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Just LOL if you have a high IQ

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Every scientist, mathematician, biologist, chemist, physicist and other people working and being 'interested' in scientific fields which require basement dwelling, social outcast like way of life, are framecel looking sub5 autist incels.

May They be famous geniuses like Einstein/Nikola Tesla (confirmed autist virgin) Or simply your everyday university professor in these fields.

Chads with a huge social circle, getting validated their whole life due To their looks, do not need to cope by sitting like a fucking aspie 24/7 at home, developing 'interest' (coping mechanism) into brainy stuff like Chess and Computer science and trying to figure out a Math formula, a philosophical question or chemical structure of a molecule.

Chads also don't have the time to worry about shit Like this, since they have a busy social life fucking bitches and partying with friends.

'Muh High IQ, Muh non primitive sophisticated manners, Muh extensive knowledge on topics of politics/science/philosophy/history' = Incel coping

Noone gives a fuck If You read Franz Kafka Or if you are able to write in Java script you fucking aspie Incel subhuman.

Just go ER Already
Actually I think all the Chads in the world care if people can do those things seeing as they're now an integral function of their everyday lives - so integral, in fact, people don't even know how to cope without their Facebook for a day.
If your whole life revolves around nothing but girls, then that's a possibility that you may think that way.

But that's a cucky attitude and nobody wants to be in your shoes. And nobody should care about girls that much either.
you know i finally figured this out thanks to some internet article that explained it really well

first off this is my opinion not the articles but iq tests are simply how good you are at iq tests. well done you can solve a pattern

now from the article it said that smartness was like creativity in art or physical talents such as sport, or mathematically by being able to solve logical problems

the thing that was getting me is that yeah you can just rote learn most shit in education and people will just label you as smart, but can you rote learn artistic creativity? I don't think so at all, and so my perspective of 'smartness' has changed alot thanks to this one article i have no idea why i didnt look at earlier

intelligence the article defined as the ability to pick up concepts quickly and understand them. So sure you can rote learn a chemistry textbook, but the speed at which you can do that effectively is intelligence, and i think this is sums it up about right, can't really argue against that

so i think if you take those definitions into consideration you can really self evaluate yourself and discover a different perspective about your self worth if, as OP elegantly puts it, you "need to cope by sitting like a fucking aspie 24/7 at home" coping mechanism yadda yadda

i just want to share the value of having an open minded perspective, it did a lot for me when it came to the point OP's getting at
Gee anon, she must have hurt you pretty bad to get you to start hating intelligence

And yes IQ tests a shit
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You sound incredibly upset man. Maybe you should do some introspection to find out what has you so upset?
>low iq faggots rage at their low iq scores

You jealous? High IQ aspie here :^)
> muh low IQ
> le epic Jew meme

Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQs in the world and not co-incidentally also happen to be the most successful ethnic group out there.
Me, too!

Low IQ haters gonna low IQ hate.
IQ is usually an indicator for how well someone will succeed at school.

A real IQ test not the ones you read about here

>claims he has high iq
>personal anecdote about how he was top of his class in high school
>sleeps in class
>drops out of college

your online test doesn't mean you're high iq ok
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Consider carefully. Does any other
>basement dwelling, social outcast
get you this salty? If not, then that isn't what has you so upset.

How does it feel to know that your narrative is so fragile that a
>fucking aspie Incel subhuman
explicating part of it is enough to destroy it? You're so thin skinned that people you consider subhumans, reading about things that contradict your narrative is enough to set you of. Here's another part for you

Most people don't do any real work. They have jobs but they don't do any work. Their job consists mostly of enduring time passing. You don't just hate those that take your pennies, you also hate trustfund kids, minimalists and people who make their income via patreon, because you need salaried work to hold a special status to distract you from the fact that you're not doing real work. You need to be able to point at your paycheck to prove that you are a working person.

Have fun with that one.

>Just go ER Already
I assume this means killing myself? If so, no way. I don't think they have this much delicious normietrash tears in the afterlife.
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>computer "science"
>brainy stuff
tip top kek
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I don't understand anything you said.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 5

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