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Robots, what is/are your fetish(es)?
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Too many to list them all right now.
But futa, femdom, and stuff along those lines are a few to name.
I have a foot fetish fetish
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I don't even like these fetishes but they're the only things I can fap to anymore. Someone just kill me please.


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Stick to your kind nigger.
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but i must stack some pounds
for the girl
Sheboonqueesha loves BBC.

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Will joining the military help give me purpose and structure in life or will it fuck me up even more?

Thinking about joining Canadian Infantry.
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thinking of doing the same, must be better than this...right?
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your purpose in life will be to do military things, for as long as you are enlisted

after that is up to you again

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Codys best girl fuck you
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Saw that bitch when I was jacking off

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Just be yourself. No sardonic, sarcastic dishonest memery BS, sincere real talk only. Say whatever comes to mind. Go
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i've been wondering what anime that gif is from, so
do you know ?
chinese electric batman
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It's darker than black, the anime is nothing like this webm though. He gets depressed in season 2

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"Okay class we have a new transfer student, please take care of him" That was your cue. The teacher opens the door and you go inside.

"Aww man, I thought it was going to be a hot girl..." You hear the boys of the class yell in disappointment. However, you don't blame them, you probably would've reacted the same way.

"Hey everyone, my name is Anon, nice to meet you all" It was a normal introduction. "Lets all get together well!" The class was normal, and with normality, comes the price of boredom.

"Hmmm lets see..." The teacher looks around the classroom. "Anon-kun, go sit beside Tsubasa-chan. She points to the empty seat at the back.

On the walk over to your new seat, you can feel the glares of your fellow classmates. You could feel them burn into the back of your head. Their glares were so intense that you could feel their jealousy overflow.

As you put your things down the teacher starts taking attendance.

"Nice to meet you Anon-kun" The girl beside you greets you. She was pretty, you could understand why the jealous glares were thrown earlier.

"Hey, are you Tsubasa?"

"Yep" She says with a smile while fixing her glasses. "I'll be your class rep, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!"

"Thanks" Her smile comforts you, and her niceness feels genuine.
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Just then the teacher looks at the other empty seat in the class. "Hmmm... looks like she isn't here again huh... this is her 5th day absent now..."

There was something off with the teacher's concern though. It didn't seem right for some reason.

The day continues with you making some friends. After all you are the new hotness and everyone else is just old and busted.

However the one that sticks with you throughout the whole day was none other than Tsubasa-chan. You weren't sure if it was because she was a class rep and she felt she was responsible for you, or she genuinely enjoyed your company, but either way you were glad.

It was a successful first day for you. "Bye Tsubasa-san, I'll see you tomorrow" You bid her goodbye as you pick up your bags. However before you could leave she calls out to you.

"Anon-kun! Hold on! Do you want to take a tour around the city? I'll take you!"

[ ] "Sorry I'm busy"

[ ] "Sure, It might be a good idea to see the town."
call her a roastie
>[ ] "Sure, It might be a good idea to see the town."

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I wish I had tits like these.

Maybe guys would actually acknowledge my existence.
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They wouldn't acknowledge your existence, they'd acknowledge your tits.

Post your tits.
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Big tits.jpg
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post your tits and I'll tell you I love you
Yep, most guys are drawn to big mams like those. But, they would never look you in the eyes again.

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Do people really find 2D waifus, VR waifus, dakis, and realdolls fulfilling and meaningful?

Because 3DPD is out of the question.
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No bro, just a meme.
this. sure there may be a part which takes the whole waifu thing to higher levels forcing to delude themselves further and further, but most lads on here just do it so they can socially connect with other people(e.g. steam/roleplaying/lewd threads)
Nice buzzword fucking meme.

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