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>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk Ab1akJzoE Who /racer/ here?

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Who /racer/ here?
who no driver liscense here
whats happening mang?
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I used to run the backroads a bit with friends, but nowadays no one has interest in running anymore and I can't get my shit together financially enough to run any of my sports cars anymore. I've let the tags all lapse on them in favor of more reliable transportation just to get to work and back. Sporadic paychecks don't help much either, I haven't been paid in 4 weeks since customers at the shop won't come and pick their shit up.

I would like to get at least my FC insured and plated so I can run some autocross again. My SA22 needs a thorough cleaning of the gas tank/fuel system and maybe a new steering box before I can get it back on the road and my NA Miata needs some body and suspension parts replaced from an off road touge excursion I had a couple years ago now.

I really haven't been able to get my shit together financially.
can't afford a car so I watch intial d once a month
>normies and their cars
tbh my car is pretty much my only friend

we got pulled over today doing 80 in a 55, no joke
Only pretend racecars with /ovg/
stop wrecking your nip shitboxes fag
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I want to get a pic related (Turbo, of course) and use it as a 1st track car

good idea?
Anything Porsche is going to be expensive. You're probably better off getting an E36 Bimmer you can afford to wreck/replace and get parts for. E30 used to be a good choice, but there's just not as many out on the road anymore, and most of the junkyard cars dry up quick. If you must have a 944 for a trackday or any sort of sports use (or even daily driving for that matter), you're probably going to have at least three of them. Two parts bitches and one working car.

If you want Turbo, you're going to need even deeper pockets. Also, a lot of the parts from the NA 944's won't bolt on the turbo. Reason being that even the unibodies are different. The front fascia is a good example of this. In addition to different needs of the turbo car (intercooler, exhaust and everything related), Porsche didn't want people making the NA cars look like turbos and having people ripped off in the secondhand market, so there are body parts that can't be interchanged as well.

It's not like I did it intentionally. Shit happens.
You literally could not think of a worse idea.
Just buy a civic or cobalt SS that you won't cry about thrashing to death fam literally anything but an old Porsche unless you're made of money
Sure he could. Imagine taking the nipple from a Barbasol shaving cream can, sticking it up one's urethra and filling their dick with shaving cream.

That's a horribly painful idea. The one he had is just bad financially....but then again so is just about any form of legal motorsport...sadly. Doesn't mean it's not fun though. Just ungodly stupid expensive unless you're doing something like autocross or maybe the occasional track day. Fucking costs alone with entry fees, safety equipment, (God forbid) track damage, schools, licenses, and fuel/maintenance/transportation (tires!) costs are extraordinary.
Jesus, I meant within the context outlined in his post. He picked the most expensive and failure-prone "cheap" car possible outside of MAYBE a 928.
Back to >>>/o/ with you normies.
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>tfw king of the local toe-gay
m o z

Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 5

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