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Femanons with self-worth problems, why would you ever date a

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Femanons with self-worth problems, why would you ever date a man that is better than you? That is better looking, richer, and in general, better?

I get why a completely normal girl would want someone who's significantly better than them, but as someone who is worthless, why would you want someone that is worth more than you when it's so easy for him to leave?
why eat candy?
Because the fact that a man of higher caliber is dating her makes her feel like she's better than she is.
if i am worthless why would i settle for someone worth less than nothing? i am pretty fucking low in the foodchain, so someone lower than me is probably unbelievably ugly and can't provide for me or themselves
at least i am not horrendously ugly and can somewhat be a provider
Because it's tasty, but you can't compare a human to candy. Even when the candy is gone, unless you're severely developmentally disabled, it probably won't profoundly hurt you.

The thing with candy is that you can also get pretty much an unlimited amount of one type. If you grew attached to a Twix bar, you could go out and pick up the same one over and over again until you got sick of it. There is one human that you liked, and when he leaves you because you're worth nothing, you can't just replace that exact person.
Because they won't leave you, and because they'll be thankful for your existence.

I guess I can't relate, because the idea of dating a higher caliber human makes me feel even more insecure.
yes, but i wouldn't be as thankful for theirs/ not feel something between us
i mean if you are implying i wasn't appaled by them that sounds good since that just seems really nice, but in all reality anyone lower than me is pretty much unlikable/unsaveable at the point they are at
>smoked for 6 years which ruined my skin and soemwhat stained my teeth
>26, entering cake territory
>was a NEET till last year, so almost no job experience besides shitty call center
>somewhat overweight
>clinically depressed
>attempted suicide twice in the past 2 years
if someone is lower than me they must be god awful
I guess not just lower, but someone at my level would suffice for me, whatever indicates. I guess there's a difference in our priorities, as well. I just like feeling needed/loved.

If I were you, I'd just go after a mentally ill NEET or just deal with no companionship. I'm pretty much doing the same.
All they want are the big dicked Chads who post here. They don't give a FUCK about the average robot.
That's what I'm confused about. Femanons who ARE useless, why would they ever want a Chad?
i found a robot in IT, now we've been dating for 6 months now though
we both love each other very much though, i feel truly loved around him even though he is very self-depreciating like me
pretty much same as me from what i described except always worked on computers and is skelly instead of a little chubby
i dont get the "fembots only want chads meme" guys, most fembots will settle for almost anything especially qt skelly boys
Because they love the feeling of being Chad Thundercock's slampig.
How about dating someone who is at your level? When it really comes to it, I think my boyfriend and I are equals, though I like to play the upper hand. It feels good to have my little boy but I often feel ashamed for acting big when I'm the little bitch. Anyways, I don't think I could date someone who is "better" than me because I personally think shit about anyone who is better than me, they are my enemy and would never trust them unless I've seen them at their worst multiple times because I love feeling pity.
You're implying that actual women only want an extremely muscled men. I don't mean to sound rude, but if you talked to more girls, plenty of them like skinny men. Most Asian girls are into qt skinny, feminine looking men.

As long as the guys aren't grotesquely fat, and they have a decent face, their looks won't be the reason why they're alone.
Yeah, I'd be fine with that. I just wouldn't want to date anyone who was better off than me. If they make a little more money than me, it's not that big of a deal, or if they looked a little better than me I wouldn't dump them. But it has to be a small enough margin that I could overlook, and they couldn't be slightly better looking, slightly richer, AND slightly more mentally healthy. That's too much.

That is true, those femanons do exist.
This. On an evolutionary level, loser girls can still get that top tier dna even if getting commitment from the guy would be impossible. Alpha phux beta bux
i was litteraly implying that fembots want skelly/ somewhat skinny guys, i never said anywhere we want muscular guys
did you even read what i said
You said that they would "settle" for a skinny guy. That's not the case as MANY girls are after skinny guys, not just low-tier femanons. They don't need to be settled for if nicer and more normal girls are seeking their companionship.
eh i was fucking around with my vocab there i guess
i was implying that most femanons go after skellies and shit
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 1

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