien to them. Clothes and makeup are like battle armor for a woman, and tomboys are pretty much going into battle naked. Imagine that one dorky guy who cared about feelings, chocolate, and netflix trying to fir in with masculine bros. Now of course men are generally nicer to other men despite their hobbies and demeanor, but you get the idea.

Tomboys usually have a girly friend who they use as a fashion manual and male attention mirror. After all, dressing up is to score HIGH quality men. And a really hot girl won't be approached by greasy Eugene because he thinks he doesn't stand a chance in hell. Her qt tomboy friend? Better odds in his mind.

Tomboys can be charmingly naive in their forwardness with men, and their total lack of guile. Men fall in love with tomboys for obvious reasons: they're naturally friendlier and sympathetic to men just like most men are, they're easy to talk to, have interests outside of netflix/gossiping/texting/chocolate, oh and they also have tight wet vaginas we all want on a primal level.

Also, they tend to take being dumped with the same level of /feel/ as guys do.

The not-uncommon tomboys who are aware of their power over men are scary though. Not in a hostile way like girly girls are, but just in the self awareness.
So basically better in every way?
They exist problem is though they are easy to mistake for some of the milder butch lesbians who have hit the tomboy pop pretty hard. That isn't even including the feminism bullshit that wrecked them even harder.

Between the two tomboys have become quite rare. I personally am quite fond of tomboys though so long as they aren't the slut variety they are fucking awesome.
they are very rare and more often then not they are complete whorebags who sleep around with their male friends for approval.
though the one i met was a tumbrina SJW with an inner complex of narcissism.

don't get your hopes up
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No. Because testosterone is also a male SEX hormone. Increasing their odds of beings sluts.

FFS, many aren't stupid. They have an army of "bros" who can provide them with orgasms, attention, and free meals whenever they want.

Clever tomboys build the sort of social harems that men and women both dream of having.

something wrong with that?
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You're clearly stuck in the past.
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